Valve's New Steam Controller Is Truly Next-Gen

Forbes - "The other day, I mentioned that it seemed likely Valve’s Friday announcement would be a new gamepad designed for Steam and the newly announced Steam Machines/SteamOS. I hoped we’d see a game announcement, but I suspected strongly that this was not going to be the case."

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aquamala1700d ago

this is either brilliant or terrible, will find out when I get my hands on one

s8anicslayer1700d ago

Do you plan on buying one, or did you get into the beta?

Ragthorn1700d ago

I 100% agree with you, this is a hit or miss. I am though anticipated to get it, but I will definitely be getting a Xbox One Controller if it will be supported on the Windows PC. I was fine with the 360 controller, but this looks interesting, I hope this turns out well though.

Zodiac1700d ago

This is true hit or miss if i ever saw one. Some may see that as an insult, but the WiiU,PS4,Xbox One,3DS, and PS Vita all have analog sticks and d-pads, which makes this controller a very risky move.

DeadManIV1700d ago

not exclusive to steam machine though, will come to PC supports every steam game, i think. Im willing to give it a try

Biohazard88601700d ago

need too try before i say if bad or not...

Hazmat131700d ago

to me its a miss. but that just me. not my cup of tea. ill try the steam box but ill just use a KB or Xbox or PS3 controller.