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Submitted by s8anicslayer 791d ago | opinion piece

Valve's New Steam Controller Is Truly Next-Gen

Forbes - "The other day, I mentioned that it seemed likely Valve’s Friday announcement would be a new gamepad designed for Steam and the newly announced Steam Machines/SteamOS. I hoped we’d see a game announcement, but I suspected strongly that this was not going to be the case." (PC, Steam, Valve)

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The_Infected  +   791d ago
I agree. It's honestly different and innovative. People will hate on it though because it's different. Some will never like change or something different. I think it looks awesome and I really want to try it along with a Steam Box and SteamOS.
xJumpManx  +   791d ago
I would like to try it but I am not a big touch pad fan to begin with.
The_Infected  +   791d ago
I'm not into touch either but it looks like it would work great. I guess we need hands on but I'd say it works great as Valve has most likely tested the hell out of the controller.
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come_bom  +   791d ago
I agree.

I don't like touch pad's. I like precision, that's why i love the KB/Mouse combination... but i still would like to try Valve's New Steam Controller.
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Omegasyde  +   791d ago
What if you have "ginormous elephantiasis sized" thumbs?
darthv72  +   791d ago
@omega. then you need one of these:

all kidding aside, it reminds me of the dual pad interface that sony has on the xperia play. that wasnt as bad as i initially thought it would be. it was actually fun to use.
black0o  +   791d ago
i already own a steam machine .. why 'd i need a new one? this controller better support PC
thisismyaccount  +   791d ago
Yep same will occur with the DS4 of the PS4. I mean, i don´t think we´re going to see something truely unique, that will blow us away....

It´s there so you can navigate like on a phone these days, nothing more.
0ut1awed  +   791d ago
I just posted a very long comment over in the main thread with fact for people being cynical about it.

In short though, this touchpad can really bridge the mouse to controller gap. Those touchpads have the ability to be soo much more sensitive than a analog stick. It ends up basically putting a mouse in your controller.

Also the Haptics vibration technology they are adding sounds amazing. Like surround sound in terms of vibration for the controller. Although sound is still something they will do...

(referring to Haptics feedback system) "As a parlour trick they can even play audio waveforms and function as speakers."
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Winter47th  +   791d ago
I never asked for this.
ThanatosDMC  +   791d ago
I want to be in the game world all ready. Technology is too slow. I want the Matrix-like simulation minus the metal dong to the back of the head.
Lisica  +   791d ago
That's what I said for the phones. Now I can't go back to the phones with keyboards.
BattleAxe  +   791d ago
I'm sure that Sony would have loved to have made a controller like this, but they probably would have alienated the Playstation fanbase by coming out with something like this. Valve on the other hand has nothing to lose. This controller looks pretty awesome, and I will definitely be picking one up.
SilentNegotiator  +   791d ago
People will also hate it because it is a bad idea.

No one wants trackpads, virtual buttons are inaccurate (ironic that they are worried about sticks, but not virtual buttons), or a lack of physical control.
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Bimkoblerutso  +   791d ago
Yeah, it's like having two trackpads on a know...those things on laptops that people don't want to use so they buy USB mice?

Obviously we're all still going to TRY it, but right now, I can't say I have high hopes.
Hellsvacancy  +   791d ago
I do really like the touch pads instead of having two analog sticks, it'll work well

Other than that I think it looks fugly
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SolidDuck  +   791d ago
Just looking at it, I'm thinking there's no way this is going to be as responsive as a mouse and keyboard or even a ps4 or x1 controller. But then again it's valve, and there generally ahead of the curve in a lot of stuff they do. So maybe it's fantastic. Who knows till it's out. There was a time where I thought I would never prefer a iphone keyboard to a phone with phiscal buttons, but that's not the case anymore. Could be a similar effect.
adorie  +   791d ago
So many judgements and not one person here has even held it, never mind playing a game with it.

The controller is supposed to be the solution to k/b and mouse since this controller is aimed mainly at games available on steam and seeing as how those games are made with k/b and mouse, in mind, it's feasible to create a solution in the form of a controller, seeing as they want into the Living Room.

