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PS4 to outsell Xbox One at launch, predicts Pachter

Michael Pachter shares his thoughts on the launch sales for PS4 and Xbox One. (PS4, Xbox One)

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JoGam  +   359d ago | Funny
He might be right this time around.
Abash  +   359d ago | Funny
These groundbreaking and incredibly bracing predictions Pachter makes is why he gets paid the big bucks!
PoSTedUP  +   359d ago | Funny
lol, Right... i had a Hard time putting my finger on this one, how Does he do it?? an incredible man he Is i must say.
georgeenoob   359d ago | Trolling | show
BattleAxe  +   359d ago
My predictions:

- PS4 to outsell Xbox One at launch and in lifetime sales by around a 2:1 ratio

- PS Vita to sell an average of 10 million units per year as of the $199.00 price drop.

- PS Vita TV to outsell PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita Handheld, WiiU and every other set top box/microconsole on the market once it releases in the west. Sony's Internet TV service to be the center piece of this new console.

- PS3 to sell like hotcakes, surpassing 100 million in lifetime sales within the next two years
scott182  +   359d ago | Well said
Nice stealth troll georgenoob.... And some complain that sony fans are bad.
n4rc  +   359d ago
Its not stealth trolling... Its common sense.. Lol

Most of us rational people know $100 difference almost guarantees more units sold.. that was never in question

Is it 4:1? God no... 3:2? Maybe.. 4:3 is getting closer imo
BG11579  +   359d ago
@Georgenoob, because it is less expensive, it doesn't mean it has less quality.
Can I use the current generation of consoles to justify what I'm saying or are you arguing that the 360 is trash?
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scott182  +   359d ago
Of course the price point is a big draw for consumers. But even when the ps4 was priced at $460 it sold out in a day at no.1 on amazon. And yes, making it seem like the ps4 is in some way lower quality and only popular because of price is trolling.
badz149  +   359d ago

that's correct, right? cause I want to write it in here;


I WANT HIS JOB! make dumb statements, wrong predictions ALL THE TIME and predictions even Captain Obvious will be proud of and still make money!
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Ezz2013  +   359d ago

sony have the price (fact), the better hardware (Fact), and the quality
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MysticStrummer  +   359d ago
@George - Sony has both the lower price and the higher quality.
Bathyj  +   359d ago
So George, you're saying ps4 WILL in fact outsell Xbone, as well as people only bought X360 over Ps3 because it was cheaper?

Is THAT what you're saying?
Can I quote you on that?
TheOneEyedHound  +   359d ago
I am getting tired of you guy putting down Patcher, he has proven to be a great predictor./s
TheLyonKing  +   359d ago
Misconception he gets paid to predict.
tuglu_pati  +   359d ago
no sh@t and the sky is blue.
mistertwoturbo  +   359d ago
In other news, Water is wet
insomnium2  +   358d ago
LOL @ goerge with his can of worms...
andibandit  +   358d ago
Did any of you bother too look at the actual video or did you just read this article and decide to spew hate ???. Michael Pachter was asked a direct question about how many units would be sold, and he answered it....Big Deal.....effing lemmings on this site
Boody-Bandit  +   358d ago
"effing lemmings on this site"

Yet here you are.

You don't have to be an analyst to know this. Sony has the cheaper price point, more powerful hardware, positive press and (IMO since the 1st 3 are facts and this is my opinion) better 1st party studios.
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Ezz2013  +   358d ago
one thing though ,
Can Pachter predicts when he will stop predicting ?!
d3nworth1  +   358d ago
The PS4 is leading in preorders so that was kind of a no brainer.
pixelsword  +   358d ago
@ georgegreenbob:

I'm not saying you're butthurt, but...


At any rate, this is kind of a given since a lot of votes and opinions went towards the PS4 that I've seen.
Kryptix  +   358d ago
"Price always comes before quality in the eyes of most consumers, it's not that hard of a prediction." -georgeenoob

lol Funny how these Xbots talk about it's just the price making the difference not the quality. When the Xbox 360 is selling cheaper than the PS3 and doing better just in the US, it's the other way around and they say it's quality. Ignoring the RRoD fiasco and blindly not acknowledging that it's in 3rd place worldwide. Idiots...

