King of Kong: the review

Internet buzz is building about this David vs Goliath documentary about an out-of-luck guy who takes on the might and fury of the world's best Donkey Kong player. Fancy yourself a classic gamer? This might be the film for you.

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"Billy, a successful businessman, is painted as the obsessed villain in the piece; and his attempts to thwart the mellow and charismatic Steve Wiebe are made to seem downright shallow and Machiavellian.

The outcome is anything but conventional and this is remarkable in itself, when you consider the subject matter is about two thirty-something video gamers dealing with aging and being past their prime. It shouldn't work, but the film so good natured, you'll want to head straight for the closest classic video arcade."

Being past their prime in regards to playing an 80's something arcade game? Were they both considered for the arcade gaming "draft" when they left college? Is there a cut-off age like the military? I'm 34...I guess I'm a geriatric gamer. : (

Sorry I've got to go get my walker now and get ready for bingo......