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Submitted by paleselan 791d ago | opinion piece

The Score: What Does Nintendo Need to Do in Order to Market the Wii U Better?

"In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the Wii U’s marketing. What does Nintendo need to do in order to raise awareness for the Wii U? How will it let people know that it is a brand new console? What sort of advertising strategies should Nintendo take on?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast. (Nintendo, Wii U)

GraveLord  +   791d ago
There's nothing they can do.

They got lucky with the Wii. Nintendo has been struggling to make relevant home console ever since the N64. Wii U is another Gamecube at best. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I think the Gamecube was a great console.
iamnsuperman  +   791d ago
I think there is nothing they will be able to do to sell at levels the PS3 or 360 managed to do (with the PS4 and One being released) but there are things they can do to get some momentum and get them sales at least to levels they managed with the 64. At the moment (i.e. with their current tactics) they will not managed that
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AceBlazer13  +   791d ago
Pull back every single console still on shelves and relaunch it with a name ppl would acknowledge like Wii 2
AKR  +   791d ago
What do cars, airplanes, boats, tractors, big rigs and any other machine need to operate properly? Fuel.

In like manner - VIDEO-GAME consoles have their own life-source. No, not electricity. GAMES.

Software, has always and will always sell hardware.

So what can Nintendo do to market the Wii U better?

G A M E S !
4logpc  +   791d ago
Games. Its been almost a year and there are less than 5 must have titles.
GT67  +   791d ago
what Nintendo need to do go back open up SNES portfolio up grade those classic games give them a NEW life this gen.
get rid of the tablet use game pro controller.

problem solve.
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jeffgoldwin  +   791d ago
Not just the games, the system itself is severly underpowered.
WiiUsauce  +   791d ago
Nintendo has the best upcoming exclusives out of the three next gen machines. People are just waiting til they release. Things will change once they do. You'd be lying through your teeth if you said sales wont skyrocket once Smash Bros. 4, and Mario Kart 8 drop, because you know those are massive games.
MasterCornholio  +   791d ago
Didn't the GameCube have those franchises?

On second thought the N64 had them as well.

Nexus 7 2013
AKR  +   791d ago
Even if the N64 and GC didn't win with those franchises, N was still able to turn a profit. That's the most important thing.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   791d ago
still sold the GameCube. PS brand isn't as strong during PS1and PS2 days. And Mario Kart Wii sold 34m.
GT67  +   791d ago

and how long you think Nintendo will survive off Smash Bro.,Mario,Zelda?? they need more than those 3 to SKYROCKET sales. they need NEW version of SUPER METRIOD,SUPER STREET FIGHTER,CONTRA,GRADIUS,R-TYPE,
SpiralTear  +   791d ago
...did you really just say that a new ClayFighter would boost Wii U sales?
WiiUsauce  +   789d ago
It's pretty clear that you don't know a whole lot about video games. The games you mentioned in that list weren't made BY NINTENDO. They were made by 3rd party companies.
For example:
Ghouls and Ghosts: made by Capcom
Castlevania: made by Konami (check out Castlevania Rebirth for the Wii though, I think you'll thoroughly enjoy it).
Gradius: also made by Konami
R-Type: made by irem
Metal Slug: made by SNK
Gunstar Heroes: made by Treasure (Treasure also made the EXCELLENT Sin and Punishment Star Successor for the Wii, but it was published by NIntendo)
Contra: Also made by Konami
Super Street Fighter: Made by Capcom
Clay Fighter: I have no clue who the hell made Clay fighter
Earth Worm Jim: made by Shiny Entertainment.

Nintendo had nothing to do with those games you mentioned. The only ones you listed on there made by Nintendo were Road Rash, and Donkey Kong. They are making a brand new Donkey Kong Country game for the Wii U that looks amazing.
midget_gem  +   791d ago
The best exclusives lol. They have been recycling the same old franchises for ever. Things aint gonna change once the real next gen machines come out. Get over it. The Wii poo is dead in the water.
AbortMission  +   791d ago
It's always this excuse that they make Lol. If Sony milks Uncharted for a few years, these drones claim that Sony is milking but if anyone dares to call out the Mario milking, these same drones will say "Bbu-bbut Mario is always fresh and innovative!"

There's no reasoning with fanboys. At all. They live in Lalalalaland or in this case "NintendoLand" Lol
LOL_WUT  +   791d ago
"Once Smash Bros. 4 and Maio Kart 8 drop"

Oh really and then what? They need more than just their traditional ip's if they want to convert some of the PS3/360 people over to their system. To think otherwise would be just silly just as your comment. ;)
WiiUsauce  +   790d ago
But their traditional IP's always sell millions. It's what drives console sales. And they do have more than just traditional IPs. They have Xenoblade 2, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, and Bayonetta 2.

