2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to September 21st

Worldwide Hardware YTD:

1: 3DS - 6,586,240
2: PS3 - 5,705,889
3: X360 - 3,741,846
4: PSP - 2,397,436
5: PSV - 1,591,958
6: Wii - 1,336,003
7: WiiU - 1,296,190
8: DS - 608,218

Worldwide Software YTD:

1: Grand Theft Auto V (X360) - 8,880,006
2: Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) - 8,644,488
3: The Last of Us (PS3) - 3,247,889
4: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - 2,846,864
5: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) - 2,546,066
6: Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) - 2,241,553
7: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (PS3) - 1,905,278
8: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (X360) - 1,878,813
9: Tomb Raider (PS3) - 1,462,119
10: Tomodachi Collection: Shin Seikatsu (3DS) - 1,438,392

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black0o1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

GTa numbers should be higher then this
or it's the digital doing

pedrof931516d ago

Black ops sold more on Ps3?

slapedurmomsace1516d ago

@Pedro. Yeah I was a little surprised that Blop 2 sold more on the PS3. Goes to show you how much money MS is wasting by paying for timed exclusive content.

GrandpaSnake1516d ago

Oh you didnt know? ps3 has way more cod players, its not like the old days buddy.

MazzingerZ1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Many of those 80 millions X360 consoles are either RROD, backup units not been used or X360 purchased when due to the Kinetec scam that today only collects dust or plays same Kinetec games once in a while, that's what happens when you forget about the core customers of your console

FamilyGuy1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

It sold more this year, around launch it sold more on 360. Not sure if PS3 numbers have caught up yet though I'm sure you could just check VG to get the final answer. World wide, life time totals. Still surprising how well it sold with all the PS3 exclusives available in the last year too.

Eonjay1516d ago

Looking at Market Share for consoles; In 2013 PS3 has 53% of console share and Xbox 360 has 35%. If this trend continues into 8 Gen... its easy to see where this is going...

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Beastforlifenoob1516d ago

WII U selling less then PSVITA.

hahahaha (sorry, i couldnt hold it in WII U has officially failed, move on people)

AsimLeonheart1516d ago

The Wii U has also sold only 1.2 million units in the past 9 MONTHS! That has to be a record or something for low sales. I do not see the Wii U supporters boasting the 3 million sales in the last 2 months of 2012 now. I do not hate the Wii U but the delusions of many Nintendo supporters are the worst. I still remember many who believed that Wii U had some kind of hidden power (similar to Xbone fans these days). Another claim by them was that PS4 and Xbone will not be much more powerful than Wii U and they were so sure of that. Now look at it; PS4 and Xbone are 1.84 TF and 1.31 TF respectively while Wii U is only 0.35 TF. Ofcourse they will now just say that give us an official Nintendo source for that figure or that graphics dont matter.

AKR1516d ago

3DS flatlined within it's first year too.

Did it die? No.

As with any console - games are needed in order for the system to sell. The Wii U has gone half the year with little-to-NO worthy retail releases. Now that's changing, as N is supplying a major title each month until December, along with third-party exclusives, AAA multiplats and a plethora of indie titles.

Pikmin 3's launch in Japan proved that all the system needs is a major title to push sales. Now it's getting a lot of major title(s). What do you think the end result be?

LOL_WUT1516d ago

Well said Beastforlifenoob ;)

Mr_Writer851515d ago


Games has nothing to do with it. Slashing the price is what saved the 3DS.

The games are nothing special it's just like the Wii and DS mostly cheap shovelware with a few gems thrown in.

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Bathyj1516d ago

It's amazing that the last of us was the (well deserved) best selling game of the year and then GTA5 just obliterated that benchmark probably by 1.00am the first day.

Insomnia_841516d ago

There's a lot of factors to be taken in consideration when it comes to this I think. GTA is a VERY POPULAR franchise and I believe it appeals to a much younger audience unlike The Last Of Us which is a new IP and appeals to a more mature audience. Popularity, MARKETING, etc.

I'm having fun with GTAV but I still believe The Last Of Us comes on top of it without a doubt. TLOU is a unique experience that set the bar really high.

Bathyj1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Oh I still agree last of us is GotY. GTA5 is a lot of fun but no where near as emotionally engaging as LoU. LoU is a dramatic masterpiece you will think about for years. GTA5 is a cartoon. Don't mean that in a bad way at all. I was just pointing out how staggering the sales are.

NatureOfLogic1516d ago

GTA5 a real COD killer...... not.

Insomnia_841516d ago

PS3 has sold 2 million units more than 360 this year?? Wow!

Xbox got owned by PS2 last gen.
360 got owned by PS3 this gen and considering the 360 had a whole year of head start and cheaper+multiple console buyers due to defective systems, that's pretty effing embarrassing.
XBone getting owned by PS4 already.

Next gen numbers are going to be a lot of fun.

Benchm4rk1516d ago

Fanboys will say the funniest things

Insomnia_841516d ago

Just stating facts. Check the numbers.

Fanboys in denial can't accept "the funniest things".

