Xbox One Developers Having Problems with Drivers; Technical Dilemma

Expected for November 22, Xbox One is about to invade the shelves. In the meantime, developers work to finalize titles available at launch. And according to our internal echoes some developers, some problems emerge.

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pedrof931637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Well, that sucks.

I thought Microsoft was all about software ? They also said that on paper Ps4 is stronger but their software would somehow make the difference ?

So ? What about the drivers ?

xHeavYx1637d ago

Like if it wasn't enough with the bad advertising MS is doing on themselves, developers are starting to speak up

Eonjay1637d ago

Drivers are very important and somewhat more important than hardware itself. The basic concept is that if you have a really good driver, you can get the max performance from your hardware. If the Xbox One is going to keep up with PS4, they are going to have to get their drivers in order. I find this news strange because Microsoft announced that (on the same day as the GPU overclock), that the graphics driver had been 100% optimized.

To be realistic though, how does one perfectly optimize a driver for every possible game engine? I'm not sure its possible. Microsoft is clearly running behind schedule.

darthv721637d ago

no offense but is this story old? i mean i recall reading about driver issues at least a week maybe even two weeks ago.

then again, on the internet, things take time to make the rounds. Oh wait, this is from a google translate.....yeah late to the party as usual.

black0o1637d ago

is this why we didnt see that many 3rd-party titles running on Xbone ??

Pogmathoin1637d ago

Darth, they brought it back, part of the daily N4G X1 bashing... Ran out of rumours I guess...

tuglu_pati1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

MS keep messing up. COme on get it together.

I haven't heard anything good from devs regarding XBO. Games are getting downgraded left and right. Im a Xbox supporter, but i got to say is really hard to get excited about their system with all this bad buzz around. Thank god Im getting a PS4 at launch also.

My only concern is the controller, but there are people in the industry saying the controller is better than the XBO one, so im not too worry

Pogmathoin1637d ago

Tuglu, relax, when it says sources, take it with a tablespoon of salt. Could be just someone posing, having a bad day, a Sony FB who was in the area checking out pre order totals at stores....

hakeem09961637d ago

Drivers always needs updating ,that goes for anything that used them ,PS4 included .Stop approving dumb article just because they anti Microsoft ,let's try to use common sense for once .Whenever your Mac or Windows computer has a driver issue ,you don't write an article about it .

nukeitall1637d ago


"Rumor: AMD’s Mantle API is a direct copy of Xbox One’s low level API"

Doesn't look like it to me!

ThanatosDMC1637d ago

In Microsoft We Trust.... pfft.. BWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

JokesOnYou1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

BS what devs? No names of course..and from tranlate google. Yeah OK, Seen this before with the the anonymous sources and looks as if they are basing this on the reveal of Ryse being 900p, conveniently forgetting Forza5 is 1080p 60 fps which for now better than other competing racing games. The rest of the exclusive lineup has no direct comparisons because they are different kinds of games compared to the competition.

xHeavYx1637d ago

Hey, look, Jokes playing Devil's advocate again. Pretending that other rumors didn't become a reality and thinking that Devs would openly bash the One and provide their name, DOB, SSN etc.

AlphaJunk1637d ago

@tuglu_pati I agree. I've already preordered my X1, but damn, M$ needs to speak up and explain some things - it's starting to get disappointing.

Freedomland1637d ago

Yes, Microsoft needs to upgrade their PR drivers also, they drove straight into the brick wall too many times.

DatNJDom811637d ago

How does this clown have so many bubbles? There may be a lot of Sony fans here, but this site and its moderators are total m$ fanboys. Watch me get banned for like 3 months for saying the truth.

MotoDot1637d ago

Dude am starting to hate M$ for real -_- thank god i pre-ordered a PS4 ^-^

Automatic791637d ago


Really what bad advertising are they doing?

Please advise

xHeavYx1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Not sure if you forgot the /s or you are being serious, but unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that MS has done wrong PR wise.
Edit: Nevermind, I just saw your comment history..

