Rockstar: 'GTA 5' Cops Not Racist

Forbes - "There’s a fan theory about GTA 5 travelling around the forum world — that the in-game cops are guilty of racially profiling.

A Rockstar rep has confirmed to Forbes that this is not actually the case. The cops are programmed to respond the same way to all three protagonists. In my play through, I’ve noticed that they behave very aggressively no matter who you are, which might account for some of the stories that are popping up."

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Software_Lover1698d ago

WTF????? I leave the internet for a few and all kinds of things happen in my absence. Even stupid arguments.

sidenote: I wish the cops were actually racists in GTAV, it would be more like real life, lol.

farrelljade1698d ago

HAHA that tickled me, have a bubble on me ;)

GrizzliS19871698d ago

imagine walking around as Franklin and getting a star for no reason what so ever roflflflfl dead.

GrizzliS19871698d ago

lady in the alley yells "that ni99a stole my watch" cops jump at franklin loooool

TXIDarkAvenger1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

| I leave the internet

LOL. Ok there!

USMC_POLICE1698d ago

Not all of us are racist jerks! Just wanted to get that out there.

aksmashh1698d ago

Hopefully next gen!!! Lol

MysticStrummer1698d ago

I never thought they were, though if they were I'd say it was just another part of the satire, and a genius idea by Rockstar.

sovietsoldier1698d ago

they need to patch the police to act less aggressive at 1 star, its just insane they go full auto on your ass just for hitting their car. they also need to do more hand to hand and tazer deployments.

Kleptic1698d ago

yeah the cops definitely seem weird in this one...I get that they changed the mechanics, and that you get an extra start just by trying to get away once spotted...

but with 1 star...they'll get out of their cars and just open fire haha...I haven't been busted a single time yet, and i'm almost done with the story...they seem to just want me dead and never anything else...

MethCupcakes1698d ago

Guys note how you cant GET 6 STARS. YOU GET 5.

iceman061697d ago

Honestly, I have had more issues with walking around as Trevor's crazy ass than anybody else. NPC's respond to both Michael and Franklin about the same..although in certain areas they are a little more hostile toward Franklin. I chalk that up to the whole turf thing. But, I have had people call the police on Trevor just for walking by! Walking along the water in Shady Shores and a lady looks at him and says "I'm callin the police." Didn't think anything of it...until I heard sirens and saw not one...but TWO stars.