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Global Hardware and Software weekly ending September 21st

PS3 and Grandtheft auto v top the charts

PS3 335,789 (+188%)
3DS 249,321 (-33%)
X360 180,669 (+143%)
WiiU 33,964 (+62%)
PSP 31,032 (-6%)
PSV 26,676 (-9%)
Wii 18,996 (-5%)
DS 7,360 (+3%) (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   304d ago
(If this is true) GTA V really boosted the sales of both consoles, especially the PS3. Shows how monstrous of a franchise GTA is.
LOL_WUT  +   304d ago
All three consoles saw a nice boost (PS3, 360 and Wii U) congrats to all 3. ;)
Eonjay  +   303d ago
Also note that the Zelda Edition of Wii U launched on 9/20 at the lower price point of $299. Looks like a nice boost for the Wii U there just one day into the latest offering.
B-radical  +   303d ago
Gta sold roughly 18 million according to this chart that's just insane! Congrats to rockstar
BeAGamer  +   303d ago
PS3 on fiyuh
Zodiac  +   303d ago
I wonder what boosted the Wii U sales so much(The W101 couldn't have done that alone) The price drop didn't take effect until the 20th,WW HD digital launched on the 20th. I'd have thought hardware sales would be down after a price drop announcement.
animegamingnerd  +   303d ago
considering how wonderful 101 sold about 15K yeah most of it is the Wii U zelda bundle but i do hope that wonderful does a little better cause of the Wii U price though that is unlikely to happen
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drsfinest72  +   303d ago
Poor vita. I can't wait for the games to roll in
Kratos_1986  +   303d ago
the vita numbers will sky rocket once the ps4 unleash but look at doos ps3 numbers :)double the xobox numbers
tiffac008  +   303d ago
Expect Vita sales to remain flat until the VTV launches.
iceman06  +   303d ago
There might be a spike right around the time of the PS4. But, it will mostly remain flat until Vita TV AND a renewed focus on Vita advertising...which will probably happen post PS4 launch. When Sony "re-launched" the PSP, after the price drop, it started to really catch on.
tubers  +   303d ago
I'm sure there'd be some spikes after VTV, 2K and a few weeks after PS4 release.

Needs games with larger appeal for Jan-Feb.

AFAIK, GE2 will probably be its best system seller for the remaining year. SS Delta on March.
Tearaway is a wildcard.

Neptunia RE1 and Sen no Kiseki seem niche.

FW/GR2 has no specific dates but in 2014.

Games like SNAFU (anime game) and RO:Ace didn't seem to help the system much but the competition's recent software releases and 2K model/VTV announcements are probably good factors as well.
tubers  +   303d ago
LOL@disagrees. Impulsive downvoting I bet when they saw "Poor vita.".
xKugo  +   303d ago
PlayStation on a roll. Sad about the PSV, though but it's time is coming. I really believe that it's on the upcome.
AceBlazer13  +   303d ago
Good to see kingdom hearts getting some love.Was definitely not expect in to see minecraft up there.
animegamingnerd  +   303d ago
considering how these numbers are from 1 day after the Wii U price drop it does look it will get a nice boost
Bathyj  +   303d ago
This is unbelievable. GTA5 is so big it boost the two consoles to that extent.

Ps3 sales are also incredible. Almost twice Xbox.
devwan  +   303d ago
...and 10x the WiiU <-- how is that not worrying for Nintendo?
Furesis  +   303d ago
holy shiet those are some crazy numbers! made me laugh when i saw them haha
jek7  +   303d ago
PSP>PSVITA? vita fail!. sad but true
ironmonkey  +   303d ago
I'd like to see an nhl game for vita.
inf3cted1  +   303d ago
PSP still selling better than the Vita, rofl

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