Docknoss1637d ago

Who is Julien Cheize he wrote it under miscellaneous. How do I know he's not just another rabbid P$fanboy frothing at the mouth to slander The One. I some believe it until I hear it from a reliable source not hear say

user55757081637d ago

wow all this negative news about microsoft and the xbox one...

perfect time really for valve to move in and take them out

dedicatedtogamers1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I've been saying this since February when the PS4 was announced: Microsoft was caught off guard and now they're rushing to launch this thing. It was evident at the official May 21st reveal. It was evident when we heard the confused jumble of policies following the reveal. It was evident during the fallout after all the DRM and online requirements were officially confirmed. It was evident at E3, Gamescom, TGS, and every leak in between that the Xbox One was being rushed. From insider reports of faulty parts to PCs being used to showcase X1 games to to the unusually-high percent of 360-to-X1 game conversions in the launch window, it's clear that X1 is being rushed to market.

The last time Microsoft launched a rushed system, we got years and years of RRoD, E73 error, disc scratching, power brick failure, and much more. Buying an X1 is a worse gamble than blowing $500 at the horse races.

sAVAge_bEaST1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )


I couldn't agree more. A true gaming company would be very nice, and get rid of the cancerous M$. I would own a Steambox, and Ps4 -that would make a great(true) big three. Nintendo, Playstation, and Steam.

On topic-

I told you xbois. Microsoft has crap drivers,..

Joke.sOnY.ou - I lost 3 bubbles in 3 days, and you went from 2 to 8 in a few weeks, what's up with that?

Evilsnuggle1637d ago

darthv72 today on n4g all the xoxo boys taking crap about the PS4 and it will wacth dogs Will be the same one the xbone one 80 and PS4 . That is wishful thinking xbone is inferior to the PS4. And developer keep saying it and xoxo boys denied it.

UltimateMaster1637d ago

@Maddens Raiders
Actually, if the PS4 is 50% better, then the Xbox One is less powerful by 33%.

Xbox One VS PS4
Graphics: 1.2/1.3Tflops VS 1.84TFlops
RAM: 68Gb/sec VS 176 Gb/sec

And developers are having a hard time using the sDRAM that Could potentially boost the 68Gb/sec to 102 Gb/sec, still quite lower than the PS4.

As for the Ghz increase of the Xbox One.
1-We don't know the final specs of the PS4 CPU except for rumours.
and 2-If Ghz were really that important, then the PS3 3.6Ghz would crush them all.
Seriously, there's a lot more that goes into the CPU design to make it more efficient that isn't just about the Ghz.

Just like the GPU isn't just Tflops, but the PS4 has more shader cores, more textures and even more stuff.
Until we know more, some developers said for the CPU side, there could be some improvements.

lfPetrini1637d ago

@Maddens Raiders actually PS4 having 50% more power than Xbox One means Xbox One having 33,333% less power than PS4. Please guys do correct math when flaming.

Mikeyy1637d ago


Why would Developers who are crital of the Xbox one provide their names, when Microsoft has PROVEN to be a vindictive company?

mewhy321637d ago

Oh great. Lowest common denominator syndrome. This is what ive been saying all along. The bone holding back the PS4.

mcstorm1637d ago

Wow yet again the Sony boys are out. Give it a rest for once im sure you guys read up on more stuff about the Xbox one than the ps4.

At the end of the day get the console you want and let people get what they want. If you want halo froze ryse ect you need an Xbox if you want kill zone, gt ect you need a PlayStation and if you want Mario Zelda ect you need a Nintendo console. If you don't want any exclusives and just 3rd party then get the console most of your mates have so you can play them online. It really is that simple people stop going on and on about the same things day in day out about how one console is better than another its just getting old now and the comment section is looking like it is full of moaning old people.

DigitalRaptor1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

@ mcstorm

Firstly, it's human nature to flock to negativity. It just so happens that Xbox One and Microsoft have had an unimaginable amount of negative press and attention, whilst PS4 has had barely any negativity surround it, anywhere. So I think you'll find the same fanboys on both articles.

And c'mon dude - PS3 and Sony had the same Xbox fanboys surrounding the conglomerated media circus of negativity, this generation.

