Console Updates: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

Console Updates writes: "Okay yesterday I got my hands on the Blu-Ray version of the game and let me just say i was happy up to the point that the game loaded. Why is that you ask? Well because I had to spend One-hour installing the game on my HDD before I could play the game. It gets even better after that I had to update the game which took another half-hour and, it failed halfway which means I had to WAIT 2 HOURS to even see the introduction video that no one can under what the singer is singing (Hey there something something) But after that little annoying Install and Update and yet another crappy Introduction Background Music that Polyphony digital picked for the North America version the game was great, the Dashboard view is superbly detailed."

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Trick Nolte3868d ago

I got my BR copy and was playing in 25 minutes

solidt123868d ago

The only reason I haven't bought it yet is because im trying to decide if I should download it or get it on blu-ray.

kapedkrusader3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

It took me about 25 minutes as well. Why does he mention that his connection was lost as if that was the PS3? Oh, and Solid12, you should buy the Blu-ray version because you don't need to connect to the PSN to play it and when GT5 comes out, you can sell it easily.

Tarasque3868d ago

That's odd, cause it took me exactly 22 mins to install. And my update failed 3 times.

And too wolfhound, I disagree totally. You are trying to justify an hour, how silly is that. You are complaining about people complaining, how stupid is that. I think an hour is way to long to wait before you can play a game. So you would be ok if you wanted to watch a movie it would take an hour before you could watch it? So would you be ok if you wanted to listen to this new cd you just bought, but it took an hour before you could listen to it. Would that be ok? But to bad things will never change about the ps3 you are either going to have to take the installs or long a$$ loading times. Pick your poision.

Trick Nolte3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

So i guess 22-25 minutes is the average install time atleast for BR.. really not sure about the PSN install time. I dont mind the install time, personally I just surf the web or make a phone call til its done. To those gamers torn between the BR or Install, I would recommend the BR version beacuse you can atleast trade it in toward the GT5 when it drops next year and besides, i love my hard copies :)

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wolfehound223868d ago

ya i think it took a hour total, but that just gave me time to make dinner and get a shower so it didn't bother me. It is funny how theres less and less to complain about on PS3, so now there making big deals out of small things. I'm pretty sure every game on the PS3 has had a manditory install since the begining, but its just now being brought up. I guess since the "PS3 has no games" comment dosen't work anymore they need something new. The funny thing is if there wasen't these installs they'd be complaining that the load times were to long or the textures weren't smooth. Guess some people just can't enjoy games for what they are.