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Rumor: PlayStation 4 gets definitive version of Watch_Dogs, Xbox One resolution "TBD"

Rumor: PlayStation 4 gets definitive version of Watch_Dogs, Xbox One resolution "TBD" (PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox One)

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TripC50  +   707d ago
If the ratings are good, I'll pick this up for the Wii U.
Abash  +   707d ago
Watch_Dogs feels like it's becoming a big PlayStation series with the way it's showcased with th PS4. I was getting it for PS4 regardless anyways
Ezz2013  +   707d ago
"720p on PS360, 1080 on PS4, TBD on Xbox One"

"Big difference between last generation and next gen. You can see it. PC can hit up to 60fps 1080, but I think they are aiming for parity with PS4"

"Both hit 30fps easy. I think Xbox One suffers a few dips from 60fps. PS4 is pretty smooth. Definitive version"

"PS4 is pretty smooth.Definitive version"

hmmmmmmmm, i wonder what will also be different between ps4 version and xbox version
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pedrof93  +   707d ago | Well said
Where is @Jokesonyou ?

I want him to read this, and save the URL to serve as argument in the future.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   707d ago | Well said
I think this story with Watch_Dogs is widespread across the entire next-gen landscape concerning most/all upcoming games:

PS4 is the superior platform for multiplats.

And yet more proof that Xbox One will be holding back multiplat development. Hey, at least last-gen developers had enough integrity to make the 360 version or PS3 version superior in the cases where they were able to better utilize the hardware. This upcoming gen will be the gen of backdoor deals where money changes hands and "parity" is bought in the name of not looking like the vastly inferior system.
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aquamala  +   707d ago
"PC can hit up to 60fps 1080, but I think they are aiming for parity with PS4"

PS4 holding back PC confirmed
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
@aquamala - That sounds to me like PC isn't being held back, but whatever floats your conspiracy boat I guess.

Edit - You left out the part that implies what you're suggesting... "definitive version"... but I think that's about the consoles.
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PoSTedUP  +   707d ago
PS4: bang! bang!

Xbox1: *falls down*
Skips  +   707d ago
"PS4 holding back PC confirmed"

Then X1 must be holding back both... : /
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XboxFun  +   707d ago
DedicatedtoSony is back and trolling as usual. Isn't this why you were gone for so long?

Where is the proof that X1 is holding PS4 back?

"And yet more proof that Xbox One will be holding back multiplat development."

And yet the article specifically says:
"Keep in mind, these are not confirmed numbers, just rumors from a trust source, so take everything with a grain of salt."

So some dips in 60fps that this UNNAMED source THINKS happens and it is automatically holding back multiplat development?

"at least last-gen developers had enough integrity to make the 360 version or PS3 version superior in the cases where they were able to better utilize the hardware"

What?! You did nothing but complain that 360 was holding PS3 games back due to DVD or some parity requirement. But it turns out it was PS3's own cell architecture that was doing it.

So many excuses and lame attempts.

the new FCC, hUMA and 8 gigs of RAM is upon us everyone. I expect a full blog from you too.
thechosenone  +   707d ago
oh look the examiner just so happened to write up piece explaining how the PS4 would get the definitive version of WD..what a coincidence. :/ hit whore, nothing more.
n4rc  +   707d ago
God... Is there anything else to report but rumors and unnamed and for all we know, fake sources..
Computersaysno  +   707d ago
Wanna see the PC version topped out.

If this generation doesnt go PC>PS4>Xbone>Wii U for everything I'll eat my hat.

Devs better push each platform and not wimp out because of potential spec differences
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Rageanitus  +   707d ago
how in hell is it becoming a PS series when its multiplatform???

It's like saying COD is a big Xbox series yet its found on all platforms.
buynit  +   707d ago
Don't you mean a great ps3 360 ps4 and xb1 great Series?

Last time i checked a great game is a great game it isn't all about resolution..

