8 Desired Improvements For Battlefield 4

(GDiNews)"With the Battlefield 4 beta starting on October 1, I’ve jumped back into Battlefield 3 to sharpen my skills up a bit. Not playing the game for a while and coming back has reminded me just how many things could be improved upon in the game. While fun, there are some things that just don’t feel right in Battlefield 3, and below I've included some aspects that I hope are improved in Battlefield 4."

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Arturo841727d ago

proximity voice at the very least when you get into a vehicle with someone not in the squad

Feralkitsune1727d ago

Nothing is worse than a game claiming to be about teamwork, and not allowing you to speak to your teammates.

hakeem09961727d ago

The game have a squad system .stick with your squad if you want someone to talk to .

dcj05241727d ago

Go to squads and change voip from Squad to Team.

gedden71727d ago

if close quarters ''game mode'' isn't in the game from the start then dice fails again and is just out right stubborn and stupid... though they are pretty good devs.. this mode is needed to compete properly with the horrible cod.. cod continues to out sale bf3 because its very pick up and play not because its a better game... im a cod fan and i admit that... but if dice would like people to buy their game rather than get the worse game (cod) then they'd better wisen up and stop being so stubborn. btw i dont want this the game should change in anyway. you bf fans should enjoy your game they way you have been..

Rob Hornecker1726d ago

You make a strong point,but this is like comparing apples to oranges when comparing the game play of a BF game vs a CoD game. True, CoD maybe a more casual FPS friendly type of game,but it is also more run and gun and less of a thinking persons teamwork type game compared to a BF game.

As you may have noticed in the 1st post and its responses,TEAMWORK is what makes a GREAT battlefield experance. It all boils down to this,if you don't like a game,then DON'T buy and play it. As it sounds by your post you would be better of buying and playing CoD ghosts then BF4.

One more thing is the type of people that you meet in BF compared to what you meet playing a CoD game. BF has a much more mature and friendlier group of random people. In CoD your lucky to find anyone in the whole game with a mic....and then its a foul mouthed,trash talking 9 year old! YUK!!!!

dethpuck1726d ago

Nah conquest is way better. Close quarters is a nice diversion but if I want that type of game I play halo

Rob Hornecker1726d ago

Great point! or they could play,rainbow 6,any of the CoD games,or hold out for Takedown red saber.

gedden71725d ago

So I guess in CQC you can't team work???? Really??? Give me break... They should use it as a mode and thats it.. Dice failed again CoD will outsell BF4, EASILY with the worse game on the market between the two..

Rob Hornecker1724d ago

As I said before if you don't like it,then don't BUY it or PLAY it!

gedden71724d ago

Dummy, I not exactly talking about me.. I getting bf4 regardless for the PS4... I am stating the sells war that Dice/EA started...