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Submitted by DarkLordMalik 791d ago | news

PlayStation Plus: October Freebies - Hotline Miami, Kingdom of Amalur, SOTC

Kristine Stiemer says: I’m a sucker for fantasy. If a game allows it, I’ll create an elf mage because magic is awesome. This month I can do just that as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is entering the Instant Game Collection. With a tale crafted by NY Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, stunning visuals from Todd McFarlane, and a customizable combat system, Reckoning has a lot to offer RPG fans. The mix-and-match combat means I can get my magic fix while also smashing things in the face with a hammer, or stabbing them with a sword and other various pointy weapons, which is pretty cool if you ask me. (Hotline Miami, Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning, PS Vita, PS3, Shadow of the Colossus)

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xHeavYx  +   791d ago
I was hoping for AC3, but Kingdoms of Amalur will keep me busy
cleft5  +   791d ago
Very pleased with this month's selection.
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Winter47th  +   791d ago
Meanwhile on Xbox Live, here's a single 5 year old game as a reward for your loyalty lol
pyramidshead  +   791d ago
KOA:R will keep you busy for a WHILE lol. Trust me.
Omegasyde  +   791d ago
It does until the end. The end game sucks.
UnHoly_One  +   791d ago
It's a great game, but it tends to get awfully easy if you do all the side quests as you are progressing.

It just needed a little rebalancing and it would have been a masterpiece.

As it stands, I still spent hundreds of hours on it.
Eonjay  +   791d ago
I don't think people understand just how good the PS+ deals are. You basically get multiple free games every month. You don't have to by games. I can't keep up with all the free games. Rayman Legends just hit and its amazing. Its an AAA game for free. Uncharted, BF3, Shadow of the Colosus... its ridiculous. You can't even play them all. This is like a Steam Bundle sale every month.
HakatoX  +   791d ago
people understand.
remember what they say about assuming?
only the daft argue against how good a deal it is.
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Ripsta7th  +   791d ago
That depends, there are many gamers that buy alot of games and may be seeing titles they have bought before. Thos benefots more those who dont really buy games
admiralvic  +   791d ago
"I don't think people understand just how good the PS+ deals are."

They understand, but that doesn't mean a good month for person A is a good month for person B and vice versa. Like every game isn't going to appeal to you and you're bound to own some percent of the games if you buy a lot of games. This is simple mathematics. Like I own KoA, SOTC, Sine Mora (PS3, since the thing wasn't cross buy -.-), Hotline Miami, so the only new game for me is Poker Night, which I don't care about.

"You don't have to buy games."

Yes, but you never had to either. However, simply mooching off Plus doesn't really make you much of a gamer either. I think it would be sad if we really hit a point where a good number of people stopped buying anything in fear of it being free down the road.

"Rayman Legends just hit and its amazing. Its an AAA game for free."

I think you mean ORIGINS hit, which is a small splash at best. You're talking about a nearly two year old game that bombed in terms of sales. This game quickly hit $20 dollars and could easily have been obtained for $5 - $20 dollars at any point in the past year. Not to mention 40 of the stages were added to Legends, which is a sizable portion of the base game.

I am not trying to bash Plus, since it's a good program, but there are some legitimate complaints. Some of these include them "doubling up" on some games. Like Jet Set Radio (among others) were offered for one system and then offered for another system down the road. I can't say I am ever really pleased when it happens (and it has happened more than once...) to us. Another one is the tired US vs EU, which isn't always a great comparison, though it's hard to say I am not a little displeased that EU got SOTC / ICO as 1 game, where as we're getting them as two games.
Omegasyde  +   791d ago
To tell you the truth, Sony should be releasing old games for free more often and then link a "DLC package".

Let's face it, after about a 2 years on the market, a game is not going to make that much. However, as stated above, this might create an atmosphere where people will hold off on buying new games since they might get that game in a 2+ year. If Sony should also work worth 3rd parties when they release sequels, to generate interest in the new game.