And its a Rumor! Lol
Eonjay  +   707d ago
TBD... um... at what point are they gonna decide because its almost show time.
Eonjay  +   707d ago
When you buy a video card with more power you expect better performance. Its a shame that multiplat titles will shoot for parity instead of potential. When you buy a PS4 you buy better hardware but the political nature of the industry will keep the titles looking equal.

From the developer themselves:

"Big difference between last generation and next gen. You can see it. PC can hit up to 60fps 1080, but I think they are aiming for parity with PS4"

"Both hit 30fps easy. I think Xbox One suffers a few dips from 60fps. PS4 is pretty smooth. Definitive version"

I hope the Xbox owners are happy that that Microsoft has succeed in holding the industry back with weaker hardware.

Thanks A lot.
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ShinMaster  +   707d ago
inb4 "best on PC" comments... oh too late.
JsonHenry  +   706d ago
They say "up to 60fps" most likely because they will put in a fps cap and top it out at 60fps.

Yes, you read that right. On the PC they cap off your max fps sometimes. Such an odd problem to have, huh?
5eriously  +   706d ago
["pedrof93 + 15h ago | Well said
Where is @Jokesonyou ?

I want him to read this, and save the URL to serve as argument in the future"]

He is standing in a queue line to cancel the one pre-order then will move to another queue line to do another pre-order. (wink)
DeadlyFire  +   706d ago
Thing about the PC community is graphics cards have branches. Low cheap tier lands at low resolution. High tier lands at next wave high resolution.

"PC can hit up to 60fps 1080, but I think they are aiming for parity with PS4"
PC can actually do alot more than that, but if FPS is capped then it will be rock solid and stable for many resolutions. Average PC resolution likely is 1400, 1600 or so. 1200, 1080, 900, 720 are all acceptable as well. 2160 is the first set for 4K. Expensive as heck, but few do try to game at that resolution now as well.

My PC runs 768x1280 or something to that sort most of the time for my games. Not much higher than 720.
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pixelsword  +   706d ago
"If this generation doesnt go PC>PS4>Xbone>Wii U for everything I'll eat my hat.

(off topic)
Open wide, because it won't.

It's not even going that way in the 360/PS3 era.

Like I said earlier, it's all about the cash flow.


You never got a game that was competitive with Crysis, even the following two Crysis games, although Crysis started and continued on the PC; If the PC's flagship game made concessions to jump through the console hoops, and the tech is not as close now (but kinda close), how much more will developers want to jump through the PS4/xbone's hoops just to get their hands on all of that cash when, if nvidia will be essentially alien in terms of graphical techniques compared to consoles, will make the console/PC differences even more pronounced?

Look at Rage from id:

Because of the 360, they took out one of their races and prevented that game from being open world. Not just the PS3 version, but also the PC version although BOTH of the other versions could be open world.

Look at Final Fantasy 13 from Square-Enix:

Final Fantasy 13 was supposed to be somewhat open world as well, but because of space issues we got a super-linear game and things were cut not to support the PS3 or PC, but to support the 360. The fact that the video was horrible on the 360 was due strictly because of the face that they and Microsoft wanted to have the game on one disc.

Look at Grand Theift Auto IV:

Compared to San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV was technologically inferior in terms of size and activities you could to in the game due to their lack of optimization techniques for consoles in general, but the blu-ray could have tipped the scales in favor of a larger city; but because that option wasn't available for the 360, the city was smaller than San Andreas.

Konami pushed hard against Kojima to make MGS4 multiplatform, although Kojima made it apparent in various cutscenes and plot devices (the PS3 controller, for example) that he wanted that to remain off of PCs and the 360 and on the PS3. I don't know if Ground zeroes is multiplatform because of that past pressure, but here we are.

All of these games could have had a larger map, better sequels, and an overall push in technological features on the PC, but none of them did that wasn't apparently easier to do for them as a port, which is better graphics.

