Sony Responds To NPD Numbers

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag quotes, "PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3) continued the strong momentum with 257,120 units sold in March. (according to NPD March 2008 sales data). This represents a year-over-year sales growth of over 98%. More than 1.9 million software units were sold for PS3 in March, representing a year-over-year growth of 139.2%."

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LightningPS33894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Hopefully it will send a message because they're starting to tank again.

They're basiclly surrending Europe with exclusive 360 commercials of GTA IV and a price difference that is making the 360 a lot more attractive again.

We're still not even sure that these commercials aren't gonna make it to the United States also. And what's Sony's hope for April?

GTA is PS2?

Reality check, reality check, reality check

Knowing Microsoft, I still wouldn't put it past them sneaking in a US price cut for XBOX 360 between now and GTA IV's release either.

sonarus3894d ago

lol well considering they still lead 360 worldwide and they have outsold 360 every month this yr, i say it is far too soon to say back to reality :D.

But seriously though ps3 fanboys are getting out of hand. Actually all fanboys are getting out of hand

Breakfast3894d ago

"Back to reality"...nonono...i thought you were a extreme fan of the console by the name of PS3. Everything i believed in, is coming crashing down on me!

I dont think its back to reality...this is still a dream for MS.

JVIDICAN3894d ago

yeah this is getting a bit out of hand seriously its 5k difference and microsoft are already saying there expecting to triple the ps3s userbase this year. there really setting themselves up for dissapointment.

could never tell if your a fanboy or not. i dont think you are but cant be to sure =P

LightningPS33894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

And so far they're executing to perfection, with absolutley no resistance from Sony.

They're letting Microsoft win with a Multi platform game. A game they have just as much rights to. It's not even the DLC that's doing them in.

They're just letting Microsoft have their way with marketing the biggest game of the year.

That's just sad to watch, if you're a PS3 fan.

This is gonna be as costly as when they underestimated the importance of GTA the first time.

If they think they have the answer with MGS4, they're wrong. MGS is a great franchise but it's no GTA.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3894d ago

A US price drop before the GTA4 launch would put the 360 over the top.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3894d ago

Who knows, Microsoft has the upper hand atm, and also could still have a card up their sleeves, but Sony has done some major moves before, they could be cooking up something as well.

Bonsai12143894d ago

you're barely outselling the ps3 in the 360 dominant sphere, and in the other two regions, 360 is pretty much out of the picture already. its hardly a reality check. if anything, its a reality check for microsoft because it shows that everything they've worked for in their year head start is starting to fall apart.

thewhoopimen3894d ago

After reading both responses from Sony and Microsoft. I would like to know what Microsoft generated in terms of earning for March lol... Anyone?

hotshot1273894d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

if they werent, im sure they would have been jumped on the 360 after the price drop......which they did'nt.

bundles are going to do more then advertisements. sony will advertise also, maybe not as much but they dont NEED to as much because everyone knows that gta is on playstation.

now as far as america goes, i'll agree with you that microsoft may very well own gta launch but i think you doubt the power of the playstation brand.
people buy playstations by habit.
and gta4 will sell alot more systems for ps3 than i think you realize. why havent any of the ps2 owners jumped to microsofts 360 yet? its cheap and it has all the tripple AAA games right? so why havent they jumped? because alot of them are just waiting for a ps3. i really dont want to explain anymore, gta is right around the corner and all the doubters will see. just like christmas when everyone doubted the ps3 sales, it WILL HAPPEN AGAIN

sammy_mantra3894d ago

How many accounts do you have to do trolling???

reality check?

even in UK GTA4 PS3 version is outselling x360 version in terms of preorders

in the rest of europe X360 is pretty much non-existent.

The 80 gig PS3 bundle was out in the whole of march. still MS barely scraped with 5000 units. so who needs a reality check??

even after knowing that x360 gets outsold by ps3 worldwide in every corner of the earth except US why troll with these garbage posts?

MGS4 is bigger than GTA4 in europe as well as japan . MGS4 has as much potential as selling 6-10m copies as GTA4.

