Beyond: Two Souls Will not be a Day 1 Digital Title on the PS Store, Sony wants to add later

With October 8th fast approaching, your time to pre-order the Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition at GameStop USA/EB Games Canada is coming to an end, with the bonus 30 minute Advanced Experiments playable scene you receive for free detailed below

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Salooh971d ago

Unkool. It's a sony title , why can't they put it in store ?. It's just lame..

FriedGoat971d ago

Just remember EU people!
OUR VERSION IS CENSORED with cut scenes , don't support Sony and their blanket censorship over the whole EU version. IMPORT your copy from the US for the full game.

As soon as Sony realise they lose sales for not making seperate German copies, the better.

b_one971d ago

What kind of cenosrship you are talking about, its only German market?

FriedGoat971d ago

2 scenes are completely removed from the game. I don't understand why I'm getting disagrees, I'm trying to help.

So far they have confirmed this censorship in Germany, but for the last two big releases (last of us, and god of war) the German version is the whole eu version, they don't make seperate German censored versions anymore, they just release the crap version to the whole EU and Australia.

b_one971d ago

What kind of scenes in Last of us and in God of War?

btw im playing Last of us now (last stages in last hospital) so no spoilers pls

MysticStrummer971d ago

You're getting disagrees because your comment makes no sense. You're saying don't support Sony for censorship when it's not them making it happen, and you say to import your copy, which supports Sony anyway. Get mad at the German thought police if you want to be mad at someone.

FriedGoat971d ago (Edited 971d ago )

I meant don't support Sony entertainment Europe is what I mean, they've screwed over their biggest market for too long.

And B-one, I'm talking about beyond two souls censorship..

If you want to see about the last of us censorship, go here

Mysticstrummer, it's sonys fault not Germany, Every other company make seperate German versions, it is only Sony saving money by releasing neutered versions across the whole of the EU.

It's a slippery slope, first it's this and them we start losing more.

I live in the UK, why should Getmany effect what god damn game content I end up with?

b_one971d ago

That censorship isnt hard at all, but im kind of dissapointed that they stretch it for a whole EU

Salooh971d ago

I will do the same :) . Plus , US version is cheaper :P ..

MethCupcakes970d ago

AH shut up! You people have a better PS+ system! You have nothing to complain about!

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matrixman92971d ago

so glad redbox is getting this. only have a short time to play it between gta online and ps4

matrixman92970d ago

k...redbox buys the copy, i'll just rent it from them. Games coming out that aren't cross gen from now until december will flop hard.

Volkama971d ago

Heavy rain isn't on the store either. My Blu-Ray drive chose a fine time to die :-(

Pancit_Canton971d ago

I smell PS4 digital download edition.