(on topic)

Once again, if the xbone is supposed to have such advantages, it shouldn't be this hard to point them out; and as of yet, there's not one game anyone can point to to show them.

on the PS3, you could see the cell processor's advantages in their first games like Resistance, Motorstorm, and Warhawk; but unless I'm wrong, there's nothing yet to show any specific advantage the xbone has.
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abzdine  +   706d ago
xbox one isn't gonna survive for too long, i'm telling you..
andrewsqual  +   706d ago
@dedicatedtogamers I guess Sony will just have to let their platform exclusives do the talking yet again. ^_^
TomShoe  +   707d ago
Wii U? Lmao.

Anyway. Watch Dogs looks amazing. It's just too bad it'll be gimped to not make the folks at MS angry.
The_Infected  +   707d ago
I bet you anything why it's running at 30fps is because Xbox One is holding them back. I'm sure PS4 can do 60fps. Isn't Assassins Creed doing 60fps? It's a huge open world game.
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Ezz2013  +   707d ago
infamous SS look alot better than both those games and run at 1080p with fully destructible environment

it's really have nothing to do with ps4
but have every thing to do with parity
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Omegasyde  +   707d ago
Quote from the story:

Intrigued, sources were contacted with connections to the project....

Take that for what you will. I am pretty sure both version's will look the same.
DigitalRaptor  +   707d ago
@ Ezz2013

Impression from PAX 2013 suggests inFamous:SS is doing near 60fps.

Izzy408  +   707d ago
You can believe that all you want, but we'll probably never know for sure.
Ezz2013  +   707d ago

even better
so Infamous SS run at 60fps/1080p with fully destructible environment and look alot better than both Watch dogs and Assassins Creed IV
that pretty much confirm what i'm saying
it have every thing to do with parity
Bigpappy  +   707d ago
Do any of you care that this is a rumor. This game has always been focused on PS4. Makes sense that even if the RUMOR turns out true, that the X1 version may be behind the PS4 version. They have not shipped any version yet, so calm down.
Rageanitus  +   707d ago
doubt it... the chipsets are both made by AMD, so it should have somewhat similar architecture.

If the Xbox is truly weaker I suspect they will have a lower fixed resolution
onyoursistersback  +   707d ago
@ article, what about pc?!?

and what is a Wii U, you speck off????
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hduce  +   707d ago
Who "speck" of something? A Wii U is a console made by a company named Nintendo. It is really fun if you give it a chance.
duducus  +   707d ago
And if the graphics are closer to the PS4 or XBone version... It could have 720p and 30 fps, but it better look good...
ajax17  +   707d ago
They'd better make damn good use of the gamepad to buy it over the PS4 version. I mean it'd better be revolutionary gameplay. Otherwise, what's the point?
weekev15  +   707d ago
Um maybe because you dont have a ps4 aint aint willing to drop that much cash on a new console cos lets be honest you have a wiiu so have learned to be more tentative on day 1 console purchases.
Lior  +   707d ago
PC will always be the best version as i will be playing it at 1440p at 60fps hopefully with my gtx 680 SLI config. with the new consoles I can see that even if the ps4 is more powerful such as getting smooth 1080p 60fps and the xbox having many dips in the fps they will make it 30fps for both because its multi platform next gen console hardware and they cant make microsoft look bad.

only exclusive titles will really stand out for ps4 and I know that will happen easily. yes most likely ps4 multiplats will look better with shaders, textures and so on but the fps will always be the same on both consoles and microsoft really screwed up with the hardware which is already very outdated. ps4 less outdated but will perform better in the coming years.
ovnipc   707d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
worldwidegaming  +   707d ago
Loved the disagrees you got! maybe they should buy you the PS4 version so you can save your money! come on guys, show some love and buy him a REAL GAME! O_o
TripC50  +   707d ago
I feel like Meg from Family Guy.
MichaelLito79  +   707d ago
This game will be the same on both next generation systems.
Locknuts  +   707d ago
Lol at all the disagrees. You get that Wii U version dude and enjoy whatever features it offers. Goddamn fanboys.
MasterCornholio  +   706d ago
Just because of the controller?

You do know that the framerate will be more stable on the PS4 right? If were you I'd go with the PS4 version for the superior gameplay experience.

Oh and about the second controller features. If you have a smartphone you can download the WatchDogs smartphone App for iOS or Android which is what I'm going to do with my tablet.