GTA4 is a system seller but in NA and to some extent in EU. MGS4 is a global system seller.

even in EU you know very well that PS3 version will outsell the x360 version by A BIG MARGIN. MORE PS3s would be moved rather than X360s in EU ---thats almost waranteed in EU and probably in NA too

PirateThom3894d ago

Hilarious, Microsoft barely recover in their own backyard and it's Sony who need to be worried?

Microsoft are losing it. They've put everything in GTAIV and basically ignored the fact that they have been dominated by Sony in Q1 because of fake stock problems (aka, holding stock back for GTAIV), while Sony have put everything in a load of different games with bundles for exclusive games like MGS4 and a GTAIV bundle in Europe where they're guaranteed to sell more consoles. Sony haven't even mentioned GTAIV, they're more focused on their exclusive titles, not multiplatform titles. A multiplatform day/date release has never, ever decided a console war. Ever.

znu3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

wow, u got lots of disagrees

but don't worry i agree with u

whenever im on the site, it's hard to so say something that wont offence either side so im critical on that. I have a ps3 and dont want to be bias so i say it as it is. LightningFerus whover disagreed with u are total absolute fanboys nodoubt

cant even listen to logic

but sometimes u got to tell the cold hard truth

Sony are lazy and slow, like the lovable dog that's been in the family for years

whereas Microsoft is a new dog and is better trained and more flashy, more energetic and is basically showing itself off

Nintendo are that cute little puppy that no one can resist, but it's too young and doesn't appeal to all dog owners as much of a dog, just something stare at and appreciate. It's the dog that hard core dog owner ;) feel is immitaure and unable to keep up with the mature ones

So what is it, family dog u loved or a newer more flashy dog.(im not including the puppy cause it's too cheap, who can resist a puppy and by that im not talking wii's, im talking puppies)

Sony are lazy, don't work hard but get the job done and are suprising their fanbase

Microsoft are harder working, they need to work inorder to keep the attention and they are.

Im alot like sony, lazy and doesnt work hard but gets the job done with an excellent mark. Microsoft get higher marks through much determination.

There have been many times where i would've wanted to walk into SCE and slap some sense into them, get off your ass and work.

o well, so microsoft are advertising like crazy, they secured DLC(we don't know if its good or not, but i wouldn't get it anyway) and thus are gonna get more sales UNLESS sony does something about it.

all in all, sony needs to work, they underestimated the competition and refuse to aprehend that somebody can put up a fight. If sony put in effort they could top the 360 ratther than playing it even but they don't and won't from the looks of things.

I don't care what happens realy aslong as at the end of the day, i can enjoy my games and have fun regardless of which dog, i mean system it's on.

Breakfast3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

How many accounts do you have to do trolling???

reality check? "

Funniest statement of the day.

When fans-of-a-certain-console (cant say boys) go cannibalistic on there own.

Although im not so sure this lightning fellow is a fans-of-a-certain-console. I took your bubble away a couple days ago...because i thought you were. I just might have to give it back.

pricklypete3894d ago

Do you have any knowledge how Business models run?

If you lower prices and raise demand you plummet.

If MS lowered their price of their console, they still would have problems paying off their failure rate.

MS isn't the brightest cookie and never should of introduced the Arcade model. The problem with that is they are pigeonholing the lower end and averaging the Elite SKU and the arcade.

At least when sony made the 40 GB SKU, they kept the essentials. They also realize the PS2 is selling insanely well still. Why sell 2 PS2's at once?

znu3894d ago


why do u have to be a fan of a certain console!

Cant LightningFerus be a fan of any console he likes or all for that matter. Why must he pick one.

he's isn't going canabal, he just doesn't want to be a fan of one console over another for no reason when all have great games and their own strengths.

He is just telling the facts that no ps3 fan wants to admit too.

cmrbe3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

What facts are you referring to?. What Lighting is saying is just opinion.

Breakfast. You must be new. Lighting always had a reputation of flip flopping. Dosent bother me though. We need more x360 fans on this site to balance things out.

