Emily Rogers: "Wii U Owners Better Buy Ubisoft Games"

GaminRealm: Emily Rogers, a well-known Nintendo insider on the net, has warned Wii U owners on Twitter that they “better buy Ubisoft games.”

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lilbroRx1667d ago

This is asinine. Tell Ubisoft to stop screwing them over and giving them half assed ports. Then that would be more likely to occur.

The screwed them over on Ghost Recon Future solder, they screwed everyone over on Rayman Legends, they gave them a glitchy mess for Splinter Cell Blacklist and they are supposed to give Ubisoft money for this?

Ubisoft has released like 2 games on the WIi U that were actually worth buying.

syne491667d ago

How did they "screw" us on Rayman Legends? If you are referring to the delay and multiplatform release that wasn't a screw. They used that extra time put in a ton of content. Its not "screwing" us just because other people with other systems also got to experience the game. That way of thinking has got to go.

_QQ_1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

the only content they added was the rayman orgins lvls which i have on another disk called rayman orgins. I lovedthe game but i still wish they hadn't delayed a finished product.

lilbroRx1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

No, just the delay alone. The multiplatform release is and always has been a point of 0 concern.

There was far more to the issue than that, but it seems the anti-Nintendo zealots have taken to this article(as all articles that infer something negative toward Nintendo and their hardware), so it would be stupid of me to keep posting and getting hammered with disagrees and irrational arguments.

matgrowcott1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The game was finished and would have been ready to ship within a few weeks of the announcement that it would be delayed. Lots of people had bought a Wii U for Rayman.

How exactly is that not getting screwed?

As lilbro said, the multiplatform release wasn't a problem. The way they went about it definitely was.

gaffyh1667d ago

3rd parties will give up on the Wii U pretty soon, it'll become a shovel ware/party game console like the Wii with the exception of certain first party/moneyhat exclusives. Ubi knew Rayman wouldn't sell well on the platform which is why they delayed the release so they could release on other platforms too.

Benjaminkno1667d ago

I bought ZombiU and I wasn't impressed.

I'll get WatchDogs.. I think two titles from me is sufficient.

Quite frankly I think Ubisoft has been a bit boring lately.

They hurt themselves with Rayman on WiiU. Maybe it helped them overall, but not with WiiU.

rainslacker1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I didn't personally feel screwed. I support Rayman games in all their forms as much as possible. Rayman Legends was my deciding factor on getting the console day one, and I could have waited, but that's the risk of being an early adopter.

I ended up buying it for the PS3, since that is my preferred console. I'll likely pick it up on the Vita as well, and one day for the Wii U if it hits $10 in a year or two for collecting purposes..

Other than that, no ubisoft game on the Wii U has really appealed to me enough to buy it. Right now I think everything I want to get is being published by Nintendo, or a Nintendo first party I have the Wii U for exclusives.

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AusRogo1667d ago

Dude atleast they're bringing out games for the console..

lilbroRx1667d ago

That's just like feeding a homeless man fecal matter and saying "well at least their feeding him".

dudeOplenty1667d ago

So, in this analogy, you're comparing the wii U to a homeless man and rayman legends to feces?

fattyuk1667d ago

The wii u is like a homeless person.

As it is currently living outside in the rain, All on its own.

Whilst other consoles have got homes.

LOL_WUT1667d ago

Agreed, Ubisoft have been there since day 1 can't you fanboys be glad about that? Seriously the whole Rayman issue is done with boohoo it got delayed but guess what? The better version was still the on the Wii U! So get over it! ;)

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Persistantthug1667d ago

Holiday 2013 will probably be Ubisoft's last push for the Wii U.

Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed.

If those don't sell, then I expect Ubisoft will bail.

allgamespc20121667d ago

half assed ports? they are the better of the current gen version and the only ones trying to help nintendo where nobody else is willing to.

lilbroRx1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Nintendo doesn 't need "help" they need good, unique, high quality games on their console and there are plenty of devs doing that.

SEGA, Atlus, Capcom, a ton of indies and lesser known third party devs like Shin'en.

I can not fault someone for not buying a poorly made, poorly presented game. How much marketing did Ubisoft put into SC: Blacklist on the Wii U or Watchdogs or any other game they have in line for the hardware?

Maybe these devs could actually try asking Nintendo fans what they want for once instead of releasing games with stripped content and glitches, then complaining about low sells.

AceBlazer131667d ago

They should go out of their way to market the Wii u version separately?that's Nintendo's job dude, it's their fault people don't know the console exists.

syne491667d ago

The delay added invasion levels, kung foot mini game, origin levels, 3D bosses, and was used to make it look a little better. They did not sit on there hands during those months. No one stopped you from buying it on Wii U and everyone benefited from the delay.

Abdou0231667d ago

I'm mostly going to get WiiU version of Watchdogs, but they need to show us what have thy done with the Gamepad.

syne491667d ago

Its not a screw because we benefitted greatly from the delay. Not to mention we also got the exclusive challenge app to help pass the time. Yeah it hurt that it got delayed, but any title delayed for the addition of thatmuch content is worth it.

