Take Two Share Holders Pass on EA's Offer

Vasanth Sridharan writes:

Take-Two shareholders reinstated the 8-member board at the company's annual shareholder meeting. In doing that, investors signaled their approval of the board's rejection of the $2 billion tender offer from Electronic Arts (ERTS).

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Chris_GTR13299d ago

hip hip hurray! now if only blizzard would buy them instead while they had the chance. anything is better than EA

KozmoOchez3299d ago

I'm not sure if that good either, but then again, anything is better than EA

Megaton3299d ago

Blizzard is under Activision, who merged with Vivendi not too long ago.

Montrealien3299d ago

man, here it is boys and girls...

Vivendi owns Blizzard
Vivendi buys Activision
Vivendi merges Blizzard and Activision

As for this story here is the most important quote...

"So what's next? EA can continue with the tender offer, raise its bid, or walk away. We've said before that it would be smart for EA to just walk away and watch TTWO's stock price plummet in the absence of other potential buyers."

Jim Crowslaw3299d ago

Borat: EA thought it was the "king of the castle, king of the caslte"

BSigel813299d ago

Yeah anybody but EA, (hey Sony this is your chance to secure this great franchise called GTA) if not than Rockstar can go independant and I still would be happy.

innocentrebel3299d ago

Heehee..Mr. Horse from Ren & Stimpy. Gotta love that.

GutZ313299d ago

I think Take Two should buy EA, maybe then EA would actually get some work done!

nix3299d ago

the world can be so much better...

DarkArcani3299d ago

How about a blizzard burring EA. That would be ten times better.

KozmoOchez3299d ago

would be good, maybe they would care more about their customers...the same way they take care of those WoW kids

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The story is too old to be commented.