Breakfast3894d ago

@ znu

I thought he was a fans-of-a-certain-console. But, i guess he got possessed or something. I even reported his comment once, for being so one sided and hateful.

Im not saying hes going cannibal, im saying that this guy comment #1.10 is going cannibal. They are/were fans-of-a-certain-console.

I am so confused right now.

juuken3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

You, Lightning must be out of your mind. Sony is *not* surrendering. This is a company who has made two of THE best gaming consoles on the market-the PS1 and the PS2. They're also known for one the greatest handhelds ever made-the PSP. Do you think they're backing down from a bullying company such as Microshaft?

Hell freakin' no!

They're just beginning to get the big guns out. I personally cannot wait for that day because M$ will regret the day they ever messed with Sony. All Sony needs to do is get out in-game and Home...and I think they're waiting for the day it hurts M$ the most, not to mention releasing new PSN games.

This is still a war, keep that in mind.

znu3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

everybody has missed my point

im trying to say that he doesn't have to be a fan of one consoleand should be a fan of all console therefore there is canabal becuase ur just praising one.

As for the facts,im saying microsoft has spent a sh!tload of cash on GTA4 and are gonna see the rewards of it, is sony spending cash to advertise no, more people will get the message with advertising. Im not sure but i remember somebody saying 360 outsold ps3 in NPD by 5k(isn't much) but not in world wide. That's becuase more people are treating 360 more seriously since they see ads about it all the time and have no prior gaming knowledge

if u see an ad on tv saying that ur game has the ultimate experience, whats mr average joe gonna know better, he's gonna go for the ultimate experience even if there isn't any because of marketing. Im not saying 360 has the ultimate experience im saying that that's what people are gonna think who have no gaming knowlege and this gives microsoft an advantage.

Lightning fern said that the 360 outsold ps3 in NA, so i agreed wheras aeveryone else disagreed for the pure sake that they can't belive it so it's wrong. He said they have a better price, true(not for all SKU but for those who just get the core and the game) and DLC, true, and advertising, true

this makes the average ps3 owners blood boil knowing his console will lose at something so they disagreed. That's wrong

1.18, by surrendering he means that sony isn't doing anything to stoop 360 momentum like counter advertising, price drop and are just letting things fold expecting people to flock. anywaaays, sony did make a GTA bundle which will help push consoles(should've been with an 80 gb for price of 40GB= BIG $$$)

egm_hiphopgamer3894d ago

Great Work on the Article Torrence Top notch and to the point as usual

Palodios3894d ago

Considering that as of this March, the ps3 in North America has not had a big exclusive out in three months, paramount and universal have yet to release any blu-ray movies, STILL no xmb or home and Sony was a no-show at GDC, they should not be this close to the 360 in the U.S. They've made the smart decision with a gta bundle, have some huge huge titles coming out this year, and more. Shouldn't be a bad year for them at all. Unless we see some major changes in the 360's plan, March is much more likely to be a fluke month than the norm for 2008.

Exorgasm3894d ago

As far as surrendering when it came to European advertising the odds are that MS somehow bought exclusivity rights when it came to advertising in EU. What would have been far more stupid is if Sony had tried to win some advertising bidding war over it when Sony has a better name in the market and the consumer is going to see their bundle in the stores when they go to get the game either way. Microsoft has a lot riding on selling the most copies of the game because they're the ones who put $50m on the table for the DLC. Sony has a lot going for them this year and while selling as many copies of GTAIV as possible would be nice for them it really wont kill them either way. If the 360 version didn't sell well enough then both Rockstar and MS would be losing money on the DLC so it's easy to see why MS is being more aggressive.

whoelse3894d ago

A GTA IV bundle is money better spent than a massive ad campaign. Those ads will also help GTA sales for the PS3.

dan-boy3893d ago

i just love this site.

sonarus, what do you mean by trailing sony worldwide?? has having 8mil more consoles in peoples homes somehow put the 360 behind sony all of a sudden?!

sony desperately need europe now, and they're damn lucky that the 360 failed in japan! and they are the ones who are gonna be trailing world wide all of this year, and pretty much all of next year unless they can start shifting wii numbers in every territory!

