Mortal Kombat 8 is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Today, Midway Games confirmed what had been rumored for a while: the first next-generation Mortal Kombat title, up until now called "Mortal Kombat 8" by the community, is officially titled Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. As the title suggests, it will be a crossover with the characters and setting of DC Comics. Further information about the game should be forthcoming.

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JoelR3840d ago

Really, is it?

I have a hard time thinking that whom ever came up with this idea was not on drugs.

Superman vs Lu Kang. 1 punch... Superman wins.

sonarus3840d ago

Soul calibur can eat sh!t. MK vs DC for the FTW

Omegasyde3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Sonarous are you serios?

Mortal Kombat as we all know has just DIED. The only game it should of cross-overed with was Street Fighter.

Wow. I think I am going to go jump off a bridge.

EDIT: STORY has got to be Fake. Why would a "Warner Brothers" (WB under batman) logo be under Bat-man? They own only the rights to the movie, DC comics owns all right rights. So I am going to have to say "FAKE". This story did look real, I know I fell for it at first.

EDIT2: (The url in the Pic) is not a real site as of now. Midway would of already had a teaser site ready as well by now like I guess we will know tomorrow.

Edit 3: If true, Midway just performed a fatality on itself. Please EA buy Midway, they suck as it is. I am sure EA and Midway would be perfect bed fellows since failure knows them both all too well.

Edit 4: Everyone be prepared for the biggest online petition to ever be created.

odisho683840d ago

man if it was crossed over with street fighter that wouldve been great imagine shang tsung vs. ryu or even reptile vs. blanka that wouldve been a great idea especially since MK and SF started out at basically the same time period...but DC???? superman with fatalities???? idk if this is a great idea

Omegasyde3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

"Real" ,"Great" work Ed Boon, you $^$#^#$^# sellout. Why don't you go make a fighting game with Disney Characters while your at it.

Or better yet just send every Mortal Kombat Fan a letter in the mail with your feces in it.

Because basically your telling all your fans to:

EAT Sh*#

Storm233840d ago

Almost certain it is fake. The website listed on the poster ( is not anything close to Mortal Kombat

Omegasyde3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Now introducing Nudetalities:

Dorks unite, we finally get to see wonder women's b**bs.

and Arrestalities:

Finish Him!
(Batman takes out his "batt cuffs" and handcuffs Scorpion)
*Police Arrive*

Batman wins.

Plus 3 new fighting styles:
Judo, Tai-Chi, and Kryptonite Weapons stance

ok sonarus ,

Please EXPLAIN how do you do a fatality on Superman or better yet how do you uppercut the Flash?

And Wonder Women, Batman, and Superman "RARELY" KILL. Will the DC side of the house only have villians then? Because honestly I couldn't think of too many DC villians who are actually worthy of putting into a videogame.

Dc comics Fails, Ed Boon Fails, Midway Fails, EA scoops up the pieces.

Megaton3840d ago

I've wanted an MK vs. SF for years and years, and I'd still absolutely love it.

This sounds... terrible. I hope it's some kind of joke. Even though I haven't really liked an MK game since it made the change to 3D, the series always has a place in my heart, since it was there at the dawn of my gaming career when I hung out at arcades.

This series needs to go back to 2D (like SFIV; 3D design, 2D gameplay), bring back Animalities, Babalities, Friendships, Brutalities, the entire cast to ever be featured in an MK game, and of course the original style Fatalities that made me love this game to begin with.

Unfortunately, I don't believe in miracles...

sonarus3840d ago

You wanna tell me you don't want to see batman do fatalities

barom3840d ago

I don't why you guys are hatin. I think it looks good if it's true.

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ElementX3840d ago

OMG just let the Mortal Kombat series die. The graphics have always been plastic-looking, animations have always been clunky, it's like they're using stop motion plastic action figures.

Cyrus3653840d ago

So is there gonna be fatalities? And if so will the DC universe have them too?

Omegasyde3840d ago

Hey EA

PICK UP MIDWAY. I am sure their stocks are going to plummet real soon.

Seriosly Mk should never ever be a cross-over. Boon, your soul is mine.

MK_Red3840d ago

Agreed. This game will bomb (No real MK fan will be a down-graded teen MK) and EA will devour Midway.

Still, I pray that this is a joke. The site mentioned in the poster is fake and so all of this could be too.

Fallen_Angel3840d ago

if this is true its a huge disappointment. All the info that had release up to now has been very promising

LazyPhalanges3840d ago

Sorry to be so uninformed on this game but the only things I’ve seen are the crossword puzzle and the blurry picture of what looks like scorpion, these don’t mean anything to me but I am not good with clues.

And look at the bright side if this is real then performing fatalities on any DC character is going to be hilarious (or it could be vary strange).