For example - Assassin Creed 4 comes out- PS+ has Assassin Creed 1-2, brotherhood on instant game collection 3 weeks prior.
T2  +   791d ago
KOA is unreal ...if you havent played it do so now it absolutely destroys fable ....
Id say support the studio but its dead I think ... Also r.a salcatore is a genius and mxfarlane is great as well ... Wasnt his fault movie studio ruined spawn
darren_poolies  +   790d ago

"I think you mean ORIGINS hit, which is a small splash at best. You're talking about a nearly two year old game that bombed in terms of sales."

Bombed? Rayman Origins sold just under 2.5 million copies, I wouldn't exactly class that as bombing. Legends would not have been made if Origins wasn't a success.
darren_poolies  +   790d ago

I think you mean ORIGINS hit, which is a small splash at best. You're talking about a nearly two year old game that bombed in terms of sales

Bombed? Rayman Origins sold just under 2.5 million copies, I wouldn't exactly class that as bombing. Legends would not have been made if Origins wasn't a success.
HammadTheBeast  +   791d ago
If not that, Shadow of the Colossus is a MUST PLAY. One of the best games out there.
xHeavYx  +   791d ago
I already bought the HD collection, but yes, the game is amazing
Riderz1337  +   791d ago
Trust me you don't want AC3. That game is ridiculously boring.
Old_Prodigy  +   791d ago
I don't know why they're downvoting you, you're telling the truth. AC3 was the biggest snooze fest of a game I've ever played. AC2 was a much better game in my opinion, best thing to come out of games for gold in my opinion. If AC3 did end up on plus however, I'd definitely add it to my download list though.
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Blackdeath_663  +   790d ago
what?! i'm confused AC3 was available last month and kingdoms of amalur was available few months mine is still paused in the download section haven't bothered to try it yet
xHeavYx  +   790d ago
That was the European store, not the NA
LOGICWINS  +   791d ago
e-p-ayeaH  +   791d ago
Poker Night 2 that´s an awesome poker game right there forget about using PS Home for it here´s something better.
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Blastoise  +   791d ago
Sine Mora too. That's a pretty good game, definitely worth a download. Especially good on the Vita
SpiralTear  +   791d ago
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a very underrated game, kind of a mix of Skyrim and God of War. I'd recommend it.

However, Hotline Miami is sure to steal the PS+ spotlight and for good reason. That's crazy fun right there.
Sharius  +   791d ago
agree, KoA would become a good game if they put some polish for that game, especial the craft system, just like skyrim, once you get use of craft system you can abuse the heck out of it and become very overpower that make this become boring at late game
pyramidshead  +   791d ago
for the people who saw me play it, they kinda said it had a Fable vibe to the art direction too. Pretty decent game overall.

Was just the little things, when I upgraded to the 'battlemage' class your dodge roll turns into a blink teleport, made you feel a bit more like a bad ass xD
sAVAge_bEaST  +   791d ago
Yea, can't wait to play it,. I had no idea Todd McFarlane,-of Spawn fame, did the artwork.. Nice.

Hotline Miami is a must play, for sure. Love the 8-bit throw backs, they do.
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Eonjay  +   791d ago
OMG... so many good games; for free. This is getting crazy. Shadow of Colossus!
fsfsxii  +   791d ago
PS+ is the thing that came out this gen
MestreRothN4G  +   791d ago
I agree.

I wouldn't mind having Batman Arkham City, AC3, RDR, Far Cry 3, but even the EU PSN+ being absolutely superior, the US is very good, no doubt.

