GameSpy: Okami Review - Despite some serious issues with the Wii controls, Okami remains a work of art

GameSpy writes: "In 2006, Capcom and the now-defunct Clover Studio released Okami for the PlayStation 2, earning multiple accolades including GameSpy's highest possible review score. In 2008, Okami comes to the Nintendo Wii with motion-sensitive controls for its lauded Celestial Brush. Despite some serious setbacks, the game still stands head and shoulders above nearly anything else available today."

-Breathtaking artistry and music;
-Refreshingly original character design and animation
-Strong storytelling

-Motion-sensing controls make using the Celestial Brush painfully frustrating
-Mild camera issues

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PS360WII3894d ago

I don't get where these guys are having a hard time with the brush. It's smooth and easy for me but I guess I do play the Wii a lot maybe these reviewers don't have time spent on the Wii...? Still I'm not going to complain with a 4/5