UPDATE: Mortal Kombat 8 website countdown over

Now that the countdown has ended, there is a new image at Mortal Kombat Co-creator Ed Boon's website. Either the hype wasn't enough or it was simply a teaser, but there is only an image of a blurred Lin-kuei Ninja (presumably Sub-Zero; or by the name of the image, Rain?) being held by a Snake or something else (Reptile?). Above the image it says "TIMES UP", and on the bottom of the image, it says "GEMORAB STIFL WORMOTOR". Presumably, the last two words mean "lifts tomorrow". The first word is doubtfully Gamebro, or Gameorb. Any ideas? Anyway, it seems that tomorrow we will know something about it.

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bootsielon3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

I loved the last few mortal kombats despite not being critically acclaimed. The storyline is awesome and the games are fun. I hope this one is revolutionary, and the new blurry image of Sub Zero or Rain got me excited. Perhaps it's a 3D person action prequel of all mortal kombat? I sure hope so. So anyway, please approve.

Fr1st post, yay!


freakyzeeky, congratulations! It's embargo. Sorry, my native language isn't english, so I don't use the word "embargo" as often as "lifts" or "tommorrow" when typing in english. BTW, it's doubtful that it is scorpion, considering the color of the outfit. I originally thought it was sub-zero, but when I saved the image on my PC, the name of it appeared as "Rain02". I remember how Rain had the appearance of a Lin-kuei in MK Ultimate and Trilogy, so it might be him.

freakyzeeky3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

third post... YAY!

That blurry pic looks like Scorpion, with his left arm over his head. :)

barom3890d ago

lol no matter how long I look at it I see a freaky parrot head.

Omegasyde3890d ago

EMBARGO LIFTS TOMORROW is the code decrpyted

That is the code decrypted , also GAMESRADAR.COM will be the first to release new info due to a "exclusive" deal.

Midway put a media embargo on it for months, and that is why we have no new info. Companies do this so other companies don't copy their innovative idea's and to release hype for the game at certain moments.

Doppy3890d ago

It looks kind of like Sub-Zero, but aren't they suppose to be getting rid of all the old characters and starting over. :( I hope the at least make another Scorpion and Sub-Zero, they were my favorites.

The Closing3890d ago

Since when is Scorpion blue? That's gotta be Sub Zero.

HorseJacked3890d ago

Every version of the image I have seen is yellow.

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freakyzeeky3890d ago

Embargo Lifts Tomorrow?

What does that mean? Hmm...

HeroOfCows3890d ago

That would mean that tomorrow they're allowed to talk about it.

Ri0tSquad3890d ago

Ed Boon does do the voice for Scorpion and Scorpion is his favorite character in Mortal Kombat.

freakyzeeky3890d ago

Ryu needed his SF friends to help him win, if it wasn't for Akuma, Scorpion would've won! :P

Omegasyde3890d ago

That is the code decrypted , also GAMESRADAR.COM will be the first to release new info due to a "exclusive" deal.

kewlkat0073890d ago

I was just playing MK2 on PSN, man that ting is glitchy/laggy.

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The story is too old to be commented.