It really seems like something strange to the recent trends of bad services and uninspired products.
Old_Prodigy  +   791d ago
Far Cry, Batman, and Red Dead would be nice. I sold FC3 a while ago I've been regretting it since. If FC3 came to plus I'd gladly download it. AC3 on the other hand I'll pass on, sold those 2 the same day, AC3 is really fucking boring.
Majin-vegeta  +   791d ago
Dont have any of these games PS+ is the next best thing next to Pron ;).
Salooh  +   791d ago
Really really really awful update for me.
Thehyph  +   791d ago
Yeah, you can't win them all. I was really hoping for the games that Europe has.
Played SOTC on ps2.
Sine Mora and Hotline Miami are on my Vita right now.
I heavily dislike poker.

At least I get that KoA game that I wanted to try but wasn't willing to pay for.
FogLight  +   791d ago
Shadow of Colossus, Hotline Miami, and Kingdoms of Amalur... I like this month :)
AbortMission  +   791d ago
I bought Hotline Miami months ago but this is a good deal.
Thehyph  +   791d ago
I find it extra satisfying on Vita. I prefer it on Vita to Ps3.
RiPPn  +   791d ago
Already own Shadow of Colossus and Kingdoms of Amalur, and with ICO last month I can now sell my unopened copies.
Y_5150  +   791d ago
Hey, why hate? In his defense he may had too many games to play to get onto playing that game. :P
CalebZachary8411  +   791d ago
Well, looks like I will be getting all of them. :)
grassyknoll  +   791d ago
Great line up for the US this month. They need to bring Hotline Miami to the UK one!
coolasj  +   791d ago
One of the more average updates so far. But, still good, like always.
T2  +   791d ago
Average ? KOA is a AAA game it just wasnt marketed enough ... Its miles better than fable or any 3rd person rpg
Sarobi  +   791d ago
I have Hotline Miami on Steam, and love. This is very much welcomed.
cpayne93  +   791d ago
Wish we got the European update. Still good tho.
nope111  +   791d ago
I was a bit jelly of the EU update, but after seening this, i'm VERY satisfied. Haven't played any of these except SOTC, but that was way back on PS2, NOW A REPLAY IN GLORIOUS HD. This needs a plat.
Pillsbury1  +   791d ago
Nice, been wanting to try hotline Miami, I want to know what all the fuss is about.
turgore  +   791d ago
North America gets shafter AGAIN. The only good game this month is Kingdom of Amalur (since I already bought shadow of the colossus when it was on sale).
Meanwhile EUrope gets far cry 3 :(
zero_gamer  +   791d ago
Europe gets screwed in many other areas of gaming than PS+. I'd say let them have the upper advantage on PS+. You can always create an European account on PSN and subscribe to the European PS+. Same for Japanese PS+.
HeavenlySnipes  +   791d ago


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kingPoS  +   791d ago
I feel you!

Bought Little Big Planet Karting... two weeks later Sony throws it up on PS+.

[A...A... Stop shouting mang!]

On the upside... I can haz Ico & SOTC Huzzah!
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maniacmayhem  +   791d ago

Seriously that is the best deal I have seen so far from PS+.

I can't express enough how bad ass Hotline:Miami is. If you haven't played here's your chance.

And KoA was one of the best games I played this year. So sad it didn't get the recognition it deserved but I think it came out way too close to heavy hitters like Skyrim and other RPG's at the time (I believe)

Awesome job Sony.
LetoAtreides82  +   791d ago
Interested in KoA:R and SotC. IGN was pushing Hotline Miami a lot last year so i'll give it a little try but the videos of it i've seen don't interest me much.

Much better offerings this time than last month's.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   790d ago
Great update for me as I've never played any of these. Too much to play and so little gaming time prior to PS4 coming out.
Orionsangel  +   790d ago
Wow! Sony really hates North America. We don't get Far Cry 3 and Dragon's Dogma? We get this shit? Not that SOTC is shit, but everyone has it by now. F U Sony and your romance with Europe!
darren_poolies  +   790d ago
PS Plus is literally the only thing that EU users have over North American users. You guys get everything else first, you got the PS3 first, you get most games first and you're getting the PS4 first.
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darren_poolies  +   790d ago
Hotline Miami Vita for EU users next month pleaseee :)

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