Nexus 7 2013
Omeganex9999  +   706d ago
I just hope it won't be like iFruit. Damn Rockstar.
BallsEye  +   706d ago
Rumors for Gamers. Rumors rumors rumors without any sources at all times.
Bluepowerzz  +   706d ago
now that was the most funniest start to a comment section on n4g ever bubble + funny
SilentNegotiator  +   706d ago
Cool entirely off-topic story, bro.

Of aaaaaaaaall the Watch Dog articles, you thought this was the appropriate place to post that you plan to get the Wii U version?
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Muffins1223  +   706d ago
Pc is definitive version...
wiiU?? LAME... Get the next gen version..

Meanwhile xbox is down grading exclusive games.. lol

"Meh. Wii U is on par with current generation, to be honest."

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iliimaster  +   706d ago
my man! i love my Wii U
clouds5  +   706d ago
I agree :) Wii U is simply the best platform for open world games.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   707d ago
Get used to hearing the same thing over and over from here on out.

The gap between the two is huge.MS can muddy the waters for now, with their PR BS but the numbers, and soon the games, won't lie.

Can't wait for the 15th!
tuglu_pati  +   707d ago
Tables turned this time around. PS4 for multiplat-forms and exclusives and XBO for exclusives only and TV ;).
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   707d ago
Pretty much.Just a shame even xbones exclusives are shoddy.900p & 30 fps lol

being a $100 more doesn't help either! ;)
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   707d ago
Yep.. just like how the PS3 is used for movies and blu rays and the occasional exclusive and the 360 for the mp games and exclusives.
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
"PS3 is used for movies and blu rays and the occasional exclusive and the 360 for the mp games and exclusives."

...except by everyone I know, who got rid of their 360s in favor of PS3s years ago and never regretted it.
ovnipc  +   707d ago
Keep dreaming. Xbox will remain as the standard ps4 will only get ports! Ps4 its crap and by this time next year all this drones will be trolling in favor of xbox.
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Goku781  +   707d ago
That's very funny, a fly swallowing a bumble bee. I tried to tell them but they didn't believe me! Why didn't they believe me!!!!! Dayz you are so right!
worldwidegaming  +   707d ago
They both screwed everyone over with their low power with their chips. AMD custom made?
Are you kidding me!? Really!? I want shock and awe like last gen and we have the ability to do so but instead we settle...
ps3 and cell were no where near max when it first came out...PS4 and Xbone are hitting a wall starting! (yeah they will eventually climb said wall but still...)
The more PC parts you put in a Console the less Console it becomes to the point where its "PC like"
First people said
"PC is stupid! you gotta install"
then they said
"Why complain about 8gb install...make a sandwich and Deal with it!"
soon they will say
"The PC is ripping off from the Console!"
MichaelLito79  +   707d ago
Please stop spreading lies. Some One please bubble this guy out of here. LOL
MichaelLito79  +   707d ago
@ Day Z

Unless you show me proof. The only one doing PR talking is you. Are you getting paid by Sony? LOL
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   706d ago
Proof? What do you want? the fact sheet specs showing PS4 is double the GPU of xbone? the better ram? the list of Developers who say the performance gap between the two is significant?

The endless amount of MS PR nonsense?
Take your head out of the sand and look around, it's not hard to find.
fattyuk  +   706d ago
The 360 exclusives lol.

I bought a 360 for 1 exclusive. ... Alan wake.

then sold my console.

Whilst my ps3 collection is mostly exclusives I want to keep.
joeyisback  +   707d ago
should be only on PS3 and PS4
-MD-  +   707d ago
Never go into business for yourself. You'll fail.
joeyisback  +   707d ago
so ur saying naughty dog failed since there games is ps3 and ps4 and vita only and ur saying bungie failed when they was 360 only nope they didnt fail Ubisoft wouldnt fail if watch dogs was PS3 PS4 only nice try
DOMination-  +   706d ago
They are/were first party studios. You can't compare them.
pyramidshead  +   707d ago
Uh oh.
DigitalRaptor  +   707d ago
If this turns out to be true...

