Naughty Dog on The Last of Us DLC: Trophies, Familiar Faces, Co-op, Infected in Multiplayer

PSLS: Now that we finally have some answers about The Last of Us’ Season Pass, it’s time to ask even more questions about it, which Eric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, was more than happy to address.

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TrendyGamers1542d ago

I'm almost glad the SP DLC is a ways away. Gives me time to play all the holiday games.

Salooh1542d ago

I don't like dlc's , but i may make exception for this game :) . love the mp...

FlameHawk1542d ago

So no infected mode is confirmed :(.

Clover9041542d ago

We unfortunately won't get an Infected mode until The Last of Us 2. With as many players that are requesting an Infected mode, I knew it had to be some technical reason why Naughty Dog couldn't make it a reality.

Lord_Sloth1542d ago

I want them to keep doing their Single Player DLC but a few co-op stages as an offshoot for the Multiplayer would be nice. As another way to help your clan survive, ya know?

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