Weekly Sales Analysis, 21 September - GTA V Tops 17m Week One


Overall hardware sales increased by 31 percent week-on-week, due to the release of Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Week-on-week sales is up for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and DS, and down for the Wii, PSP, 3DS, and Vita. Overall year-on-year sales are up 46 percent. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and 3DS are up year-over-year. The DS has the biggest drop year-on-year by percent, at 77 percent

Three games debuted in the top 30 this week, the same as last week. Grand Theft Auto V (X360) debuted at the top of the charts with sales of 8.88 million units. The PlayStation 3 version debuted at number two with sales of 8.64 million units. This is the biggest opening in gaming history. The game launched in North America and Europe.

Software milestones this week in the top 30: Monster Hunter 4 (3DS) passed the two million mark."

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mushroomwig1515d ago

17 million copies...Jesus Christ.

shivvy241515d ago

Thats about twice as much as cod bo2 sold in the first week

Aleithian1514d ago

Yup - 11m. It took Black Ops II 15 days to hit 17m.

MatriXcian1515d ago

I wonder if this is counting digital sales as well. I myself bought the game digitally on PSN.

MatriXcian1515d ago

It also seems GTA drove up PS3 sales like crazy.

trunkswd1515d ago

360 sales did a little better than doubling week-over-week, while the PS3 nearly tripled in sales.

Feocart1515d ago

I'm not surprised at the difference between PS3s sold versus 360s sold, despite GTA V selling more on the 360. The GTA V bundle really bumped up sales of PS3s, but it's a huge win for both consoles.

I'm curious how many weeks GTA V will remain #1/#2 respectively in sales. This is crazy.

nooneknows1515d ago

I'm surprised the PS3 and 360 version of GTA V are Neck and Neck. Usually Action/Shooters sell a lot more on 360, however, I think PS3 sales sky rocketed after that GTA V/PS3 bundle.

Skips1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

GTA V hasn't been released in Japan yet though.

Going by how things are doing with GTA V. I can definitely see it selling well over 1 million in Japan (probably 1.5 million) with a large majority in favor for the former...

And I haven't seen that bundle pop up anywhere on charts like Amazon. People who actually want GTA probably already have a PS3 by now. lol


"GTA V Tops 17m Week One"

0_0 Jeez, there'll be a crap ton of people playing online next week. XD

Lonnie181515d ago

I believe it will sale another 5 million in the next week, the online experience will be packed.

shivvy241515d ago

Yep I havent got mine yet

Aleithian1514d ago

Yup. Lot's of people are waiting. Sales over Thanksgiving and Christmas will boost this way up. I wouldn't be surprised if it hits 25 million by January.

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