"Most of us rational people know $100 difference almost guarantees more units sold.. that was never in question" -n4rc

That's not the case with the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 in worldwide sales. Playstation always had the better quality for the price thus selling more units and in less time.

And right here ladies and gentlemen is another case of Playstation doing better than Xbox for a 3rd time.
UltimateMaster  +   358d ago
Big deal.
My dog could have made that prediction.
Give him 100 000$ per year.

They are paid to be precise, not random.
You just need to look at VGChartz and see the tendency.
Gameratheart   358d ago | Trolling | show
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   359d ago
I might have to side with georgeenoob on his remarks,only because a lot of gamers chose price over quality last gen.Though the difference this time is lower price will still buy you quality.
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d3nworth1  +   358d ago
Thats not really the case. America was the only country where the 360 outsold the Ps3. The Ps3 had a slight lead in Europe and dominated the 360 in Japan with the higher price. This gen there are other reasons. MS did a terrible job of communicating to the public. MS pissed off alot of gamers with the DRM and retarded restrictions. As soon as Sony said they weren't doing any of that crap PS4 preorders were through the roof. MS priority with the xbox 1 isnt games. All they talked about was TV and sports. The first xbox 1 ad was about football they didnt show any games. The only reason the xbox 1 is more expensive is cuz of the camera. Which MS already confirmed that you don't need it to use the console but they are still forcing it on you anyway.
Felonycarclub8  +   359d ago
Lmfao this might be the first time that he will be right lol
vigilante_man  +   358d ago
This is the man who only a few months ago predicted that XB1 would wipe the floor with PS4 stating they would easily win the next gen console war.

Glad I don't pay this guy's wages!
BOLO  +   358d ago
M$FT will slide him a bill or two to say the opposite before Xbone launches. Pachter: "My powers of deduction tell me teh CloUd and Kinect with an NSA launch title will boost the XBone's sales lead over PS4".
Karpetburnz  +   359d ago
PS4 is cheaper and 50% more powerful, Xbox fanboys be mad.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   359d ago
In Sony fan boys dreams ? Name me one game so far coming out for ps4 can beat Ryse on graphics bf4 even looks better on Xbox one guess what I played it on actuall Xbox one console at London have u got anything else to say ?
Caffo01  +   359d ago
Infamous ss destroys ryse graphically and it's an open world too.
Now tell me.. Oh wait, You only have 1 Bubble...
n4rc  +   358d ago
Its not 50% more powerful... That figure was pulled out of a bloggers ass...

It has advantages in some areas, yes.. But thats it.. There is no 50% across the board and zero evidence in the games themselves.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   358d ago

The GPU is literally almost 50% better in all aspects.

The ram is also better in every way.

It is significantly more powerful then xbone in all regards.People can nitpick and argue the finer % points but it doesn't matter, it's way, way more powerful in the end.No matter how much spinning, theories and outright lights certain xbox fans try to spew.
noctis_lumia  +   358d ago
Thunderhawkxbox killzone shadow fall looks better than ryse god of war QTE edition

and keep sayin that xbox games are better looking lol i wanna see you face once the leagues of naughty dogs studios will unleash their games in 2 years from now
Beastforlifenoob  +   358d ago
F**CK the 50% rumour that rumour was "johnny said to this guy which said to this guy which said to me and it might be 50%"

Seriously, stop taking rumours as facts or you will be severly dissapointed.

Buy the console for the exclusives, the third party games are going to be identical (both consoles have good eclusives, PS4 has better thou in my opinio)
Bathyj  +   359d ago
Now he's just staying the obvious, trying to get that win:loss ratio up.
vigilante_man  +   358d ago
Just in... Christmas Day to be on December 25th this year.. Patcher predicts!
andibandit  +   358d ago
he was answering a listeners question, but nevermind, hes damned whatever his answer
dj3boud  +   359d ago
You are spitting out the obvious, Pachter.
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GamerzElite  +   359d ago
He is fooling himself. A couple of month before He predict just opposite what he is saying now.
Nakiro  +   359d ago
I remember that, apparently Skype was the killer feature that was going to take X1 far above in sales compared to PS4.
Ps4Console  +   358d ago
That wasn't very hard to predict considering the mess Ms are in with the Xbox One .
WarThunder  +   358d ago
Really? No s*** Pachter!
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GT67  +   358d ago
FLASH!!!! this just in:

OUR TOP STORY IS: cloudy with a chance of meatball 3

details at 11
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3-4-5  +   358d ago
Pre-orders were 124 PS4's for every 64 XB1's at Gamestop until they ran out and then started taking more pre-orders.

