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Hideo Kojima Is Tired of Being Involved in the Console War

Hideo Kojima has been the focus of a lot of discussion lately, especially between those that often try to pull what he says towards one side or the other of the console war.Finally, he decided to speak up and say that he’s sick of it. (Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Grlpants  +   357d ago
Totally see where he's coming from. I think everyone is a little drained at this point-- and we're not even as famous as he is!
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Sarick  +   357d ago
Simple solution, don't support the disruptive nature of the wars and lead by example. If we could all be civil towards each other and express rational views with a little extra added tact then we could agree to disagree without showing immaturity.

In his position hes in a lose lose position. Everyone knows that fire is hot and gas isn't cheap. No matter what he says everyone with bias wants to twist his words to add fuel to the fire.

Just like the movie Wargames the only way to win is simply not to play the game. If a fictional computer from the 80's could figure that out in a movie script we as humans should also have the intelligence to do the same.
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Consoldtobots  +   356d ago
I disagree, sure their have been console rivalries before but once you know who got involved in the console business it went to a whole nother stratosphere. They taken what used to be ONLY a fun hobby and turned into it a crusade for supremacy. I guess that's fine for the most part but it's how you go about it that makes all the difference. This whole thing took an ugly turn when the legions of MS fanboys started mudslinging and flamebaiting the industry.
blackbeld  +   357d ago


Get you're facts straight before you troll.

Guess you also wearing diapers back then.
PFFT  +   357d ago
He probably want even of this world.
pixelsword  +   357d ago
Yeah, I agree with your link 100%, but I think because some people viewed the Metal Gear series and Metal Gear Solid as something different from each other although I don't know if there's actually a difference between the two.
Deadpoolio  +   356d ago
Most people for whatever reason try to claim that Metal Gear Started on the NES even though it was a port of the MSX made by Sony....But even IF we just look at it from a MSG perspective it still started on Sony platforms
Gardenia  +   357d ago
When he got on stages of the Xbox conference to show MGS5, it was so obvious that Microsoft payed money to get the first footage of MGS, Kojima played a part in it by taking the money. And the only reason to go multiplatform is to make more money
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vividi  +   357d ago
And that is not a bad thing
jonli1  +   356d ago
and whats wrong with that ive bet if u were in his position u probably do same its all aobut the bejamin to pay bills and feed the family dont tell me other people wouldnt do the same that would BSSSSSSSS
redwin  +   356d ago
And here us what he is talking about. By trying to demean the competition you fuel the fire of the console war. Or are you saying that kojima has no integrity? Because I would disagree with that.
THamm  +   357d ago
Kojima is a multi-plat man like me. I don't discriminate too much but next gen I prefer a PS4/Vita connection
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Kevin ButIer  +   357d ago
He should stop doing all the PR crap he does then, I love Kojima even with his gigantic ego but he should be well aware of why he is involved in the console wars...
PFFT  +   357d ago
Metal Gear first came out on the MSX(Microsoft) console. Thats where it was born.

"Metal Gear (Japanese: メタルギア Hepburn: Metaru Gia?) is a series of action-adventure stealth video games, created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. The first game, Metal Gear, was released in 1987 for the MSX2."
Deadpoolio  +   356d ago
So A) your going to use Wikipedia as a credible source LMAO....It's not and B) There were several different manufactures of the MSX not just Microsoft, Maybe rather than try to be a moronic Xbot and defend your precious platform you should do some actual research and know FACTS first because Sony made the MSX, Yamaha made the MSX, and it was a PC not a console
Hitman0769  +   357d ago
Word up @Grlpants . this ish estupido
hqgamez  +   356d ago
this man never released mgs on PC. don't even mention rising.

This man loves to add fuel to the fire. Kojima but after paid talk about how wonderful the xbone. No.
this is about money, should paid some respect to the platform that catapulted his career the PlayStation.

I wonder what will be square reason for excuse.
Reality. All their originals started in Japan for both, which PlayStation holds, now adding Europe for which playstation holds over xbox. Truth is Europe people got money they can afford both if they want. Now in the US. yes the 360 outsold the ps3, but did they forget how many people had to buy new ones that boost their sales? at least 15 million defected consoles. MS is about spending money to bring in customers & developers. They will throw money (windows money) which steam is currently making a mocking out of them. disabling games on windows.
Eyeco  +   356d ago
Metal Gear 1 and 2 were both on the MSX which was kind of a PC, Metal Gear Solid 1 was released on PC as was Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance.
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scissor_runner  +   356d ago
Make a wiiu version of your game. Embrace the steam controller. Use the vita as a detachment deployment system, do the same on 3ds. Basically embrace all tech for its cool features not just sony... but hey they pay your bills, unless he wants to trade places with suda51.

