New Zealand gets CENSORED GTA4 leftovers

New Zealanders must buy censored copies of Grand Theft Auto 4 on release day, despite a lack of any restriction against R18 games in that country. Features an email sent by game retailer Gameplanet to its New Zealand customers who had pre-ordered the game.

From the article: "We have been informed today that New Zealand will be receiving the same version of Grand Theft Auto IV as Australia.

As you have placed your order after Rockstar announced that the Australian version was edited, we are assuming that you will no longer require the game to be shipped from us, as we can't supply you with an uncut version."

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Omegasyde3809d ago

For New Zealand PS3 owners who are dissatisfied with their Sesame Street Edition, just simply buy some U.S. Version off Ebay.

It's sort of pricey, but probably worth it especially down the road if the DLC is going to be censored too.