Pushing on points that we all know to be true and loyalists still holding down denial mode, is just something that makes sense. Just because reality bites, doesn't mean freedom of speech should be relinquished for the sake of certain others wanting to pretend these things aren't happening.

HD_GAMER19891636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@everyone who has noticed that jokesonyou went from a steady 1 bubble to 8 in a month or so not to mention the fact that he still is trolling in every ps4 article getting trashed by disagrees and negative bubble votes yet he still hasnt lost any bubbles. Something doesnt seem right here, I dont care that hes a ms shill, I think anybody that uniformed, delusional and completely illogical should never be allowed that many bubbles for the sake of the future of the n4g community as whole not just the playstation side we should all band together and negative vote jokes as much as we can( it wont be unethical either cause we all know he never says anything that is worthy of an up vote lol).

we all have to set a precedent that hacking, cheating or whatever sleazy thing jokes is doing to keep that many bubbles will never be acceptable on this site whether you're a sony fanboy or a ms fanboy.

Something has to be done if n4g is such a giant sony fanboy circle jerk fest like all the supposedly outnumbered xbox fanboys say then this should be easy right lol.

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sigfredod1637d ago

you are right, its a shame that the PS4 user has to be affected for driver problems on the competition hardware

s8anicslayer1637d ago

How about the fact that it's (PS4 version) being gimped down because of political reasons? To me that's just laziness all over again because why would a developer reward (Microsoft) for a less than stellar device only to punish Sony for showing up with the PS4? Pathetic!

xHeavYx1637d ago

Right, because you don't see Xbox users on every Killzone/DriveClub/Knack article.
It goes both ways

Eonjay1637d ago

I find this upsetting personally. Does this mean that my games on PS4 will be crippled (because thats basically the only way to give Xbox One the chance it doesn't deserve if its really that much weaker)? IF this is the cause, Microsoft will be the singular reason for a lackluster generation.

AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

@Heavy you partially right. But it goes more the other way then the other.

@Black point me to the Xbone fanboys in the comments?

And no somebody making sense and bringing their A game in logic doesn't count either.

MysticStrummer1637d ago

@Angelic - That's only because there is more of one side than the other. It says nothing about the severity of the trolling from each side. 90% of MS fans might troll, and 10% of Sony fans might troll, yet there could still be many more Sony trolls.

For anyone goofy enough to wonder... those stats are completely made up to illustrate a point.

This site is definitely pro-Sony, but it used to be very anti-Sony. Times change.

torchic1637d ago


worst of all is that Sony went around asking devs what they wanted from a next-gen machine. Sony could've easily put an upgraded CELL + beefy Nvidia GPU and called it a day but they instead delievered on the requests of developers (I know Sony needed to make good with devs this time but my point still stands) and made what sounds like a very enjoyable console to work with.

for devs to not use what Sony has generously given them is a slap in the face. the least they could do as a thank you is to take full advantage of the PS4 hardware.

Ps4Console1637d ago

They need to start again Ms I think .

snipab8t1637d ago

It's a shame that cross platform games on PC are held back by consoles.

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Godmars2901637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yet their blind spot continues to be hardware apparently. They failed to outright buy parts of the first Xbox, both cut corners and failed to do proper quality testing with the 360 resulting in RRoD and damaging disc drives, and now this rumor which may end up undercutting XB1 game development. And who knows what else.

red_HULK1637d ago

If they water down the graphics on ps4 to appease ms and its ailing hardware I'm going pc\steam. I don't want the ps4 getting shitty versions of call of duty and crysis like ps3 did.

MizTv1636d ago

I agree
Ever since my 360 got rrod 9 times I have no faith in any hardware m$ makes
At one time I LOVED xbox but they are just not to be trusted

AngelicIceDiamond1637d ago

Yeah it sucks but MS needs to get on the ball about this. MS's been talking enough its time they fix this issue.

Unless they wanna delay it for 6 months.

jessupj1637d ago

I know you're an avid MS supporter and that's perfectly fine, but can I just say thank you sir for acknowledging the issue the article brought up instead of immaturely and irrationally disregarding it.

