Battlefield 4 PS4 vs. PC gameplay footage

If you are considering a move to next-gen then one title that needs to be on your list is Battlefield 4. Okay, so we know some of you would rather Call of Duty and that is fine, but it is clear development of BF4 is moving along very nicely and judging from the various gameplay videos we have seen, it is going to be a close battle between the PS4 version of the game and the Xbox One.

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Dlacy13g1419d ago

Yup, very much looking forward to this game

PoSTedUP1419d ago

"Xbox One, on"

kinect: "no, Xbox lost" *shuts off*

really, is this like false advertising paid by MS or just a dumb "journalist"?? its not helping either way...

im looking forward to a real comparison tho, im sure they will look pretty similar.

NewMonday1419d ago

false content!

the supposed XB1 clip is from E3 where BF4 was confirmed to rune on a PC.

this is the first preview of BF4 on XB1:

AngelicIceDiamond1419d ago

@Monday Nice try troll.

And yeah the author is using the PC build. Though I wonder why DICE took down the X1 footage.

black0o1419d ago

how did this BS got approved ?
and didn't we all agreed that at e3 bf4 was running on PC and it was confirmed by EA

this is pathetic!

NewMonday1419d ago


because it was clearly disappointing, "muddy" as most people who played the XBone version say.

pedrof931419d ago

The title is

"Battlefield 4 PS4 vs. PC gameplay footage"

Was the title changed ?

loulou1419d ago


"muddy as most people say" ffs give it a rest. muddy as one gaffer wrote. you fking fanboys.

Kryptix1419d ago

"Update: Sorry for that, I have now edited this to compare the PS4 version to the PC."

The real article title turned into a PS4 vs PC comparison.

Just a note, Elite24Gamer, the poster of this article, is the same guy that spread MisterX's bullshit blog articles on here about the Xbox One having a dGPU. Not sure why Xbots like to desperately spin around facts, resulting in lousy attempts like this when the "Xbox One" video was actually from PC gameplay with the E button. This article shouldn't have been approved in the first place before watching the videos.

mikeslemonade1419d ago

Both versions are a let down. Don't buy COD or Battlefield next generation.

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aceitman1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

um the guy is comparing the e3 pc build not xboxone , to ps4 gameplay. what the heck , doesn't guy know that. to the disagrees where have u been hiding here is the article and video

Ezz20131419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

that's gaming media for you

also you post facts and you still get disagrees
yes, this site is really overrun by sony fans /s

ThanatosDMC1419d ago

Yeah, the title should read BF4 PS4 vs PC instead.

badz1491419d ago

PS4 vs (PC =/= XBONE)

this is just SAD! Xbone has an "E" button LOL!

frostypants1419d ago


Don't refer to sites like this as "gaming media". It's just some schlub with a blog. Very few N4G articles are from legit media.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1419d ago

Dont worry the cloud will allow 64 player and advanced tesselation and the texture of your gun with cloud power could be so shiny it may render one blind. Pc is the pauper version without the cloud.

lifeisgamesok1419d ago

The Xbox One version looks just as good if not better than the Ps4's going by the Eurogamer footage

JP13691419d ago

life -

The X1 version didn't even have shadows on that tiny little map! Meanwhile, the PS4 footage we've seen was on the very large Shanghai map, and it actually had all the features we've come to expect since the Dreamcast was released.

BallsEye1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )


I thnk you've watched some glitched version.

Here, plenty of shadows

Also poster of video said it was running in 1080p.

s8anicslayer1419d ago

The alleged X1 video was from e3 and was already confirmed to be a pc running the game

tuglu_pati1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

so much fail in this article. Guy is comparing PS4 version with a PC version, on top of that SP vs MP. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL...

AlexanderNevermind1419d ago


What's with comparing single player to multiplayer?

Anyway, the games will be here soon enough and we can have all the face offs/lenses of truth then.

Lior1419d ago

you do realise the so called xbox version was running on pc

BallsEye1419d ago

Bad comparison. Untill both versions are out this is pointless.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1419d ago

When Mantel comes pc will be the better investment.

Console level optimization across many pcs are possible now thanks to amd/dice.

How? I dont know but thwy found a way!!

lesrima881419d ago

lol why did people downvote this comment?!

TAURUS-5551418d ago

they look pretty much the same, thats a huge compliment for PS4

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cvflyboy1419d ago

I know, a complete fail. It's ok I haven't worked out my website disagree muscles in awhile.

frostypants1419d ago

Not only that, but it's PC version at max settings. I want to see an average-spec PC compared to PS4. I don't care what it would look like on a $1300 PC...I want to know what it would look like on my joe-average PC.

Kingthrash3601419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

lol publisher works for ms..."xbox1" version is acually pc...smh. how far will pr go?
"press E button" lol

Majin-vegeta1419d ago

PC>PS4>GBC>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;X1 xD.