Podcast 51 – What is Indie?

Game Tangents is disecting the new Steam OS as well as the machine announcement from Valve. They also have an interesting conversation about the definition of an indie game. More news is talked about including Dark Souls 2, South Park The Stick of Truth, Deep Down, PS4 and Xbox One news, GTA 5, State of Decay, Sega's purchase of Atlus, and the passing of a great man in the video game industry.

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AceBlazer131703d ago

You'll know an indie when you play an indie

gametangents1703d ago

Our main argument among each other was whether or not to classify Castle Crashers as an indie game.

2cents1702d ago

Were they independent of any publisher at the time of creation and did they have complete control over the design, concept and production of the game? Not having any obligations to another, requiring a deviation from the original plan? If yes then it's indie