I would assume that if PS4 sells 2 million consoles, XB1 will sell 1-1.5 million
Infamouskat  +   358d ago
He would be pointing out the obvious though.
Imalwaysright  +   358d ago
@ n4rc. Is that what happened with the 360 and the PS3?
dmitrijs88  +   358d ago
because stating obvious requires analytic skills.
Pogmathoin  +   358d ago
All of a sudden Pachter is right. He used to be full of crap....apparently....
Hicken  +   358d ago
He's still full of crap. Just because he sometimes states the obvious doesn't make him any less of a tool when it comes to predicting.

Love how folks always wanna try to play that card you just pulled, completely ignoring good sense in the process.
Pogmathoin  +   357d ago
Common sense? On this site.... Right! Either you say PS4 is almighty or go home. Anyone who gives a good explanation on why they like X1 is hammered, no matter how valid. I myself like gaming, so will have both, but tired of the backed up Sony fanboy crap.... Its gone too far, unchecked.... Saying it was the other way 8 years ago does not cut it....
Gameratheart   358d ago | Immature | show
inf3cted1  +   359d ago
Its funny how he gets payed for predicting these.
badz149  +   359d ago
yeah...I would rather he shut his mouth as he's gonna jinx it with this!
Austin48  +   359d ago
Patcher is always predicteding something lol
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Fireseed  +   359d ago
Well it is his job...
xc7x  +   359d ago
I predict Patcher will predict again [puts head down and walks away,ok not really,i'm still at the desk typing]
shinrock  +   359d ago
OOOHHHHHHHHHHH! now i see how the site works.nowwwww Patcher is on point. LMFAO!
Bathyj  +   359d ago
Yeah, we agree with him when we think he's right, and disagree when we think he's wrong. Why is that unusual? That's not this site, that's everyone in the world. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
aviator189  +   359d ago
mr pachter, one console is 100 dollars cheaper than the other. It isn't too difficult to make this prediction..
NateCole  +   359d ago
Dam it. Now the opposite will come true.
wishingW3L  +   359d ago
you know what that means... They both will either sell the same or the XB1 will outsell it.
x800  +   359d ago
I just come to say lolwtflmao
GeneralRaam93   359d ago | Spam
swansong  +   359d ago
Mr.Pachter,he is the Master Of The Obvious. lol
matrixman92  +   359d ago
noooooooo...really? this guy must be a genius. I'm pretty sure anyone could predict this
wtopez  +   359d ago
Ooohh that was a hard-hitting prediction! Money well earned Pacther!
karl  +   359d ago
patcher ... again predicting the unpredictable
brometheos  +   359d ago
What was his first clue?
#15 (Edited 359d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Klonopin  +   358d ago
A raging clue perhaps?
Flutterby  +   359d ago
My 72 year old grandma could have predicted this lol it's completely obvious , there are only a set amount of stupid enough ppl to buy an xbone. The ps4 has about double the console allocation and the cheaper price along with a better rep and better more powerful hardware it's a no brainer.
dcj0524  +   359d ago
No way!? Patcher is a head of his time. Visionary man.
OmegaShen  +   359d ago
Wasn't he saying he thinks Xbox One was? Now its PS4? To tell the truth, I would say PS4 base off the preorders it has.

Other then that, it can be anyone.
IHassounah  +   358d ago
I would say parents in America will choose the Xbox One for their children and given to that the Xbox One COULD sell more ( I said could cause I know people get mad about these things and I'm just stating some of my opinion so if you get butthurt by reading this don't blame me)
OmegaShen  +   357d ago
Don't know, parents buy whatever there kids tell them to buy. Even if its is a "M" rated game or something that cost alot of money.

