The Score: What Does Nintendo Need to Do in Order to Market the Wii U Better?

"In addition, we ask for your thoughts on the Wii U’s marketing. What does Nintendo need to do in order to raise awareness for the Wii U? How will it let people know that it is a brand new console? What sort of advertising strategies should Nintendo take on?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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GraveLord1514d ago

There's nothing they can do.

They got lucky with the Wii. Nintendo has been struggling to make relevant home console ever since the N64. Wii U is another Gamecube at best. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I think the Gamecube was a great console.

iamnsuperman1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I think there is nothing they will be able to do to sell at levels the PS3 or 360 managed to do (with the PS4 and One being released) but there are things they can do to get some momentum and get them sales at least to levels they managed with the 64. At the moment (i.e. with their current tactics) they will not managed that

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AceBlazer131514d ago

Pull back every single console still on shelves and relaunch it with a name ppl would acknowledge like Wii 2

AKR1514d ago

What do cars, airplanes, boats, tractors, big rigs and any other machine need to operate properly? Fuel.

In like manner - VIDEO-GAME consoles have their own life-source. No, not electricity. GAMES.

Software, has always and will always sell hardware.

So what can Nintendo do to market the Wii U better?

G A M E S !

4logpc1514d ago

Games. Its been almost a year and there are less than 5 must have titles.

GT671514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

what Nintendo need to do go back open up SNES portfolio up grade those classic games give them a NEW life this gen.
get rid of the tablet use game pro controller.

problem solve.

jeffgoldwin1514d ago

Not just the games, the system itself is severly underpowered.

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The story is too old to be commented.