People Still Don't Know Wii U is a New Console

Nintendo UK exec says 'many people still don't know Wii U is a new console'
Company planning massive campaign to educate kids and parents

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Godlovesgamers1573d ago

Then you know marketing has completely failed.

THEMIGHTYDOOVDE1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Tbh, Nintendo haven't really marketed the Wii U yet. Pretty much everybody I know is confused when I show them my mine. Trying to explain to them that the Xbone is the Xbox 3 is also a problem.

mcstorm1572d ago

I agree and it has not really had anything to shout about this year too. It was the same with the 3DS but Nintendo relaunched the 3DS after the price drop and look what happened. Im expecting the Wiiu sales to pickup the back end of this year as it is now getting games to shout about plus its going to be £100 and over less than the one and ps4

harrisk9541572d ago

Absolutely... this is what they are finally realizing a YEAR after launch?? The entire internet was talking about this very problem back when the name was revealed.

Sarobi1572d ago

Lol it's sad but true. I know a few people who thought it was just a tablet controller for the Wii.

CaulkSlap1572d ago

Well they shouldn't have named it like a Wii accessory.

Eonjay1572d ago

Especially if the form factor of the system itself is so closely related to the original.

reaper241572d ago

Just scratch the thing and put out a really innovative console. That cheap old tablet doesn't do it for me.

Eonjay1572d ago

I found out that if the tablet breaks you have to order directly from Nintendo. The replacement cost is $150.

LOL_WUT1572d ago

$150? The damn pad doesn't have multitouch, its resolution is barely 720p and don't get me started on that cheap camera. It should be $50 max

miyamoto1572d ago

Another problem is your account is tied to the hardware,right?
What if your console unfortunately goes kaput?
Do your digital downloaded games go kaput too?
Can they be recovered?

AbortMission1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Forced gimmicks never equate to innovation. Something that these drones don't understand

I remember an article where either Iwata or Miyamoto stated that they only plan to use the Wii u controller for maps and HUD. The creators of their own console can't even come up with a good excuse to use the Wii u controller in an innovative way Lol

sashimi1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

This is what happens when your fanbase consist mostly of casuals and you name it like an addon.

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The story is too old to be commented.