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Ezz2013  +   707d ago
it SHOULD/MUST be true ...and for all multiplat games as well
it should be pc>ps4>xbone
if not....then 3rd party devs deserve to get blamed for that
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BallsEye  +   706d ago

Because you, an n4g dev have the final kits with all the specs and know the architecture of the systems perfectly to say so while Mark Cenry, the maker of ps4 is struggling to keep 30 fps in a revolutionary game Knack that will set a benchmark for devs like Crytek for next 10 years.
DigitalRaptor  +   706d ago
@ BallsEye

We've been told that 360 multiplats have been better than PS3 versions for years now. Why, when evidence points towards PS4 hardware being significantly better, easier to use with more mature dev tools, and a quicker turn around for development - all based on FACTUAL specs and devs coming out their information, why can people like yourself not handle it when it's this way around?

Secondly, Knack is what it is. No need to cover this again.

Meanwhile, Killzone: Shadow Fall -> 1080p/60fps in multiplayer. open-world style gameplay, expansive and detailed environments, tons of particle effects and impressive lighting, detailed character models.

inFamous: Second Son -> 1080p/60fps. open-world game, incredible animations, great detail, impressive particle effects, dynamic weather and lighting (day and night), environmental destruction, tight fluid gameplay and incredible visuals.
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_QQ_  +   707d ago
uH Oh indeed, there is an obvious typo that sjould say PC.
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jhoward585  +   707d ago
I was looking forward to 60fps on WD. Oh well! I guess I'll have to settle for 30fps.

But something bugs me about Ubisoft claim....

I starting to get the feeling that the reason why Ubisoft went with 30fps is because they don't want one platform to outshine the other platform. That way Ubisoft can make more money.
n4rc  +   707d ago
That excuse is so ridiculous...

Was there parity when multiplats all ran better on 360?

If the ps4 really is capable of running WD better then the x1, then it will.

If it cant, then it wont... Trying to.claim one platform is the reason it cant is pretty inaccurate
jhoward585  +   707d ago
Was there parity when multiplats all ran better on 360?
----------------------------- ----
No, this situation is different from last GEN. there weren't a huge gap between the 360/ps3 in term of power.

But the x1/ps4/wii U are different as far as computation. In other words, there's a huge gap between platform this GEN.

So there nothing ridiculous about that. Its all about money.
#5.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(6) | Report
MasterCornholio  +   706d ago
That's strange I thought Dishonored was better on the PS3 than the Xbox 360 and the same goes for Vanquish and several other multiplats.

So you see not all multiplatform games are better on the 360.

You lose.

Nexus 7 2013
-MD-  +   707d ago
"I guess I'll have to settle"

The console motto.
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
Meanwhile PC gamers settle for emulations of games that don't come to PC. Everyone settles in some way, even those who keep their PC on the bleeding edge settle for the reality that most games won't take advantage of all that power.
-MD-  +   707d ago
"Meanwhile PC gamers settle for emulations of games that don't come to PC."

Sounds like a pro rather than a con to me.
#5.2.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(7) | Report
Majin-vegeta  +   707d ago
Am i the only one who thinks Sony should tell devs upfront that if they butxher their game on PS4 they shouldnt bother bringing it over?
Omegasyde  +   707d ago
Microsoft does that already.


Pogmathoin  +   707d ago
THC CELL  +   707d ago
Ms has really lost next gen before it started in my opinion. Steam machine really going to end em from then Sony.valve ninteno
Monolith12   707d ago | Spam
Beastforlifenoob  +   707d ago
People were saying the exact same thing when PS3 launched.... Intriguing
urwifeminder  +   707d ago
The whole phone hacking gimmick was lost on me anyway from the day it was shown thoughts of meh surfaced.
Hicken  +   707d ago
A lot of things seem to be lost on you.
urwifeminder  +   707d ago
Most of all your comments kind sir.
G20WLY  +   706d ago
He has a point regarding your comments Hicken...

