MGS4 Rating and Content

The ESRB rated MGS4 M for Mature, for:
Blood, Crude Humor,
Strong Language,
Suggestive Themes, Violence

NOTE: I could not give the link to the ESRB website because the link was previously used but for a different story and different game, but all the searches on the ESRB website come back with the same links, the official page's link is here
finding MGS4 is a search away

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IzKyD13313893d ago

yeah, one look at the trailer with Raiden and Vamp fight and you'll know why its M

yesah3893d ago

Metal Gear Solid has its own rating......M

Qbanboi3892d ago

It's rate M.....for METAL.


alcaponedya3893d ago

90% of the people can't buy it.
It's rated M for Mature.
har har har

Iron Man 23892d ago

90%?!...more like 95%!

The Xzombie kids probably pay a hobo to buy them M rated games...LMFAO!XD

PirateThom3893d ago

I had a dream about this game last night. The "F" word is used for the first time in the series.

I dreamed about this section, it was Snake and Liquid facing off to each other each pointing a gun at the other and Snake just called Liquid a "f--king b--tard".


sonarus3892d ago

hahaha yea i forgot about that. I hope they do it like southpark where they were going to say sh!t for the first time on live tv lol

HorseJacked3893d ago

Now we know why... that is the real news.

Not much different from the others either...

LazyPhalanges3893d ago

Just one question since I will have MGS4 before/same time as the essential collection do I have to play them in a certain order for thing to fall in place better? I know that no one can answer this question until the game comes out, nevertheless any insight would be appreciated.

PirateThom3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

There's two orders you can play in.

Release order
Chronological order.

I say play in release order (Metal Gear Solid, 2 and 3), because there's things that are referened in 3 that relate to the "future". Ypu'll get the full story this way, the story that MGS4 should finish.

LazyPhalanges3893d ago

I guess I will try to play in release order that way I won’t get confused if there are any jokes/references to previous games and the controls will probably evolve better.

I will own them all, so I can play them multiple times in any order, that will be good.

PirateThom3893d ago

They're my favourite game series, I love playing it through every so often.

LazyPhalanges3893d ago

Sorry to bother with all my questions but do any of the MGS games have a round 2 mode(that’s what it was called in Resident Evil 4)that allows it to be played though with every thing you got the first time, such as the weapons(and drebin points in MGS4).

PirateThom3893d ago

No, you lose almost everything but they do all contain unlockable items/bonus items you can use for the next playthroughs.

Every game has different ways to acquire them.

LazyPhalanges3892d ago

Do you think that they april fools video and the young snake face might be a alt costumes?

Thank you again for all you help I should probably make a form topic about this stuff but for some reason my computer/the site wouldn’t let me make one.

PirateThom3892d ago

Alternative costumes to a degree, but more like different weapons and items, that will aid your next playthrough.

No problem, I like talking about MGS! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.