AbortMission1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

But Nintendo doesn't have any leverage Lmao.

You either buy it or never get games (which the Wii u desperately needs since its 3rd party support is downright sad.)

Talk about failing in epic proportions, Nintendo.

3-4-51667d ago

Add to that the BS they pulled with AC3....and ubisoft isn't the great company they might once have been.

They still have really good IP's though so they have the potential to be awesome again.

Rayman legends looks like a great platformer.

TheDivine1667d ago

WiiU owners are lucky to have a third party supporting it so well. Its the best third party support they've had since Capcom released a few GameCube exclusives. And really the sales are so low (rayman aside) it would be easier for Ubisoft to skip the system altogether. Zombie U was a much needed game although the system needs real effort. It needs something exclusive that's big like Gears, Destiny, Uncharted, Bioshock exc. A few multiplats like AC, Splinter Cell, and Watchdogs help but they won't bring in other devs because they sell like shit.

Nin needs to spend some of their wii/ds money piles on buying studios and support. Should've bought Atlus, Platinum, Mistwalker, and some big western studio like Bioware, Bungie, or some THQ ip's. They need new blood and something other than the usual stuff which sells to the usual people. They should pay EA for Battlefield 4 to release on wiiu, pay Rockstar to release GTA5 same day, get FF15 and KH3 on the system at all costs, get MGS5 on the system, fund exclusives and Indy games. Otherwise the WiiU will be another GameCube. Great games but only Nintendo games and one or two third party exclusives.

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LetoAtreides821667d ago

It's not Ubisoft's (or any other developer for that matter) fault that developing for the Wii U takes extra effort which many companies cannot afford to spend. Time is money and if Wii U owners aren't buying games then it's not worth it for companies to take a risk on the Wii U.

Chrischi19881667d ago

Look, this is wrong. We have to go, where it all starts. It starts with a studio releasing a game to increase the appeal towards a console. If PS4 and Xbox1 had no games, noone would give a damn about those consoles. So the Studio produces the game, develops it for all consoles. Then you have a huge installbase on current gen and a elatively small one with Wii U. People had 7 years to buy one of the current gens and almost everybody own at least one of those current gen consoles. Why would anybody buy a Wii U, if you get the same game on a console they own right now? Makes more sense to go the cheaper way. So what can you do to make people buy the new console? Attract with special features, exclusive games and so on.

And what happend in reality? The best exclusiv game from Ubisoft, which would actually push sales, became multiplat. Then some release games as bad ports = no better graphics, no better gameplay. Then many studios even decide to take away the multiplayer function or something else, which lowers the games quality (ON THIS ONE CONSOLE) even further. So you can choose between current gen, which you already own with full game functionality, over a console which you have to buy first, so you can play half of the actual game.

Which is the smarter way to go? Is that actually Nintendos fault? I mean, the lwer specs to next gen has nothing to do with getting half games. Every new console at start has a low install base, to increase it you have to add appeal. To add appeal you need good games, which are at least on par with current gen, but look at Fifa13... a total disaster and this is actually not Nintendos fault, it is the devs fault. If they want to bring half games to Wii U, they should actually not bring it wo Wii U, instead of complaining it didnt sell, when everyone knows, why it didnt sell.

JonahNL1667d ago

If only you hadn't delayed Rayman.

lilbroRx1667d ago

That game would have sold 500k at least guaranteed giving that it was going to end the drought, and people were still in high spirits for the newly released console.

Now I don't even think it has 200k in sales on all of the consoles combined. Delaying that game killed it. I hope they found it worth it.

JonahNL1667d ago

I love the amount of disagrees we're getting. Taunting customers with a delay like Rayman's damages a company's reputation. I don't feel like picking up Rayman at the moment, because there are bigger games on the horizon.

TheVideoGamHer1667d ago

If they would have taken that opportunity, Legends would have sold a ton of copies. They had that entire window to themselves.

ado9081667d ago

You two are getting disagree's for being such fanboys and being so ignorant to accept what is right and what is wrong, anything nintendo related to you two is right apparently. While other 3rd parties bailed on nintendo, ubisoft still stuck through with supporting them. @libroRx its their fault for not marketing their games on the wii u? Their games are multiplatforms that are marketed to all systems, why should nintendo have speccial treatment? And yet they still do with exclusive contents and more definite versions of their games. Rayman, Assasins's creed, Watch Dogs you name it.. Had they not delayed the game, the game would potentially do even worse considering it's suffering for all 3 platforms altogether but by itself on the wii u? Oh man the profit they would lose is immense.

JonahNL1667d ago

Where in my comment does it imply that I am a fanboy, let alone ignorant? Ubisoft delayed Rayman and released in a period that makes it compete with massive games, like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and the list goes on.

ado9081667d ago

@Zidane okay then what does the delay have to do with nintendo? The article is about why nintendo fans dont buy ubisoft games, so why are you talking about rayman being delayed only? All platforms were released at the same time.