Maybe you could provide a laymen summary each time you post, so as not to exclude him from now on? LMAO ;P
theWB27  +   707d ago
This mess is pathetic to say the least. He gets all the information from Morin. He refuses to acknowledge the resolution for each system..then they go the anonymous route to "confirm" the definitive version.


These sites are lapping up the extra clicks from the X1 bash train.

AC4 runs MP at 60fps on both PS4 and X1...unconfirmed res for both also. Made by Ubi...but Watchdogs is a completely different beast? Nah...

"That's called journalism"
This mess is pathetic too...that's not journalism. It's click bait articles.

If that video we saw of Aisha Taylor was current gen...I find it hard to believe WiiU will be the same as that as well. Article is useless.
#9 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
GinkgoID  +   707d ago
"This mess is pathetic to say the least. He gets all the information from Morin. He refuses to acknowledge the resolution for each system..then they go the anonymous route to "confirm" the definitive version. " - That's called journalism.
PFFT  +   707d ago
Yeah i smell a big chuck BS in this b!tch!
#9.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   707d ago

I'm getting sick of seeing unnamed sources and unsubstantiated rumors on a hourly basis because its fashionable to hate microsoft..

People need to get a life
DEEBO  +   707d ago
did you read omega links?do really think ms wants sony to out do them.now with them releasing a week apart they are going to really push that bogus contract with third party's.why you think developers are afraid to tell the truth?MS would probably try to sue or some BS.all i know is we are having a meeting on sunday about the X1 at gamestop.a ms rep came in the store this week grilling my co-worker about the x1 to see if she knows about the system.watch the meeting be about don't talk bad about the xb1 or you're fired.lol
but this is the day xbot's are waiting for.but don't get your hopes up too high.
dragon82  +   707d ago
Its funny because in 2006-2008 it was fashionable to hate on PS3. Funny how that works.

Fanboys just need to get a life.
Jury  +   707d ago
Or maybe it's all true and the xbox does suck... How long can you people continue to claim conspiracy? The evidence is piling up.
Qrphe  +   706d ago
This speaks a lot more of the overall quality of "vydeogaem jouralism" than it does of "X1 bash train."
SyrusRiddick  +   707d ago
Did everyone miss the word rumor?
XboxFun  +   707d ago
"Both hit 30fps easy. I think Xbox One suffers a few dips from 60fps. PS4 is pretty smooth. Definitive version"

MS lost because it suffers a few dips but both hit 30 fps?

Again you guys are reaching.

And again this unnamed source "think(s)" it dips from 60.
Omegasyde  +   707d ago
+ this article is from an Examiner aka random blogger.
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
"MS lost because it suffers a few dips but both hit 30 fps?"

Tell that to the trolls in the article about KZ dropping below 60fps "sometimes".
Hicken  +   707d ago
He should tell it to himself, cuz he's one of em.
jessupj  +   707d ago
More denial and defense from the usual culprit.

Keep stubbornly refusing to acknowledge facts.

OT: Seems like the PS4 version is the one to get if you have a choice, but I'll wait until we actually get the game in our hands to make a judgement.
maniacmayhem  +   707d ago
Why do people keep saying "facts"?

This article even says it's a RUMOR. Not to mention at the end it says:

"Keep in mind, these are not confirmed numbers, just rumors from a trust source, so take everything with a grain of salt."

So where are the facts that everyone on this article keeps bringing up?

Now here's a fact:

Watch Dogs will run at 30FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, creative director Jonathan Morin has told VideoGamer.com.

