A New, Futuristic FPS for the Wii

A brand new Wii-exclusive FPS developed by High Voltage Software. First screens and tech demo.

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bootsielon3893d ago

It should be on PC/PS3/360. Hardcore FPS are for the gamer that's on the cutting edge of technology - this won't sell on the Wii.

marshy213893d ago

This game would just get swallowed up on the other systems.
The Wii really needs this game.
Besides, the control scheme will really help it out. I think it will be a lot of fun on the Wii.

Durffen3893d ago

Hearing about some new awesome FPS for 360 is just so typical. And everyone rags on the Wii for not having a good selection of hardcore games. But when Wii finally gets a hardcore game, people instantly start saying it should be on PC/360/PS3. What is wrong with you people?

ianp6223893d ago

I dunno, I don't have a Wii, but I think it might be a welcome change. They just have to get the controls right.

BrotherNick3892d ago

LOL, that's honestly stupid to put more FPS games on the other systems...They're already filled with them...I already have a computer for my FPS habits.

ItsDubC3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

I think what he's really trying to say is that this game has to be good in order to sell well on the Wii because Wii owners aren't as obsessed w/ the FPS genre, so mediocre FPSs won't sell nearly as well as they have on other platforms.



BrotherNick3892d ago

lol, I guess...maybe he should be more articulate about the point...I can understand it now.

ItsDubC3892d ago

That's just my interpretation of yet another one of bootsielon's habitual anti-Nintendo comments lol

ChickeyCantor3892d ago

...i bow down to thee holyness of I-Will-Say-What-ART-A-Fact.... . on it boot im getting the red walker =D

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Intrepid3893d ago

bootsielon. As much as I love all three systems, gameplay for a FPS is best on Wii and that's coming from an honest, unbiased opinion. The Wiimote works flawlessly for FPS games. I can't wait for more shooters on the Wii.

Chubear3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

I'm sorry but that's a load of Bull. FPSs on the Wii is manageable but not "uber" at all. Good for the wii to start getting these games but let's not BS oursleves here.

This may likely head to the PS2 soon afterwards to help with sales.

The game does look very very good with the little we've seen though and I'll be keeing my eye on this one.

The guy below me, Sorry dude, yes I have and I'm not going to BS myself that it was an uber experience. In fact, there's no way I'd turn in a control pad or k/m for a wii-mote for my FPSs, sorry but no.

Intrepid3893d ago

You haven't played any FPS on Wii, have you? Trust me, I'm not alone when I say it's better.

pwnsause3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

i have, and its not good, except for metroid.

BTW: Im not hating on the wii, but I believe that any wii owner would agree with me that its pretty mediocre playing a FPS on the wii, not because of its graphics (in fact for a console that pulled out pretty graphics on a console that utilizes last gen graphics on Metroid, its pretty nice) but because of the controls, it feels awkward, sometimes they don't respond well to the accelerometers in the wii mote, becoming its downfall. example, Metal of Honor, Red steel, etc.

Palodios3893d ago

Red steel still gives me nightmares.

darkside3893d ago

lol REDsteel is a waste of money and a disc like 90 percent of third party games for the WII

Voiceofreason3892d ago

The FPS controls for Red Steel worked fine as intended. The motion sensing had some getting use to but for a FPS it controlled better than any 360 or PS3 game. Moh2 Heroes also controls better than anything offered on 360 or PS3. Now it isnt as good as mouse keyboard but anyone who cant see how superior FPS are on Wii either just hasnt played one or is a fanboy in denial. on 360 PS3 you have to move the analog stick just right while on Wii is as easy as point and shoot. IF point and shoot is really hard for you maybe its time to give up gaming and start training for the Special Olympics

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mrbillybadass3893d ago

i own a ps3 so i wouldnt want this game we already have enough shooters as it is, but this is great news for wii owners maybe they'll finally get an online fps like metroid should've been

Voiceofreason3892d ago

Wii already has one an online shooter..

BlackIceJoe3893d ago

Its nice to see some devs take the time and make a new IP for the Wii let alone a new engine to work for the Wii. So I hope this game sells well so that the Wii gets more hard core games on the system in the future over just mini games. So I for one have this on my radar.

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