R.I.P. NBA 2K14 Crew Mode: 2K Sports Needs To Get It Together

SheAttack: "We Got Hoodwinked! Attention NBA 2K14 and 2K Sports Fans – October 1st is approaching, but for some reason I’m not excited at all about it. 2K Sports has dropped the ball with the details of the NBA 2K14 Crew Mode."

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Wranglersofttop1695d ago

Let's hope the return of NBA Live will make 2k step up their game again!

Ginesis1695d ago

Its looking good so far. Both need to show more next gen footage.

cvflyboy1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

This news is like a month late lol. I wish NBA Live could get it together but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Once again judging by the short trailer Live is gonna be another wash up this year. NBA2k14 ps4 trailer tomorrow, enjoy basketball fans