Bubble up for you sir.

candoa1637d ago

I don't know if you Sony fans have no common sense, if I were to right an article and say the ps4 has driver issues you guys were ignore that article but since is x1 it got to this point, because it's good news. The x1 doesn't have PR issues anymore you might think that because every single "reliable" with no names says something negative about the x1 you guys make sure it gets enough flame to make it here.

If you really are that stupid to see that this site is full of sony fans? come on guys just look who has the most agrees it's obvious are all ps4 positive comments, my 12yr sister can figure that out in 2 minutes browsing this site.
I gotta love those anonymous source I mean is so stupid to take them seriously, if I were to went to the court and tell the judge some random person no names told me whatever they court would laugh at me, because in any intelligent conversion a source most be giving, even in school when you write an essay you must give a reliable source, its common practice in a debate, but not in this site.
I remember reading from the same anonymous source that the ps4 would use 1gb of ram for the OS and it would do everything the x1 does. I was one of the only one calling that bs, and I got tons of disagrees, that clearly shows you how bias and unwilling to see anything objectively. NOw ill sit and wait for the next x1 article, I see it now"anonymous source says the x1 controller rumble features don't work" and the top comment with more than 200 agrees would be "Ms clearly rush the console, im glad I preordered my ps4"

Blaze9291637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

again with these unnamed "sources"

too bad many wont read past the title. Probably should've put rumor in the title too...

GiggMan1637d ago

They are all about software. The only problem is that they are prone to release stuff half assed and unfinished. I'm a system administrator and deal mainly with Microsoft products so I know first hand. Every version of Windows in the last ten years at least, has been release to manufacturing unfinished and then patched all to hell. They eventually get it stable after all of the service packs and updates (Windows XP for example) and then they release another hot mess (Vista followed XP). Don't get me started on the Server products lol.

Anyway, I would be careful future Xbox One day one owners. MS doesn't mind releasing a product that's unfinished...

Schizoid1637d ago

MS is famous for selling their stuff before its ready and then figuring out how to fix it later. The main reason I don't pc game is M$. So that that new steam platform is really starting to look good to me. Since I gave up the thought of buying an xBone I've got $500 that I could use for that purchase instead.

n4rc1637d ago

You act like Microsoft is the only tech company to do that..

Its a fact of life... And can we stop listening to unnamed sources.. No name means no credibility.. and likely no fact

KiLLeRCLaM1637d ago

Must be graphic drivers..Blame AMD

Imalwaysright1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

PS4 is using AMD as well.

LordDhampire1637d ago

its a graphics driver for a custom microsoft operating system, that is microsofts to make not amds

otherZinc1637d ago


Lol, at your comment ( if XBOX ONE is going to keep up with the PS4 ).?

No! What standard or goal has SONY's PS4 set...? NONE!
The only goal set was by Turn 10 with Forza 5 Running 1080p "native" @ 60fps! Where's SONY's achievement, what exclusive 1st party game is PS4 putting out that's setting a standard? Nothing.

Also, SONY is saying nothing. SONY's letting it's fans do allthis talking of power with ZERO games to backup all this "talk"!

Forza 5 is backing up Turn 10s "talk" with a game that's 1080p "native" @ 60fps, period!

fghtrer3fb5erg1637d ago

lol killzone shadow fall and infamous second son are enough to put xboxone games to shame and forza 5 doesnt look as good as some ppl thought, im glad turn 10 brought out a direct feed cause the off screen videos were giving players the wrong idea, now the direct feed is showing what it truly looks like and it doesnt look better than driveclub even running at 60fps! And, driveclub has better natural lighting.

Nilbog_Juney31637d ago

Guess you didn't hear the news of Forza possibly getting the downgrade treatment like all the other games huh? And I'd rather Sony say little and not make themselves look stupid 3 days out of the week and fix their problems, instead of flaunt all these capabilities and graphics, but have go downgrade everything because the hardware(retail version) can't handle the software. But to each it's own, it's in your face, you just choose not to accept the truth.