"Right now the frame rate we're focusing on [is] a steady 30[FPS]," said Morin speaking to us at Eurogamer Expo this afternoon. "There's always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest.
thehitman  +   707d ago
Comparing my PC to PS4 specs I would say that most games should be able to run 1080p @ 30 fps locked without a problem and thats with poor to very little optimization. With that said looking at ps4 specs games should be able to run 40-45 fps easily @ 1080p if its more optimized and this is with all ultra PC settings used (textures, effects, shadows etc..) That is more than enough power to make games look and play good this gen. People act like there are only 2 settings either 30 for 60 fps but thats not really true and almost no PC gamer can play all games locked at 60 fps. Only like 5-10% of PC gamers can reach such settings 1080p @ 60 fps on all ultra settings. WatchDogs should look and play good if Ubi knows what they are doing the power is there.
Sm00thNinja  +   707d ago
If its negative about the xbone a rumor is a fact.
xKugo  +   707d ago
Lol, this comment is so true it's not even funny. The only rumor about XB1 not true was the down-clock of the system. Everything else was almost spot-on with what is true..
Jury  +   707d ago
The rumor about the secret gpu or CPU was also not true. Just desperate wishful thinking.

There was also a ridiculous rumor suggesting the controller would still use AA batteries. I'm sure that can't be true.
#13.1.1 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
PFFT  +   707d ago
I know right.
scott182  +   706d ago
Who claimed it was a fact? People are only commenting on the content of the article... There just happens to be a lot of negative articles about the XB1. Must be a conspiracy...
xKugo  +   707d ago
Wow, that is like NAIL IN THE COFFIN. There is pretty much now no doubt. The PS4 is the better, definitive console this generation. Man, talk about a shit storm today for Xbox. Been riddled with bad news for it literally ALL DAY. Literally 0 good news articles for the console.

Rumor suggest that not only does PS4 run WD at 60fps smoothly, that developers are aiming for parity with the PC version. So 1080p/60fps vs probably 900p/30fps. That is a HUGE difference and it will be quite noticeable. It won't even require a comparison, all you'll have to do is look at the game. If the game runs at anything below 1080p/60fps on PS4 then it's been gimped. End of discussion. No game on PS4 only is below 1080p(and that's with all the graphical effects they wanted) so if multiplats aren't 1080p, then it's been gimped unless the game was designed for PC i.e BF4, Witcher 3, exc.

All I can say is wow....
#14 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Izzy408  +   707d ago
What are you smoking?
xKugo  +   707d ago
Weed, why?
rolemodelofgaming  +   707d ago
Welcome to the future XBone Beta Testers!
Corpser  +   707d ago
How can PS4 be the definitive version when I'll playing it at better than 1080p on PC?
wtopez  +   707d ago
How dare you use common sense in here? Facts don't matter in a flame war.
Rageanitus  +   707d ago
no worries were gonna hear the same exact excuses EVERY generation every year from console only players

- there is not much difference... yet when compare between two consoles they crowd nitpicks the slightest performance hitches
- better to play in front of a couch (like you cannot connect a pc on a large projector or monitor)
- xbox live psn.. blah blah blah... like PC never had online multiplayer

the list can go on but it is amusing to see this arguments over and over again.
LetoAtreides82  +   707d ago
Definitive console version.
Destrania  +   707d ago
I can't believe people are still defending the XB1. It's sickening. I really REALLY hope devs don't gimp PS4 version of multi-plats, which could very well happen. Though, even if they are both running at the same frame-rate, obviously the PS4 version will naturally look better. Also, I know this is unrelated, but check this out. http://www.youtube.com/watc... Tell me where the 'next-gen' is in there, because I would like to know. Seriously.
#17 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Rageanitus  +   707d ago
I can't believe ppl are still speculating as to how much more powerful the ps4 is.

It is going to be funny to see the true performance from the 2 next gen consoles when they actually come out.

All this talk that is is a supercharged machine is somewhat funny when we have not seen much in real time action. Did we not see Battlefield in below 1080 resoltuion? Honestly I am getting the ps4 vs the xbox but I am not kidding myself as to how much more "powerful" this machine is gonna be until I see it for the first 2 years.
Shinox  +   706d ago
The PS4 is indeed powerful , Stop lying to yourself b!tch
_LarZen_  +   707d ago
I was considering the PS4 version, but now I have to seriously consider it for a Steam console instead.