My initial thoughts are summed up here:
Wait and see. If it sucks, bring the pain, if it doesn't, some crow will be in the oven.
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lazyjatt  +   791d ago
Well we may not have used this controller yet, but I've played my fair share of games on touch screens (including fps) and I hate the touch controls. So I'm not getting my hopes up.
MegaMohsi  +   791d ago

Valve has already stated that the controller will work with all versions of Steam.

Can I use a controller if I don’t have a Steam machine?
Yes. It’ll work very well with any version of Steam.
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DarkAzureIIIX  +   791d ago
Looks and performance are two different thing, and it may look innovative but if it can't performance it's trash.
s8anicslayer  +   791d ago
You know people don't like to try new things, if the media accepts this device then everyone will follow.
Sideras  +   791d ago
It looks hideous, but I doubt they would go for a design that didn't feel good.
So with that said I'm confident in Valves ability to innovate.
It certainly sounds functional.
mydyingparadiselost  +   791d ago
What they're trying to do with it is awesome but the design is what's hurting it, that button placement looks AWFUL for lots of genres. Taking your finger from the concave pads to those buttons next to the screen will cause problems for shooters, third person perspective games or pretty much anything that the camera is controlled by a right stick and a character by the left stick. For bringing the computer experience to a controller.... maybe, but the console controller experience looks flawed.
Mystogan  +   791d ago
Different does not mean better.
nosferatuzodd  +   791d ago
yeah that's going to be a problem from playing ios games with touch pads i know from experience they suck,
plus how can you're controller be next gen when you don't have a current gen to begin with this is pure bull
Ryto  +   790d ago
I can't wait to try it, I hope it's not locked to the steam box though, I'd love to use it on non-steam purchases that allow game pads!
aquamala  +   791d ago
this is either brilliant or terrible, will find out when I get my hands on one
s8anicslayer  +   791d ago
Do you plan on buying one, or did you get into the beta?
Ragthorn  +   791d ago
I 100% agree with you, this is a hit or miss. I am though anticipated to get it, but I will definitely be getting a Xbox One Controller if it will be supported on the Windows PC. I was fine with the 360 controller, but this looks interesting, I hope this turns out well though.
Zodiac  +   791d ago
This is true hit or miss if i ever saw one. Some may see that as an insult, but the WiiU,PS4,Xbox One,3DS, and PS Vita all have analog sticks and d-pads, which makes this controller a very risky move.
DeadManIV  +   791d ago
not exclusive to steam machine though, will come to PC supports every steam game, i think. Im willing to give it a try
Biohazard8860  +   791d ago
need too try before i say if bad or not...
Hazmat13  +   791d ago
to me its a miss. but that just me. not my cup of tea. ill try the steam box but ill just use a KB or Xbox or PS3 controller.
TheEnigma313  +   791d ago
It looks cool, but I think i will stick to using my 360 controller for gaming on the pc.
Pandamobile  +   791d ago
It'll be interesting to see how FPS games handle on this. This could be the first controller that actually works well with shooters.
The_Infected  +   791d ago
It's definitely interesting. I like how it's designed to work on any game. That's a very important innovation IMO.
SilentNegotiator  +   791d ago
Oh stop. Not everyone has difficulties playing FPS games with a controller. I've played plenty of FPS games with both mouse (with high dpi) and controller without whining about controllers being supposedly so terrible.
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Pandamobile  +   791d ago
People may not have difficulties with them, but thumbsticks still operate a lower level of precision (and that's not even debatable).

Digital input devices have always been better for shooters than analog. If Valve can get an intuitive digital input system in a controller, that could make a big impact for FPS games.
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Hassassin  +   791d ago
that's cause you have aim assist
SilentNegotiator  +   791d ago
I hate aim assist and always turn it off if possible.