Benchm4rk1516d ago

I'm not disputing numbers at all. Yes the ps2 "owned" the original Xbox last gen. 150m vs 25m sales shows a landslide victory. But your talking about an established console that became a household name vs a totally new console trying to break into the market where most people already had a ps2. Fast forward to this gen and both consoles sales are neck and neck. The ps3 is only .3% (yes that is "point" 3) ahead in sales at current standings. So by your logic the ps2 "owned" the original xbox last gen with 125m more sales. How do you figure being outsold by .3% the 360 is getting owned. Take away the hugely one-sided Japanese market and the figures will paint a different picture. No fanboy. I've contributed to both markets since both Sony and Microsoft came into the market. I'm just not blinded by all this console war fanboy crap and looking at this more realistically. Microsoft tripled there user base while Sony has lost about 40% on last gen. But yet they got owned??? With that being said all the in roads they made into the market with the 360 they did a lot of damage going into next gen since there Xbox one reveal.

Insomnia_841516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

If I'm in a race and my competition gives me a 365 meters advantage while he is running and jumping obstacles barefoot with a broken leg and I still lose by an inch, yes, I would feel OWNED and effing embarrassed.

Just in case, by "jumping obstacles barefoot with a broken leg" I was talking about the PS3 releasing ONE YEAR LATER and $200-$300 more expensive than the 360, Microsoft's HUGE MARKETING CAMPAIGN that led to the 360's POPULARITY, the negativity the PS3 got from start from the media to the point of calling it a failure, Microsoft buying TIMED exclusives left and right and throwing money at websites etc.. you get the idea.

Mr_Writer851515d ago

@benchmark You say take away the one sided Japaneae market yet keep the US, who are KNOWN to favour anything made in the US to outside.

Which when you look at the numbers there were 53 million PS2 sold in US but only 27 million PS3's.

And the original Xbox and the 360 have sold more in the US then any other part of the world. Oh and the 360 sold more in Japan then the Xbox, than any point you make is moot.

Benchm4rk1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Interesting analogy you came up with. Although I don't see the "race" quite like that. Both companies had there struggles early on and both came out for the better. Sony has proven it has the longevity in the hardware stance especially when you look at how long the ps2 was still selling for and the increase year on year for sales with the ps3. Something I think will be even more apparent next gen as I see the ps4 being the more future proof console. But like I said I am no fanboy and I will pay credit where credit is due. Microsoft increased there user base while sonys decreased. This is fact. Unlike your first comment in this thread where you and many others simply attribute there sales to replacement consoles from rrod. Do you really think Xbox owners are the only ones that will replace a defective console or trade up for that matter. Myself and many others I know have traded and upgraded consoles, Sony's included. My friends have replaced ylod sonys and traded phat ps3's for the slimmer ones. So does that take anything away from sonys figures. By your logic it should.

LoveSpuds1516d ago

Its accepted now that RROD was a billion dollar issue for MS and the failure rate far exceeded any of the other manufacturers.

Its impossible to ignore the fact that replacement 360's would have made a huge contribution to the 360 overall sales.

I have personally replaced mine twice and my sons twice and I know of plenty of others who have replaced theirs too.

I have had to replace my launch PS3 about 3 years ago

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1516d ago

The year head start, the PS3 starting price and the difficulty of 3rd party devs to exploit the PS3 was the reason 360 was on top.

Nothing was about the 360 really.
Once on par for price for a much better machine, bunch of exclusives, 3rd party producing great ports for PS3, no wonder the PS3 got slowly back on top.

Jay70sgamer1515d ago

Insomnia sorry to bust your bubble but what's ya point what xbox was out a year earlier and ps3 is selling better by 1 million or 2 ....I can say wii and ps3 came out the same month of the same year and wii sold 100,000,000 to ps3 80,000,000 ........20 million more point is don't get so caught up in the numbers game it can come back to bite you ....just saying

Insomnia_841515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

"It can come back an bite you"

Exactly what all the Xbox fanboys are experiencing right now, none speak about numbers now, so yeah, I will throw that in there everytime that sells is the topic as it is now.

None speak about graphics anymore either, for years telling lies as "facts" even to this date you find a few saying "PSN drops all the time" and the uninformed believing all caght up in the 360's popularity and Microsoft's spinning but with time a lot of people started seeing what was real, MS started showing it's true colors and many jumped to PS3

What MS showed at the XBone reveal is exactly what the wanted AND STILL WANT, they are doing exactly what they did with the 360, giving their fans what they want and once they have their money and the spycam is in their livingroom screw them with no regrets, they will bring back all those effed up policies again and they already sais in the most stealthy way, indirectly, with different words. Man, I was so ready to give them my money thinking they would come with a different attitude this time but they came back WORST! In the most fck-u-gamers way ever! Too bad because I love Killer Instinct but I won't be caught up in their lies and spinning.

Every time news come out about the One is something negative. My trust in Microsoft as a whole is in 0% and I won't believe anything coming out of their mouth until I SEE IT and everyone should do the same just to avoid deception. Better to be surprised than disappointed.

And Wii? Who even mantions Wii whem talking about 360 and PS3?

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pyramidshead1516d ago

Looking good for the PS3 lately. Nice.

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