With a Steam Machine I can play a game like Watch Dogs at 60fps and 1080p on the TV. And with more eye candy.
DigitalRaptor  +   707d ago
You're right there, but the only problem is when the Steam Machines will hit retail. I'm already getting PS4 partly for multiplatform games I'm looking forward to being better than PS3 versions.
_LarZen_  +   707d ago
PS4 for the exclusive games, and the rest on a Steam Machine :)
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   707d ago
Just out of curiosity what are the specifications on the steam machine you might not be able to play watchdogs on it at those settings if they haven't said anything about the hardware, unless it's upgradable

EDIT: no need to answer that just looked it up myself. Your right depending on the hardware you have in your steam machine you will be able to hit 1080p 60fps.

All honesty though this sounds like a glorified PC with steam os optimised for tv gaming. I won't be getting one no need to upgrade my pc right now my 7950 3GB xfx ghost is chugging along nicely with an Intel i5-4670k and 8gb ram :D
#18.2 (Edited 707d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rageanitus  +   707d ago
Just get a Micro ATX mobo, with a decent videocard and CPU, it will be more powerful than the steam box and the other consoles.
GeneralRaam93   707d ago | Spam
rydamgw  +   707d ago
Wow if this is happening already and the consoles arent even out yet Xbox Done is in BIG trouble.
ExitToExisT  +   707d ago
PC will always be the definitive version.
-MD-  +   707d ago
Those disagrees lol. Console gamers are so bitter.
Jury  +   707d ago
Bitter? I really don't think most console players give a damn about PC. If I did, I'd get one.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   707d ago
"best" and "definitive" are 2 different things. 360 gets the definitive version of COD every year (until this one) because it had the most people playing and talking about it. If the most people buy Watch Dogs on PS4 then that's the definitive version. PC will obviously be able to run at 4k 120fps if one were to get the latest graphics cards but that has nothing to do with the masses getting their hands on it.
memots  +   707d ago
well if that is not confirmation i don't know what else they need.
4logpc  +   707d ago
If it can hit 60 fps on ps4...then why are they capping it at 30?????
Unlimax  +   706d ago
Ummm .. Xbone limitation ?

Ahemm sorry fanboys
Truth can be sayin' whether you like it or not ^_^
#24.1 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
4logpc  +   706d ago
Sorry but that wouldnt happen.

There have been times when games ran a different frame rates this generation.
Unlimax  +   706d ago

Don't tell me you ignored me .. i don't understand why you did that O_O !?

I don't get your response tbh , which side are you on ?

I'm a PS fan and my comment was hinted for Xbox fans if you don't know !
#24.1.2 (Edited 706d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
yellowgerbil  +   707d ago
this and contrast are the 2 games I'm gunna get at launch (well and driveclub and resogun)
Definitely looking forward to it
KontryBoy706  +   707d ago
720p on PS360, 1080 on PS4, TBD on Xbox One"

hardcorehippiez  +   706d ago
4k ;D
christocolus  +   707d ago
kids....i cant wait for the xbx 1 launch so all these childish and baseless comments from ignorant fbs will end.
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
If you think it's going to end I guess you must be new to N4G. Welcome.
Dee_Cazo  +   706d ago
Yeah, while Microsoft fanboys actually play their consoles and anticipate new hardware and games, Sony fanboys come to N4G and claim their dad can beat up your dad, instead of just playing their damn preference.
Jury  +   707d ago
I also can't wait for the xbox launch. I'll have my ps4 by then.
PsylentKiller  +   707d ago
I can't wait for the XB1 launch. I'll have my XB1. I really can't wait for the side by side comparisons cause then we will all know which system is better graphically as well as gameplay. If it's the XB1, then great for Xbox fans. If it's the PS4, then awesome for PS fans. Either way, we will know. We will have closure.
jcnba28  +   707d ago
Sony fanboys thinking they're getting the "definitive version" when we all know the best version will be on PC.
-MD-  +   707d ago
Anyone that disagrees is in denial.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   707d ago
A man still can't believe they can achieve this game on Xbox 1. For a system that came out in 2001 it's cranking out some amazing visuals!
MysticStrummer  +   707d ago
Yes and who knew MS would support that thing this long? Truly noteworthy.
Monolith12   707d ago | Spam
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