I think he is feed up with sonys marketing so far. They have been breeding a new type of fanboy and its pretty annoying. It seems they won over the dreaded xbox fanboys and its been bring down the ps community every since then. Or maybe the blu ray watching first adopters just got louder. Oh remember the cell chips are so powerful people!!?

I like Kojima as a developer he is a true artist, even had gallery showings yet the marketing needs to shift their focus from being a reactor and just do their own thing. The more these companies talk junk to each other the more the fans will also.

the whole industry works better when each company just does what makes them successful and the player just choose what they want or like.
Erudito87  +   356d ago
lol and it all starts again in a few months
HolyDuck  +   357d ago
Don't make games then?

It's inevitable, especially when he mentioned something about Sony being his inspiration, that stuff is going to get you labelled immediately.
ChickeyCantor  +   357d ago
He is referring to the whole "I only do Playstation". He just wants to make games.
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DeadManIV  +   357d ago
Deep-throat  +   357d ago
Are ya using your damn picture as an avatar?
MotoDot  +   357d ago
Sorry but.. you are f*cking ugly as sh*t
SyphonELITE  +   357d ago
why are you apologizing haha!
HolyDuck  +   356d ago
Could care less but thanks for the information :)


Yes, I am because I'm not a pathetic little wannabe that finds myself feeling really big and hard when I hide behind a little character and insult people.
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NarooN  +   357d ago
I'm only commenting to tell you how stupid your avatar looks. If I could punch it through the internet, I probably would, lol.
Eamon  +   357d ago
lmao at above comments
buynit  +   357d ago
Wtf? this kid must of started gaming last night....
maniacmayhem  +   357d ago
Welcome to N4G Holy Duck where you can engage in stimulating, classy discussion about games with your peers.
Hitman0769  +   357d ago
I kinda see @HolyDuck's point though he should have said it differently. Yes Kojima's tired of it but it comes with fame. Just ride the wave Kojima, don't let them wear you down. Cliffy B said it best "put that energy into making kick ass games".
Nocando  +   356d ago
Dude, please, PLEASE use a regular avatar.
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booni3  +   357d ago
Aren't we all?
xtremexx  +   357d ago
HugoDrax  +   357d ago
Yes! I can't even read an article on N4G without fanboys expressing their hatred for Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo.
fsfsxii  +   357d ago
Nah, niche games articles like Disgeas and the rest of the bunch is clean

EDIT: @joe
They better start with Youtube
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Joe913  +   357d ago
I read a article on cnet saying that a lot of websites are thinking of taking down the comments section to keep trolls out so we are all going to lose the chance to voice a opinion because of trolls.
dasbeer88  +   357d ago
But mostly Microsoft.
XboxFun  +   357d ago
I can only imagine the flack he got from insane fanboys when it was announced MGS would also be coming to other systems.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   357d ago
Yeah but I think people quickly got over that though. Its hard to argue when everyone gets to enjoy the game.

That's the point of third party.
GiggMan  +   357d ago
A lot people foresaw a drop in quality which is normal for most game that go multiplat. Hopefully MGS does it the right way and there would not be a dip in quality.

You think he got some flack for going multiplat, imagine what would happen if series falls off due to it lol.
Bleucrunch  +   357d ago
The game will have a drop in quality. Both systems are different. One can do what the other cannot, just from that alone would force the games to be different. So to avoid that you make them the same, ensuring that one version doesn't have a leg up on the other because you want both versions to be successful and make MONEY! Kojima I love and admire his work but he is also misguided in saying that he is tired of the console war. If that were the case then why did you decide to make your metal gear games multi-plat??
dark-hollow  +   357d ago
Did you even watched the gameplay trailers?

I don't know how having slightly better graphics than mgs 4 PLUS being an open world counts as a "downgrade of quality"
KonsoruMasuta  +   357d ago
Yes, he must have gotten so much flak back in 2004.

Who knows what game I'm referring to? Lets see.
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DigitalRaptor  +   356d ago
Well said. It's funny to the the tunnel vision at work.

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SpideySpeakz  +   357d ago
I'd freakout too if one of my favorite franchises were only drawing from the 'lowest common denominator'.
It's sad that MSG will be dumbed-down because of it's entrance into the Xbox crowd. But, everyone has to move on someday, I guess.
baodeus  +   357d ago
so would u say MGS2 would have been better if it was made exclusive to xbox/pc instead of on multiple platform where ps2 was the lowest common denominator (hardware wise)?
IHassounah  +   357d ago
Great to see developers love both sides
Pancit_Canton  +   357d ago
Pick sides already then. Go back to your roots. PLAYSTATION.
Fireseed  +   357d ago
This is exactly the mentality he hates.
Imalwaysright  +   357d ago
His roots? He started making games well before Sony ever thought of entering the gaming industry with the Playstation brand.
Pancit_Canton  +   357d ago
Everyone knows except probably you, that the original metal gear was a failure on the NES. MGS was his first successful and ground breaking game ever created on the Playstation that made him successful and famous. Without the Playstation, he would probably be some nameless developer who just developed games.
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dark-hollow  +   357d ago

And should final fantasy games stay exclusive to Nintendo platforms since they are the ones helped them in their success? No.
Imalwaysright  +   357d ago
Holy crap!!!! Are you questioning Kojima's talent? He got where he is today because of his hardwork and because he is without any doubt one of the most talented developers this industry will ever see.

