Gamestop President Tony Bartel Talks Big Games Of 2013 - Part 2

At GameStop Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, GameStop President Tony Bartel talks about the big games of the year in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1973d ago

GameStop, gotta hate em...

DDDGirlGamer851973d ago

haha wanna trade in 4 games to get an extra 15% off?

DDDGirlGamer851973d ago

59.99 New

54.99 used

fuck gamestop

Sam Fisher1973d ago

And i used to be manager, i fucking thought that was stupid too, in order for you to work for this asshole, is to be a con artist and a ass kissing slave. Fuck gamestop

DDDGirlGamer851972d ago

They Do Treat there employees like slaves, and pay them nothing, and we DONT WANT POWERPLAY CARD! S TOP ASKING!

BattleAxe1973d ago

Tony Bartel is very well spoken.

DEEBO1973d ago

x1 meeting on at all gamestops on sunday 8a.m