Why Dan Houser believes GTA Online fixes Rockstar's online woes

Next week, Rockstar Games, masters of the narratively-driven, singularly-focused offline game, tries once more to expand their reach into meaningful online gaming.

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Grave1823d ago

I hope and dream that they can make a multiplayer mode in the same spirit as the DayZ mod. I couldn't even imagine how San Andreas would play with survivors, bandits, and zombies running around!

crimsonfox1823d ago

I have put in over 50 hours already on the single player alone. Every time I switch characters I see the blacked out face on the bottom of the character wheel and remember that there is a HUGE portion of this amazing game still locked away. I'm not surprised but totally blown away by the insane scale, hard work & little details. R* is really taking the cake at the end of this generation.

3-4-51823d ago

Yea I can't wait for online.

- My predictions -

* There will be a few teams of people who pay money for in game money.

- They then take that in game money and do things within the game to cause the markets to shift, they then invest that money and get rich.

This will allow them to control the markets and pay other people to do jobs and such for them.

They will also pay out for hits on anybody trying to stop them, and they will try to control the games money.

There will be many teams like this and it will make the game fun.

There won't JUST be this going on, but I'm almost certain it will happen. lol

abusador1823d ago

I think this mp will be monumental, my big gripe with rock star mp portions however are that the characters usually control so stiff and controls feel meh. Red dead, max Payne, etccc were good examples of this, mp lost interest fast because character control wasn't fluid as opposed to a game like uncharted.