Benjaminkno1667d ago

Actually, nobody can emulate the sales that Nintendo gets, so the bar is raised when it comes to selling well on Nintendo. Most devs don't even market their games. And ZombiU was crap regardless.

If that makes us fanboys... so be it.

BOWZER351667d ago

Might buy Watch Dogs, but not because she said so. ha ha

BLuTheSecond1667d ago

Exactly, Nintendo fans need to stop acting like they're entitled to everything just because they supported Nintendo's latest mistake. The reason why it seems like the PS and Xbox consoles get all the love from publishers/developers is because Sony and Microsoft keep developers in mind when they design their consoles. Nintendo on the other hand doesn't make the effort to reach out to devs. They arrogantly believe that developers should bow down unconditionally and follow every order Nintendo gives them. Then there's the fan base, PS and Xbox fans actually buy third party games, Nintendo fans on the other hand just buy Nintendo games and nothing else.

clouds51667d ago

Yeah the ps3 was a especially Dev friendly *rolleyes*

Still got all the love from Devs.

BLuTheSecond1667d ago

It was a pain to develop at first but Sony stepped in quickly and sent developers better Dev kits. They were proactive with their relationship with developers. Another thing that kept the PS3 afloat was that people knew it was as capable as the 360. The Wii U is clearly outmatched by both the PS4 and XOne.

AJBACK2FRAG1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Nintendo's latest mistake? The Wii U is Nintendo's best home video game console! I should know I own all of them!!! Alot of people that actually OWN a Wii U really like it. I love it. I'm on mine right now. If you're referring to the fact that it's under powered compared to the Xbone and PS4 boy are you in for a shocking surprise! You're probably right but I don't play specs. I play video games and Nintendo literaly develops the best software in the world period.

AbortMission1667d ago

Where's the "delusional" bubble for this comment? Lol

Chrischi19881667d ago

Why? What he said is true. Just because you can only play shooters. Nintendo is the only company, that actually produces good console games. PS and Xbox get games, which are not made for console. Best configuration is having a good gamer PC and a Wii U, with that you can basically play all important games, ok not halo, but the rest of it.

clouds51667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

From what i've heard Nintendo has never been so active and open with 3rd party devs like with wiiu. So i guess it's good for them.
Now I love the way Sony built their ps4 while communicating with the devs. That's the way it should be done. But the endeffect is that the new consoles are little PC boxes. And i already have a PC. And PC will be better in performance than both ps4 and xb1 while not having any downsides (except for exclusives, but that is not really a downside and PC has awesome exclusives as well)

I still stand by my statement that PC+WiiU is the best way to go this gen. (unless you have huge amounts of money and get all the systems anyway)

jmc88881667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

The Xbox One was designed with gamers in mind?

That's a laugh.

You might want to learn what the word 'entitled''re using it wrong.

Wii U owners should support Ubisoft more, but Ubisoft shouldn't be sending threats, delaying finished games, and cancelling projects like Ghost Recon. It goes both ways.

I've supported Ubisoft on many consoles and PC. I've bought probably close to 10 Ubisoft games in the last year, four on the Wii U. Using the gamepad on CoD (not ubisoft but another big 3rd party title) was great, only having 1500-3000 people playing multiplayer, that sucked.

They did make a mistake with Rayman Legends though. They had a window where it was going to be them and Aliens: Colonial Marines. But then you saw what happened with that game on other platforms and they cancelled it. So you would of had Rayman Legends all by itself in a drought. Soon they are going to start selling the boxed up copies of Rayman they have been holding in storage for the last 6+ months. Except now, there are TONS of games out competing for that dollar.

Imagine a movie studio created a movie and had the release weekend and the next weekend devoid of any competition...and instead of release decide to wait 6 months until all the summer blockbusters are releasing on the same day. Then say...'you better support it'.

I said 6 months ago they were going to lose sales because instead of competing against no one they were going to be competing against Pikmin, Wonderful 101, Batman Arkham Origins, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Donkey Kong Country 3D, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda Windwaker.

Not only that, but look at Ubisoft's OWN release schedule. They released Rayman like 5 days after Splinter Cell. They have Watch Dogs and ACIV coming up. Not to mention two Just Dance games.

Sure some of these are coming 1-2 months later. But when it hits August-September, all these games and later start competing against each other for the Holiday dollar.

They made the decision to make Wii U gamers wait 6 months for NO REASON, and they are going to lose sales because of Ubisoft's idiotic decisions. They'll get the buzz of a multiplatform launch, but for that they lost Wii U sales. That was their decision. It was an obvious effect.

So if they made up their minds to lower their own Wii U sales, why should they then get upset by low sales and threaten to drop support? Doesn't make sense. If sales on the Wii U is so concerning, why did they take one of their finished and anticipated games releasing during a drought and make everyone wait and launch it with 20x the competition?

Benjaminkno1667d ago

Well it's easy to sell a console when you have everyone else making your games for you. They buy third party games, because that's all there is.

I could care less about Ubisoft developing for Nintendo. Or anyone else for that matter. Nobody makes software like Nintendo does.

It's just the way it is.

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