PSX Extreme: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "There's no denying that Japanese and American gamers have very different tastes when it comes to gaming, but while they shouldn't ignore the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV, perhaps we shouldn't be ignoring very Japanese-centric titles like Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. Already a veteran franchise in the world of games, "Naruto" has enjoyed multiple installments on multiple platforms, including Ultimate Ninja Heroes for the PSP. And now, thanks to Namco Bandai's recent press event, we have plenty of new information on this promising action title, which is currently without a release date for Japan and the US. For those of you who love the look of anime and appreciate the idea of a unique action game with plenty of flash and panache, you might want to look into Ultimate Ninja Storm. Let's just hope Namco doesn't restrict it to Japan, though, because we'd be missing out."

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nutjuice3712d ago

under the games section. So obviously it should be coming out in America regardless of what this article says. I know IGN lists the game as being unreleased in the US, but then 1UP says the game will release in America even before Japan for once this time. So who knows? But it's on under the North American link.

And the graphics are smoother than anything else I've ever seen