Super Smash Bros. Melee:7.07 million units sold
Super Smash Bros. Brawl:11.80 million units sold

Mario Kart Double Dash: 6.95
Mario Kart Wii: 33.95
Mario Kart DS: 22.60
Mario Kart 7: 8.33
skydragoonity  +   791d ago
Game over.
VonAlbrecht  +   791d ago
thepatientgamer  +   791d ago
Step one: actually start marketing it
lilbroRx  +   791d ago
This is correct. They hvaen't really marketed the Wii U at all, though going by the inflection most of the comments and your disagrees, actually giving rational, non insulting suggestions is not what the people commenting want to hear.
midget_gem  +   791d ago
Lets face it the WiiU is on the verge of extinction. Poor hardware and no games. Nintendo need to get out of the home console business and concentrate on the handheld market.
Dancryer  +   791d ago
For me it needs to appeal to the older audience, at the moment it feels like a fancy kids toy churning out mario & crazy japan fluffy animal stroking games :), no-one over the age of 12 is really going to be interested unless they do so.
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   791d ago
they did with N64 and GameCube. They have Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade 2, Zelda Wii U, Smash Bros and SMT x FE and if that not enough then yall been damage controlling.
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GhostTurtle  +   791d ago
Thing that pisses me off about Nintendo is they seem to be a. clueless on wtf is going on or b. just dont give a f***. Ive been a long time fan and want to see them do good with a good product. So many opportunities to turn things around even going into this gen and beyond and they just keep blowing it. You almost have to question yourself if they are even trying.
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nzbleach  +   791d ago
Give us another Dreamcast perhaps?
Berezau  +   791d ago
My partner's cousins and their girlfriends came over the other week and played the Wii U. They loved it but they had no idea what the Wii U was...

There's the problem... market the name of the Wii U and tell people that it is actually a new console. Nintendo have definitely failed at the marketing in particular at this point.

The bulk of sales are going to be via people who don't follow gaming websites and forums, but these people have no idea about the Wii U because it has been poorly marketed.
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level 360  +   791d ago
Sell it at half price.. that's what Dick Smith store did.

And make that half price it's present retail price.
Locknuts  +   791d ago
And they sold out almost straight away. I went to get one to sell on Ebay and they were pretty much all gone in Queensland. Sounds like $214 is the magic price for the deluxe.
chrisgay  +   791d ago
The biggest reason to own a Wii U is Nintendo games. Problem is, most of them are available in comparable or potentially better iterations (in greater numbers) on the 3DS, which is itself a more compelling system than the Wii U. And cheaper.

With Zelda (both old and new), 3D and 2D Mario, Mario Kart, Mario and Luigi, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Smash Bros and Donkey Kong Country Returns all on 3DS, why buy a Wii U? Pikmin?
TheDivine  +   791d ago
Release some games. Nintendo needs to realize that they don't have third party support so the console is surviving off only their games. As a gamer I expect a steady flow of good games all year long, the WiiU gets four or five a year compared to twenty or thirty good games on other systems. If Nin wants to go this route that's fine but they need to release an extra 5-10 good titles a year. Even with the games releasing this fall and next year (mk8, 3d world, DKC, Bayonetta, wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and whatever else) that's still a massive game drought. It makes the WiiU a second system after a ps4/xbone and right now people prob don't want to pay for two new consoles, one of which is comparable to last gen systems.

They need to triple their game output, work with third parties for exclusives, fund indy devs, pay for big multiplat releases along with a good marketing blitz. Do all of that or it doesn't matter. The system will sell to the same 20-30 million people who will buy the same games as always.

I will say Nin is the only Console maker that could survive off only its own first party games. Sony and MS would die off in a gen without third parties. That's a testament to how great Nin is and how amazing their franchises are.
sephx22  +   791d ago
Nintendo needs to give us a better deal.

1.Give consumers a Wii u with a decent amount of storage (250 gb) so that it will last a while before having to run out to buy a ext HDD, also Nintendo should not have to recommend buying a hdd when doing their directs.

2.Bring the price down to 250. If nintendo is looking to repeat the success of the wii then the price needs to be the same.the wii was cheap and that`s part of what made it sell so well.

3.Better online service. Do to nintendos' poor online service devs are not including online content when for making the wii u version of a multiplat game (batman: arkham origins).

4.New IPs and Old IPs. I know people like mario and zelda but give the other iconic franchise some attention. star fox, metroid, f-zero, fire emblem, earthbound etc...
Also they need to bring something fresh to the table. a new ip on a new console might get the attention of more gamers

5.Advertisement. everybody knows they failed in this department. but let see if nintendo can make a commercial that will catch attention of the general public agian
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