He IS MGS. He was the one that made one one of the most influential games in this industry by introducing cinematic presentation to videogames (not ND like you PS fanboys like to pretend). It was him that created some of the most iconic and charismatic characters in videogasmes and he is responsible for one of the best stories in videogames. He is an amazingly talented individual and I can assure you that he never needed a piece of plastic with the name "Playstation" on it to express his art.
goldwyncq  +   357d ago
He's been making Metal Gear games even before the PLAYSTATION was released.
Deadpoolio  +   356d ago
Whats your point Metal Gear was a HUGE epic failure until Metal Gear Solid...The NES Metal Gear is generally in the top 25 of worst NES games. And the MSX PC versions were also pretty widely ignored
Pancit_Canton  +   357d ago

Do you reliazed that the most successful Final Fantasy game ever created is Final Fantasy VII. Which sold over 9 Million copies on the PLAYSTATION SYSTEM ALONE. PC counterpart just sold over a million copies. The reason why Square was successful back then is because of SONY not NINTENDO. They almost went bankupt because of Nintendo and they woudn't be here today thanks to Sony.
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maniacmayhem  +   357d ago
"Everyone knows except probably you, that the original metal gear was a failure on the NES."

I think no one knows that because it's not true. Metal Gear for NES sold extremely well especially in the western markets.

Exactly where did you hear that Metal Gear failed. Something tells me you are getting very, very false information.
pyramidshead  +   357d ago
shhh quiet Hideo, just hurry up and make next gen ZoE3
Faztkiller  +   357d ago
Nothing wrong with console wars it'd be very boring without them imo
KillrateOmega  +   357d ago
I feel your pain, Hideo. Like 70% of the articles on this site involve the PS4 or the Xbox One.

It's pretty ridiculous.
ape007  +   357d ago
CrimsonStar  +   357d ago
lol that's funny coming from you .
KillrateOmega  +   357d ago
How so?
CrimsonStar  +   357d ago
o snap my bad you and Enemy have the same avatar . Dude my bad lol .
KillrateOmega  +   357d ago
Lol it's all good, man :)
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PFFT  +   357d ago
INFAMOUS:Second Son will be AMAZING!!!
Way off topic but that is a FACT!
That is all, good day to you good sir.
DEEBO  +   357d ago
yeah MG has been around since the 80's,i think the only MG game that was just sony was MGS4.but ps1 MGS is really were he can say things took off for his career.and that's why most fans wants him to stay loyal to the playstation brand.i could care less what system it's on,i just want to play it.and i'm a sony fan.but i hope he does big sales numbers like gta.him and every other developer who puts their time and effort into my favorite hobby.but for the one's who just makes crap games trying to cash in on us gamers.i hope their games get redbox,gamefly and gamestop.
_LarZen_  +   357d ago
Start working on your next game for Steam OS then Hideo :P
Kuse  +   357d ago
Me and you both Hideo...me and you both...
ohboy  +   357d ago
I wonder if KOJIMA will ever make his own console ... One day
SpideySpeakz  +   357d ago
lol. Kojima just don't get it. Console Wars are what thrives the industry. It's the meat on the bone. The shrimp on the stick. The butter on the rice. It's the soul and heart of the console market. Playstation or Xbox wouldn't be where they are at now if it wasn't for it. The survival of the fittest, that's all that matter. The strong lives on, the weak perish. If Koijma doesn't like that domain then he can always make PC exclusives.
Dlacy13g  +   357d ago
Kojima has a point....and probably one of the better attitudes towards this. I think its time we all(myself included) stop worrying about defending xyz platform and just enjoy the games you intend to play or are interested in.
Buljo  +   357d ago
The thing that's most interesting about console wars and constant game comparisons is how meaningless they all are in the end. I had a PS3 for good 5 years total. I've play numerous games on it, most of which were multiplats which were "significantly" better on the X360.