Parents buy whatever there kids want, I'll get both but PS4 will be the first one. Xbox One I'll wait for more titles to come out and a lower price.

Seeing how I got over 1,000 dollars in games preorder for this gen consoles and the PS4. I need to slow down some XD
FITgamer  +   359d ago
The sun will come up tomorrow. Pay me.
meganick  +   359d ago
If the sun comes up tomorrow, I'll send you a check.
DEEBO  +   359d ago
sony's going to win the console war not just the launch.ps4 is already a beast but with remoteplay(the best feature) if they marketing team does a good job showing this to the public.sky's the limit.
AutoCad  +   359d ago
usually when he predicts something its backwards..
corvusmd  +   359d ago
This is a no-brainer. Both systems are sold out, and PS4 is expected to have more at launch than XB1....so duh...

Sony will obviously take an early lead, but it'll even out, and perhaps even swing the other way once the consoles have been out and established and all the facts are shown
#22 (Edited 359d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   359d ago
Unless people prefer a more expensive, less powerful console created by a company that tried to impose their draconian policies, people are going to choose a PS4 when the facts are known.
showtimefolks  +   358d ago
If mx couldn't stop Sony this gen with a year ahead start in USA and 18 months ahead start in Europe than what makes you think now ms can do it with Xbox one?

The longer ps4 is on the market the better it's gonna get, software support will be like never before
corvusmd  +   358d ago
Sounds good, you Sony fanboys will have a great time then (but you're pushing me from feeling that I needed to both consoles at launch to thinking I can skip PS4 if this is the crowd it attracts). I just can't wait until they are out so that I can play it...and hopefully we all get back actually enjoying games, rather than just talking about how much of a gamer we are...trolling other people for being happy doing something different, and claim that we love the "gamer console cause it cares about gamers"...then consistently trash talk other people for playing different games.
showtimefolks  +   358d ago

trolling? really?

sony owns 12 plus development studios and countless others work with sony around the world

so if i say they will deliver games which they have done since PS1, than i am trolling? MS didn't do anything for gamers exclusives wise for xbox fans like me for last 3-4 years but now they say they care about gamers again

i am more skeptical about MS just because how they totally focused on kinect and causal crowd

and please don't buy ps4, we don't need people like you who don't like people with opinions and want quality products. stick with MS, they will over promise and under deliver as with all their products
MultiConsoleGamer  +   359d ago
"But they'll both sell what they ship."

So the only reason one will sell more than the other is because one is shipping more than the other.

By the way, if you're interested in how PR works just follow the trail this story took through the press. First on Game Trailers, then on NeoGAF, then to the Examiner, and now to the front page of N4G. It goes without saying that all these sites have a certain bias, and they all used the same title for their articles and forum posts. (Repetition of a theme is key in this sort of work.) The angle is how the story is being presented (X will outsell Y) and where it ends up on the web.
The_Truth_24_7  +   359d ago
And water is wet.
arbitor365  +   359d ago
microsoft has failed to attract the european and japanese markets and they are even losing on american soil in pre orders and polls

they are still trying to recover in the PR department.

they dont have a 1 year head start this time.

they dont have the cheaper console

they dont have an edge in third party support and ports

they dont have an edge in online features

how the hell could they possibly win this gen, unless by some miracle?
#25 (Edited 359d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TechMech  +   358d ago
I'd agree with everything except online. Xbox live is the only thing good with Xbox, and the only thing it has better than PlayStation.
Stoppokingme  +   359d ago
Captain obvious strikes again!
Klonopin  +   358d ago
The name is Captain Foresight.
BG11579  +   359d ago
What amazes me about Patcher is how does he get paid that handsomely seen the quality of work he delivers? No really, how?
cactusjack  +   359d ago
considering the ps4 preorders were 2:1 against the xbone, patcher predicts the ps4 will outsell the xbone. i wonder how he came up with that conclusion.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   359d ago
Well that was a no brainer
just-joe  +   359d ago
And cows go moo.
jatakk  +   358d ago
And the fox say...

jatakk  +   358d ago
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