Nice try, though.
BraidedWALLACE  +   791d ago
after owing an played using the touchpad on my xperia play.. not sure how i feel about that controller at the moment, but will be picking up a steamBox in the feature.
TesMgsFan  +   791d ago
Good idea, but bad design
Statix  +   791d ago
The only real design flaw I see is the lack of an analog stick on the left side (for movement.)
Lisica  +   791d ago
Do you need an analog stick on the iPad too?
Drummerdude41  +   791d ago
I love the conept! Will definitely pick one up for my rig when it is released.
yellowgerbil  +   791d ago
Woah so innovative truely a REVOLUTION cough nintendo cough
BOLO  +   790d ago
Yamauchi has passed away...And Nintendo looks to be joining him shortly.
KwietStorm  +   791d ago
You can say the controller is next generation, and I'm not arguing that, but u feel like only this could only be done on a new platform, unsurprisingly by Valve. If Sony or Microsoft tried this, they would be castrated by their existing fanbase who are scared of change. Very interesting controller regardless.
Saryk  +   791d ago
You know what, you hit the nail on the head. PC users want to soar like a eagle, console users are a bunch of turkeys!

Seriously, like Apple, some people like that limited accessibility that consoles have. Simple, no fuss type of gaming machine. I agree that if MS or Sony done kind of radical change, existing users would hate it.
solar  +   791d ago
People here think the Share button on the DS4 was some sort of innovation. This controller, if it works great, truly is innovation
KwietStorm  +   791d ago
It doesn't have to be one or the other. They both do their own thing.
breakpad  +   791d ago
Futuristic ,nice looking comfortable may be but doomed to fail... NO analog sticks ??? Valve what are you thinking ... it is the only element that dooms the whole try (the button configuration can be used but this NO)
Pandamobile  +   791d ago
The trackpads are the entire point of this. If it used analog sticks, it would just be a weird looking Xbox 360 controller.
DigitalRaptor  +   791d ago
Ahem.. Do you not realise that these are "digital" analog sticks. These appear to be precise and low-latency touch pads. Imagine how long it takes to move a stick in each direction, when the single pixel movement of your thumb will be quicker, more fluid and more precise.
breakpad  +   791d ago
well ...i understand what they are doooohhh...but an analog stick gives to the gamer a more interactive feeling of control.. im sure that other companies Sony ,Nitnty (older , more experienced than valve and with better research teams) are not dumb to not have implemented this type of controlling on their pads...a controller MUST have a stick! thats an undeniable fact it is experimented and approved.. end of story
Statix  +   791d ago
I love the overall idea and design. Using a touchpad (or even a trackball) to replace the right analog stick has been something I've wanted for a long time.

I also love the buttons on the back, so that 6 fingers aren't wasted idling about doing nothing on the rear of your usual controller anymore. Scuf professional modded controllers have been doing this for a while, and it's a great innovation.

However, I'm extremely iffy on the idea of using a trackpad for the left stick (movement). I have serious doubts that's going to work well, and it may very well be the one, single design decision that causes this controller to flop.
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the worst  +   791d ago
Brazz  +   791d ago
ok, let's face facts...
this is a huge bet, I have no doubt that some games will be played with comfort and ease with this control, but I did not put the "hand in fire" to predict whether this will be a success or will be a failure, i think that the 2nd option is more plausible, because majority of people don't like radical changes like this. (hell, this completle change the way to play some games!)
GentlemenRUs  +   791d ago
Sadly i'll still be sticking to M&K... They took all this time for a controller and not hl3...
Feralkitsune  +   791d ago
YES, because the same people in the company who were working on this HARDWARE, would be the exact same people working on making a video game. TOTALLY makes sense.
AbortMission  +   791d ago
It looks so weird. I'm sorry but touchpads are not good replacements for thumbsticks.
Feralkitsune  +   791d ago
Can't really say that unless we've used it. And, no one has.
SephirothX21  +   791d ago
The Valve has turned and nest gen has just become a three way race.
Statix  +   791d ago
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Grave  +   791d ago
lmao. pwnage.
XboxFun  +   791d ago
I really don't know what to say because I haven't tried it. It looks interesting but I guess I have been so accustomed to a d-pad and sticks that anything else just seems....foreign.

But I trust valve knows what they're doing and if they say it'll work then it should work.

But I am concerned about fighting games...I never use the thumbsticks for fighting games will this work with it?