Godoftheweek1637d ago


Good, goooood. I can feeeel your anger. The hate and butthurt is swelling in you now like an inflamed hemorrhoid. Let the hate and butthurt flow through you boy. Only your hatred can save you from PS4 fanboys.

With each passing moment you make yourself more THEIR servant. Young fool, only now, at the you understand.


SonyAddict1637d ago

You boy are a 10 year old!.

jessupj1637d ago

I find it amusing how so many MS enthusiasts keep repeating that Forza is 1080p and 60 fps (it's rumured to be down graded as well) as if that automatically makes the game graphically superior.

You know what other game was 1080p 60fps? Super Stardust. Is that game graphically better than infamous? of course not. The game was less taxing on the hardware and so the developers could boost up the pixels and frames.

The same logic applies to Forza. There not a lot of extra features in the game, such as weather effects and highly detailed backgrounds, so Turn 10 are able to boost up the frames and pixels.

But me personally will wait until we have the games in our hands before I make a final judgement.

Funnymonkey0131637d ago

First froza doesn't look that great heck driveclube looks way better at 1080P 30 then froza 1080P 60 and it doesn't have night and weather in froza where drive club does. Plus KZSF and Infamous SS looks miles away better then all X180 games. And facts mate but PS4 is a better spec wise system and should have games running better on it then X180. Anyway have fun with ur weaker system and wavering ur hands a lot with kenect while the true big boys gamers play the best games on the best system PS4.

LonDonE1636d ago

Gran turismo 5 set the standard ages ago, with real time dynamic lighting, day night cycles,and weather, how come forza a next gen game on a next gen console has none of these?LOL
It still uses pre baked lighting, LMAO
GT5 is 60fps and 1080p, granted its not full 1920 by 1080p but its near enough, and its a last gen game, and i can guarantee GT5 and GT6 will POWN forza when it comes to physics, gt games always nail the psychics!!! its why if you take any 2 forza games from last gen, and combine the total sales they still cant beat the sales of GT5!!! LOLOLOL

When GT7 is released on PS4 it will most likely obliterate all the forza games on x1, and 360!!
when it comes to racing sims its not even worth mentioning forza, gt always wins am sorry, and this is coming from a every platform owner, and someone who is most likely going to buy a x1, just not at launch, its PS4,PC and WiiU till then for me!!!!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1636d ago

otherZinc + 1d 1h ago

Lol, at your comment ( if XBOX ONE is going to keep up with the PS4 ).?

No! What standard or goal has SONY's PS4 set...? NONE!
The only goal set was by Turn 10 with Forza 5 Running 1080p "native" @ 60fps! Where's SONY's achievement, what exclusive 1st party game is PS4 putting out that's setting a standard? Nothing.

Also, SONY is saying nothing. SONY's letting it's fans do allthis talking of power with ZERO games to backup all this "talk"!

Forza 5 is backing up Turn 10s "talk" with a game that's 1080p "native" @ 60fps, period!

Forza uses smoke and mirrors aka baked lighting and NOTHING dynamic... thats why its 1080p and 60fps, you dont know what your talking about,

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kickerz1637d ago

Oh no.. It's the end of the world as we know u guys crack me up. Couple of technical faults before launch. Who cares.

Destrania1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

You probably should care considering it sounds like you're wasting your money on an Xbone.

kickerz1637d ago

Thanks for your concern Destrania guy. But I'm not worried bout getting an xb1. I'm actually fully pumped. Awesome game line up, amazing online network... Can't wait :D PS4 will be awesome too. Good time to be a gamer

Gamer6661637d ago

Yeah, the PS controller froze during a live demo at TGS and the PS nation goes "oh well"... Is that not a driver or hardware issue of some sort?

RUMORS of device driver issues on X1 goes straight to the top of the news at N4G.

snipab8t1637d ago

N4Sony is a joke these days. It was not always like this though, back when I was just a wee boy...

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Mystogan1637d ago

Rumor shrumor.

This comes out now yet we just saw BF4 running smoothly on X1.