i have thet feeling that microsoft just mite sneak a price drop in NA before gta hits. if not, you can pretty much guarantee they will be handing out a free copy with every new console sold. sonys 150% exclusive bundle aint gonna mean squat if you can pick it free with a 360. having a gta picture on the box does'nt make it any more of a bargain! lol at the people that think this is somehow the killer blow!

sammy-mantra: do you work in game or gamestation? coz how do you know it's "outselling" in terms of pre-orders?? and considering there's more 360s in the uk, i highly doubt what you claim.

bonsia: starting to fall apart ey?? microsoft have an 8mil lead, sony barely worldwide beat microsoft by 100k, and that's including japan where the 360 hardly sells. give the last two sony consoles, they should be selling like wiis, and sony should be leading the charge now... whay aint they?? the 360 has been on the market a year longer, and does'nt have the brand association the playstation has, and sony is hardly doing anything to dent it's lead!

do some people just see things alot differently to the rest??

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brothersimon3894d ago

Times up PS3 droids. No longer is 360 in shortages.

hotshot1273894d ago

and it only outsold it by.........5,000? hahaahaah yeeeeeeeeeeea.

and its still more expensive then a 360. yea you just better hope it doesnt ever drop to 299.99 because even in america, it will be a wrap. oh and dont forget that little thing called.............the rest of the world.

JVIDICAN3894d ago

arnt you one of the guys that gets pissed off a people trolling in 360 articles?
look what your doing now 360 isnt metioned anywhere in this news catetegories

Varsarus3894d ago

it never had any shortages anyway hahahahaha.

sammy_mantra3894d ago

But there were no 80 gig PS3s in NA for MARCH

You know it very well too that it is pretty much over for MS in console war

GT5P killed x360 in europe. GTA4/MGS4/HAZE ----just too much to handle for MS

Jamaicangmr3894d ago

So believed that shortage sh!t? So what happened Microsoft made enough to beat the PS3 by 5,000 units and you celebrate no more shortage? Well ok in that case bring out the expensive Champaign. Damn your dumb.

RealTimeWeaponChange3894d ago

Morons, M$ held 360s back for GTA's launch. Don't be n00bs. Of course it would have sold more if M$ shipped them. 360 has been destroying PS3 since its conception.

HarryEtTubMan3894d ago

^^^ hahahahaha what a douche,

PS3 is going to destory the FLOPbox 360

Pain3893d ago

'Times up PS3 droids. No longer is 360 in shortages."
when i read that i Fall out of my Chair everytime.

1, There was never any Shortages Just M$ with A LOT of Tosiba HD DVD Big HDD Ready Sku's
2, NPD Data is SOOOOOOO PainFull to M$ cuz its what was Bound to happing from the Beginning.
3, this is nothing new Outside the US.

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thehitman3894d ago

Increase not bad at all... Right now Sony is on a 100 mile high Kingdom Ka Rollacoster and they just started moving up a couple of feet.

bootsielon3894d ago

Sony isn't surrendering. If they're doing "nothing", it's because they don't need to. At least not yet. Microsoft is taking desperate measures, while Sony is simply taking baby steps - what's the point of even taking drastic measures if they may not even work? They understand that a console is more than just price; it's about the value proposition. Which is why it would be pointless for them to go to Wii price levels without significant value and/or demand and/or games. The PS3 as it stands is a good value proposition, and by the end of the year it will be in even much better standing. If the price drops on PS3 by then, it'll be huge.

360 does need a price drop. PS3 doesn't; at least, not yet.

jwatt3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Extactly, the value of the ps3 keeps getting better and better, The quality of the software is expanding, more features are being added such as DTS HD-HR, DTS HD-MA for Blu Ray, the ps3 is now being touted as the best Blu Ray player since this update.

Update: The countdown is still ticking!

cmrbe3894d ago

All good for the PS brand.There is no question this year is PS3's year. Actually 2009 as well. No one would have guess that the PS3 would outsell the x360 in NA in the first 1/4 of 2008. Most thought the tide would turn in NA when MGS4 is released.