Yet, in the end, all these comparisons don't mean crap. When you start playing the game, enjoying it for what it is, all those comparison shots just fade away and you forget the other console exists. When you play the game, it doesn't matter which version looks better zoomed in 200%. In the end, I'm really glad I owned the PS3 because the exclusives were amazing. That's what matters most. The games. Not which console has the better hardware or controller.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   357d ago
***"When you play the game, it doesn't matter which version looks better zoomed in 200%."***

lol exactly.
chrissx  +   357d ago
Kojima,you aint seen nothing yet. Wait till u make future multi-plat games
AceBlazer13  +   357d ago
Imagine if he makes an xbox exclusive.
gamepard  +   357d ago
that why ...stay exclusive to SONY (were you really belong) dont get bothered with others hohoho
buynit  +   357d ago
If that's the case wouldn't he belong to nintendo?
gamepard  +   357d ago
..NO because his first metal gears were on msx and his best, most reckon metal gear is mgs 1 on ps1 ..with the games on snes is not related (his sayings)
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whitesoxfalife1976  +   357d ago
Soo I guess nobody mentions the FACT that Metel Gear series started on NINTENDO 8BIT SYSTEM NOT A SONY PLATFORM....SMDH AT SOME OF YALL
#18 (Edited 357d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
NarooN  +   357d ago
It started on MSX (which was actually a Sony-related platform, lol) and was later ported to NES.

Fun fact: Kojima hated the NES version. Go look at comparisons, and you'll see why.
quenomamen  +   357d ago
Try again player, It started on the MSX2 PC in 1987


On a side note it must be hard to be a developer and not speak your mind on what hardware is better or worse for fear of losing sales. If one hardware is less poweful than you shoud be able to say so, straight up.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   357d ago
Guess I will go update on that, but thanks fa da links, yep

Read thru it nice indeed, hell in 83 I didn't know about that I was only a certain age back then lol

But thanks again Q fa da link

Barron u stated it started on Sony related system? That link provided its history about mxs system and it started with Microsoft go figure..... They was trying to court Japanese developers then......yes sony indeed also had a hand In it as well kudos to both..
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urwifeminder  +   357d ago
Hideous I don't even play your games but I get tired of seeing your head on my pc so just shut up and make ya trash.
solidboss07  +   357d ago
Hang on a minute, Kojima San. I remember that very first MGS4 trailer long before PS3 was released. You (quite rightly) put yourself squarely in the Sony side of the console wars by stating that the little MkII was powered by a Cell Processor, the key to winning the console war!
You cannot act all high and mighty now. You fanned the flames as much as anybody else.
It's not a big deal, quite unimportant, but the way it happened.

P.s. I know it was Hal Emmerich who said about the MkII cell processor.
#21 (Edited 357d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   356d ago
So that means that he can't be tired of it now, all these years later?
LOL_WUT  +   356d ago
No it's perfectly fine if he wants to be a hypocrite about it though ;)
Lboogieskells  +   357d ago
I love the console war, I'd rather start a console war convo than actually play the console. :)
cell989  +   357d ago
"well tough fuc*ing tits Kojima, you should have thought of that before leaving the PS brand!!" big rant in my head

seriously tho, I can see why he had to go multi-plat, exclusivity is becoming such a luxury, only affordable for 1st party devs
buynit  +   357d ago
Should of just been serious from the get go and not post the first sentence.. You clearly understand so don't be a dick about it..
cell989  +   357d ago
well tough fuc*ing tits if you cant handle a joke, obviously I was kidding genius
Harpers_Ferry  +   357d ago
Think about this one for a minute, fanboys of the world.

Hideo "transfarring" Kojima realizes the stupidity of your life mission.
thelaughingwiseman  +   357d ago
Then don't show up on any other console presentations, except your own developmental press conferences (Konami, Kojima)
TeressaHunsucker   357d ago | Spam
Enigma_2099  +   357d ago
I've been sick of console wars since we had console wars!!!!
AceBlazer13  +   357d ago
I can understand the dude goin multiplat and what not but if he is really tired of the console war he shouldn't add fuel to the fire by spouting crap like "only possible on the Xbox One"
fullmetal297  +   357d ago
I can see how trying to branched out and appeal to a wider audience while attempting to please a bunch of self-entitled and arrogant fanboys who claims to be his fanbase would take a bunch stress out of him.

His games are amazing and if these fanboys were really true fanatics of his games then going multiplatform shouldn't be a problem to them, but of course we all know they are full of themselves.
#29 (Edited 357d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Welcome2Die  +   357d ago
He should've stayed exclusive to Sony.
The games would've been alot better.
CrossingEden  +   357d ago
These games that no one but the developers played or seen more than an hour of gameplay of would be so much better if it were on mai consal only gaiz
_QQ_  +   356d ago
why doesn't he just work on pc only then?.silly fanboy lol.
Welcome2Die  +   356d ago
Well lopez_josue he could do that, but then everyone would pirate his games.
_QQ_  +   356d ago
But the game would still be better. if he sticks to only sony he would lose potential sales but it doesn't matter if the game would be better right?

and i'm dure EVERYONE would pirate his games, just like everyone pirated EA's games,that would explain why EA recently announced higher profit from PC over ps3/xbox360.
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