Microsoft on March NPD: Xbox 360 Reaches Record Attach Rate of 7.5

Both the Nintendo DS and Wii may have sold more than twice as many units as the Xbox 360, but the folks at Microsoft are still quite pleased with their console's March sales performance...

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3689d ago

The 360 just sells more games than anyone else this gen. Look at the Wii, it's install base is huge but the 360 still out sells it in games. Microsoft knows how to push software, been doing it for decades, it's what made them the number one software company.

LightningPS33689d ago

They just have a no gimmick console that's all about providing people with all the games they can. They have had a goal from the very start, it was to get as many great games for their console as possible. They have stolen all sorts of former exclusive franchises from Playstation.

They knew from that start what they wanted. And people who buy XBOX 360 know what they want and what they are getting. And that's games.

JVIDICAN3689d ago

snap out of it your always getting depressed by stupid crap like this

Breakfast3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

What in the hell is going on!

Someone killed the real Lightning...or the lightning i thought he was...

green3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

What happened to you?I taught you were pro PS3?Well it's good to be able to see the good and bad in both consoles and i applaued you for that.

Bubbles up

Shadow Man3689d ago

What in the hell? Did you just said something positive about the 360? Well there is a first time for everything.

lol at Breakfast you mean sony fanboy n_n.

EZCheez3689d ago

Lightning/PS3 Limps on and on.

In a week he'll be talking about how he's trading in his PS3.

MikeGdaGod3689d ago

can you say..............multiple personalities???

Breakfast3689d ago

"You guys obviously dont remember the old Lightning
Lightning/PS3 Limps on and on."

WAIT!!! This is the same guy! Didnt he ruin his account because he said he liked little girls (being serious)?

Omg...this must be his 10th account.

mikeslemonade3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

You guys are missing the point. The xbox 360 isn't making money. That attach rate doesn't cover the RRoD and all the development studios they signed. The facts are that they lost bioware, bungie, and the pgr development team because they didn't have enough money to please them.

The xbox brand has only 4 profitable quarters since inception in 2001. Attach rate is almost meaningless. Nintendo is still sitting back and laughing.

Attach rate is correlated with the amount of money you invested in developing games. For example Microsoft pays the most for GTA4 so obviously GTA4 is going to sell better on the 360. The two things off set each other and once again the attach rate number is almost meaningless. It's pure spin. One should only care about how much a company makes and how big of an install base it has.

Z F1GHT3RS3689d ago



Feihc Retsam3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

The attach rate has NOTHING to do with the RROD... I'm tired of people digging around and pulling bullsh*t out of their a55...

Even if the console sales were a factor due to the RROD, that would only mean that the Xbox360 attach rate is actually HIGHER than 7.5... Let's break it down for the small brains...

I buy one Xbox360 and 8 games... My attach rate is 8... My xbox360 dies, so I have to get a new one... So, now, that's one more console sold. That helps the sales numbers BUT, I still only have 8 games. I didn't go buy the games again simply because my xbox died... So, now, I have 8 games, and 2 xbox360s purchased. that cuts my personal attach rate from 8 to 4...

So, if you want to bring their hardware failure rate into the equation, the attach rate is actually higher than 7.5...

Developers couldn't care less about the Xbox360 hardware issues... Xbox360 owners buy more games than any other console owners, and that's all that matters... As long as Microsoft keeps using incentives, and Xbox360 customers keep buying games, the Xbox360 will keep getting tons of developer support.

wallace10003689d ago

Could we have a source please?

creeping judas3689d ago

ive tried to preach the same thing about attach rates. but people dont seem to understand simple math.

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sammy_mantra3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

by atleast 400-500k units

How is it pwned when the difference is just 5000 units?

also no 80 GIG PS3s were found in March .


why am i getting disagrees??

lot of Potential ps3 owners are holding on to purchase because of MGS4 bundle. Plus lot of people like the 80 gig better than the 40 gig.
GT5P launch saw PS3 sales spiked 80-90% in europe. so by all means pS3 pwned x360 by atleast 500k in terms of worldwide sales which includes Japan and Europe for the month of March

Spinner3689d ago

And how many prospective PS3 purchasers are holding out on the MGS4Pak?

Sony shouldn't have announced it so early, but whatever.

user19244983689d ago


Mr Marbles3689d ago

Dude, nobody cars about MGS4 as much as you do, it will not sell half of what Halo3 sold, and it will not save the PS3.

PS3 will still be in third place, world wide, even after MGS4 flops.

Todays casual gamers are not going for weird Japanese homo-erotic games anymore.

RealTimeWeaponChange3689d ago

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Z F1GHT3RS3689d ago


poos33689d ago

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user19244983689d ago

Because its funny and the mods like it. Black people are seriously funny and they really do steal. Read a statistics book.

God bless.

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JVIDICAN3689d ago

how many times is this crap going tio get posted it was in there npd responce we dont need another artiicle saying the same thing

Rocko3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Yet you took the time to read and comment?

justgamez3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

let them bask in the glory while they can. It's going to get rougher as the 08 marches on for them.

JVIDICAN3689d ago

i didnt read it...
i read the same thing 30 mins ago in another article

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myabsolution3689d ago

usually when an install base grows in size, the attache rate of a console plummets.

oddly enough, the xbox 360 is the only exception to that rule. great console for games.

justgamez3689d ago

that the user base isn't growing as fast as the other consoles? Yet the other consoles attach rates are growing.

myabsolution3689d ago

no.. I dont think you understand what I'm saying here. I'm just stating the "law" of attach rate: install base goes up, attach rate GOES DOWN. Xbox 360 is only one to keep going up on both. Thats not common. And no, other consoles getting higher install bases arent seeing the same numbers, so please stop and listen:

for an 18.5 million install base of 360s, the attach rate is substantially higher than average.

I mean for Wii it is 3-3.5 games (i think) and that has an install base of about 20 million, so quite similar install base to Xbox360 (18.5), but far different attache rate numbers.

Hell, Blu-Ray players had massive install base numbers and a tiny attache rate of disc's owned. Thats an example where the rule applied and made sense.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3689d ago

Thats a good point myabsolution, bubbles for you.

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