EEDAR on NPD: 360/PS3 Price Cuts In Sight, Industry Remains Robust

Consumers might be seeing price cuts for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 in the coming months, claimed analyst Jesse Divnich of research firm EEDAR in a report sent to Gamasutra following today's NPD sales figures for March.

Divnich pointed to the lower-than-expected sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 as evidence that the systems might be plateauing. "These hardware results would indicate that both systems have likely saturated their potential market at their current price points," he wrote. "If we do not see any price cuts in the coming weeks, we can likely expect some hardware cuts once GTA IV loses some steam (before July) or if the GTA IV release significantly drives hardware sales for one console over the other."

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jwatt3896d ago

I think M$ will do it before Sony.

pwnsause3896d ago

question is by how much? you got to put into RROD costs they put into last year which was about $2 billion, i say $50 off on the 360, and $100 off on the PS3 by E3

sonarus3896d ago

Both companies are in this to make money and they will cut the price the minimal amount they feel will yield the greatest return. PS3 is perfectly capable of reaching 300 by E3 and 360 is capable of reaching 250 by E3(premium) however both sony and msoft have lost a lot of money they would like to regain so price cuts really aren't that simple. If ps3 does cut price pre MGS4 consider it not only huge but humongous

thewhoopimen3896d ago

Actually according to Sony they churned out 552million dollars in earnings this month. They can afford the price cut.

solar3896d ago

we need analysts to analyize the analysts.

Raider20003896d ago

They did do that once. Pretty typical, Analysts pretty much coming in at 50% accuracy (including myself).

BTW, this is Jesse from EEDAR.

Bladestar3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

as if a $200 price drop on the PS3 in 1 year is not good enough... I think just by looking at how the prices of standalone blu-ray drives froze and even went up... one can tell what's going to happen to the PS3 in terms of price... Sony also have to care about blu-ray... the lower the PS3 goes the less chances of making a profit blu-ray drive makers have... and the less chances of selling their standalone drive Sony have... The less drive manufacturers supporting blu-ray the less money make on royalties... Sony drop their price not long ago.. why are people so quick to think that Sony will drop the price that quick? Sony can't be dropping the price every 6 months...

Also, if 2008 is Sony's year in terms of games... then don't expect price drops soon...

Microsoft is the one that needs to drop the price to compete against Metal Gear and Grand Turismo at least until Gears 2.

sonarus3896d ago

No denying Msoft needs to drop price but we can't rule out a ps3 price drop. Sony's strategy has always been to keep the ps3 cheaper than the stand alones. The cost of a blu ray drive is now est at 100 bucks from 200 (don't ask for a source but i read it in some story on n4g lol) last yr so i am sure they could slash the price if they really need to. Sony already said they expect to cut the price of blu ray players by at least 100 dollars this yr so assuming they keep the same strategy of ps3 maintaining equal price point with stand alones, then i expect a ps3 price drop as well. Sony owns the largest market share for stand alone blu ray sales so they aren't too worried about competitive pricing.

hotshot1273896d ago

this is the bladestar that i like. weather i agree or not, at least when you have a logical argument. while i do think microsoft needs a price cut more then sony, at the same time i dont. of course if sony wasnt 6million+ behind, i would say sony can keep the price the same and not worry about a thing. but sony needs to get as agressive as possible. i know sony has some big hitters coming or already out(gtpro.) and mgs4 after gta(haze will suck, so im not including it, and it wouldnt sell systems regardless) but i think if sony were to cut the price of the ps3 by at least 50 around the end of may to keep the momemtum going in full force with mgs4 coming budled and the 80 gig(which is in high demand) coming back, sony can have this year in the bag. at the same time, i know companys are in it to make money and as you talked about the stand alone bluray drives, i agree on that. i KNOW sony will get a 299.99 ps3 this year, im just not sure when.

maybe thier planning on cutting it when home and littlebigplanet arrives to try and attract the more-so casual crowd. we will see though.

now call me a fanboy or whatever but i just dont think gears 2 will sell systems the way people think because the first iteration was the system seller, the second one will be brought by the same people who brought the system for the first.

i also think since microsoft is in the lead right now, the best move they could make would be to HOLD OFF on dropping the price on gta and drop the price around june 12th to try and hinder some ps3 sales for the month(they are direct competitors) but thats just me. some people could easily argue this point and say people will buy mgs4 and a ps3 no matter if microsoft cuts the price or not but like i said......we will see

FreedomReign3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


Nintendo Wii 721K +178%
Sony PlayStation 3 257K +98%
Sony PlayStation Portable 297K +65%
Nintendo DS 698K +37%
Microsoft Xbox 360 262K +32%
Sony PlayStation 2 216K -23%

If that's a Plateau what does a peak look like?

Raider20003896d ago

Analysts can use google.

The console war is not so much a battle of who can sell the most consoles, but a battle of not being last. The gaming industry growth is crazy and home consoles will be the gateway to mass digital disribution through the television. With stakes that high, coming in last is costly (so is a tie!).

FreedomReign3896d ago

However to say that sales for both HD platforms have flattened is a stretch.

We can all see that PS3 sales are trending up by an average of more than 100% since the 40GB sku, no reason for a price drop.

MS is due for a price drop, we all know that, but they can still afford to hold off until PS3 sales begin to consistently surpass the 360 like they have in the UK.

For Microsoft #1 is to turn a profit, #2 is to gain market share. Winning is a pipe dream, and I would hope their shareholders know that any $$ above that red line is still a win.

Robearboy3896d ago

Can afford a price drop, do we know for 100 percent sure they are making money on consoles sold (they were selling at a loss when the console first came out, although they have made the cost of manufacturing cheaper, they have also dropped the price since then so one would assume that this would conta each other out), and even if they are making abit of money on each console sold, they have to pay back the MASSIVE amounts of money they used to invest in blu ray, as for microsoft, we know for a fact they are now making money on consoles and to pay for the RROD, halo 3 has paid for that

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