Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 7/4 – 13/4

The PSP has topped the Japanese hardware chart for the week ending the 13th of April. The latest figures from Media Create show that Sony's handheld sold 85 721 units, almost double the sales of the Nintendo DS and Wii. Although the PSP experienced a rather steep decline in sales from last week's 120 964 units, it is still well ahead of the pack.

The Nintendo DS took second place with 47 158 units, down from last week's 55 190 units. The PSP has pulled even further away from the NDS in terms of year-to-date sales, the PSP now stands at 1.31 million units while the NDS follows with 1.15 million units.

The Wii follows closely behind the NDS in third place with 46 296 units, slightly up from last week's 44 618 units. This rather dismal performance is despite Mario Kart Wii debuting on the software chart with 594 000 copies.

The PS3 sold 8 232 units in comparison while the PS2 sold 6 834 units. These figures show both Sony's consoles to have dropped rather significantly from last week's 11 303 units and 10 423 units respectively. The Xbox 360 has all but fallen off the chart with just 1 147 units, also down from last week's 1 452 units.

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