But then again i'm sure if you are playing fighting games on a PC then 98 percent chance you already have a modded stick.
Deltaguy  +   791d ago
anything valve does is amazing and innovative to these sheep
solar  +   791d ago
Like the DS4 "Share" button?
Deltaguy  +   791d ago
solar  +   791d ago
funny. while Valve pushes innovations, Sony, MS and Nintendo copy one another.
Somebody  +   791d ago
A controller with touch integration loaded with PC features(e.g. the quick save/load options and open customization). And it is designed to play RTSes too...

Very interesting indeed.
skydragoonity  +   791d ago
I Love this controller
LetoAtreides82  +   791d ago
Fail controller, here's why:
1. No dpad

2. No face buttons (like triangle/square/etc on PS4, A/B/etc on Xbone)

3. No headset input

4. Only two trigger buttons, PS4 and Xbone have 4.

issues 1, 2 and 4 will be huge problems for the controller, it would make it harder to port PS4/Xbone games to the Steam Box.
xRedline  +   791d ago

2. Look closer toward the middle of the controller. It has Y X B and A.
Somebody  +   791d ago
"4. Only two trigger buttons, PS4 and Xbone have 4".

Strange. In the picture I can see that there are four separate functions around the triggers which might indicate four triggers/buttons (the top two are rather small). Also there are two extra buttons at the back if you miss the missing two triggers/shoulder buttons.

Furthermore it's designed to be recognized as a keyboard/mouse when connected so it wouldn't be a problem if a PS4/XB1 game is ported over to the PC. Devs won't have to waste time to make NEW drivers or control schemes since all they need is the good old KBM configuration.
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Dasteru  +   791d ago
1. You do not need a Dpad when you have this type of track pad.

2. Opening ones eyes before looking at a picture tends to help.

3. Never mentioned one way or another, no alternate angle pictures shown, you have no way of knowing if it does or not.

4. It has 6 triggers. The top ones are both 2 way rockers plus there are 2 more Z-style triggers on the back.
alexkoepp  +   791d ago
"Instead of thumb-sticks, the new controller uses two touch trackpads which Valve says come close to the precision of a mouse and keyboard."

Traditional controllers come close to the precision of a keyboard and mouse, so it sounds like you are offering a new way of doing the same thing...

Looking forward to trying it out though
Dasteru  +   791d ago
Traditional analog sticks aren't even close to the speed or precision of a mouse, not by a mile.
Ragthorn  +   791d ago
Thumb Sticks nowhere near as close to as traditional Mouse and Keyboard...
alexkoepp  +   791d ago
If they were nowhere near as close, you wouldn't see the same games on PC as platforms, they are close. Is a controller as precise? No - but to try to claim it is this huge gap is quite ridiculous. I play all my shooters on PC with the Xbox 360 controller and have no problems at all getting in the top spots on the leader boards in those games.

Playing with a keyboard and mouse is just uncomfortable, a controller is much nicer.

And as far as mouse speed goes, I like the delay a controller provides, its much more realistic. People shouldn't be able to flip a 180 quicker than humanly possible, and to turn a tank turret 180 degrees takes a few seconds, not a fraction of one.

And when it comes to FPS a controller gives you 360 degree control of movement (left stick), you can walk at any angle you like. A keyboard gives you 8 directions in 45 degree increments... not as precise is it?
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Lolrus  +   791d ago
It would have been better to have a large centered touchpad with traditional buttons on either side. This controller doesnt seem ideal for many genres of games such as beat em ups. Two large tkuchpads dont have the same feedback and feeling as physical keys aswell ans with response from the xperia play, it doesnt look promising
EXVirtual  +   791d ago
I think this controller is too much of a bet.
Track pads in replacement of analog sticks with awkward face button placement is not a megaton.
cheeto101  +   791d ago
Its a good idea and it might work well for strategy games (which really is one of the few genres consoles have had difficulty breaking into because of control issues).

For shooters, i think it will run into the same problem controllers run into in that the muscles in your thumb, biomechanically, can't be as precise as the mouse which uses muscles in your hand/wrist/forearm.

Hopefully it proves me wrong, because I would much prefer to sit at my couch and do away with all the space a mouse and keyboard takes up.
xKugo  +   791d ago
Really innovative and "next-gen". Now all they need is a killer app and I'm pretty much sold. HL3!!
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