Sonic vs Mario: Which Franchise Is Best?

Sonic and Mario have long been rivals in the platforming world, ever since the blue critter’s first game in 1991. Therefore, it is only natural that fans would pit the two legends against one another. However, since both franchises have existed for a few decades now, even spawning a spin-off Olympics series together, it seems like the right time to assess each franchise and see which is superior in quality.

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NYC_Gamer1700d ago

Mario games have been pure quality while Sonic has been on the slide for the past years

PopRocks3591700d ago

Gonna have to go with Mario on this one, and not just because I like Nintendo.

For one thing, Mario has not suffered a decade of subpar and outright BAD games the way Sonic has. Only NOW are we getting some decent Sonic games again. About three years ago and back it was a different story for a better portion of the decade.

thomasmiller1700d ago

Well if you go by personal taste for me it's Mario, i like both franchises but sonic has had more disappointing games than what mario has had, Sonic lost worlds how ever looks to be fantastic!! but I am looking so much more to Mario 3d world! i know some people like sonic better, but for me, it's always Mario!

LOL_WUT1700d ago

Both are good but i'll always prefer Sonic. I'll admit that SEGA has really botched up Sonic but guess what Mario is also getting their just look at 3D world with Mario in a cat suit and that quick money grab of NSMB2 U. ;)

Realplaya1700d ago

Um just say the Mario Franchise why is that so hard?

deafdani1699d ago

...yet that quick money grab of Mario Bros U is better than any Sonic game made since the Genesis / Dreamcast days.

Seriously, it's not even a contest. And I liked Sonic Colors and Sonic Rush a lot, too.

PopRocks3591699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

You're joking, right? Quick cash grab? At least that game was playable, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for most of Sonic's games between 2005 to 2011.

Futhermore, Sonic Colors and Rush don't even begin to hold a candle to Mario Galaxy or Mario 3D Land.

deafdani1699d ago

Pops, why are you replying to me? I used the "quick money grab" sarcastically, literally quoting Lolwut's own words... and in the process, pointing out that, money grab or not, Mario U is BETTER than any Sonic game...

So... why do you reply to me as if arguing? I'm pretty much saying exactly the same thing you said.

So, to explain it better: if Sonic Colors and Rush aren't on the same league as Mario Bros U. (a "cash grab"), then it's not even close to Galaxy (Galaxy 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, actually).

LOL_WUT1699d ago

@deafdani That's your opinion and i'm ok with that but as for Pop's comment it's just a prime example of what is wrong with the Nintendo community they get easily offended over the smallest of things. ;)

PopRocks3591699d ago


My bad, misconception on my part. Read your comment incorrectly. :/


Of course me disagreeing is also me taking offense. This is why I always call you a troll, you buffoon. You exaggerate and distort the truth. If this community and comment system wasn't such crap your bubble count would still be at the lowly 2 it used to be at.

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_QQ_1699d ago

So Mario in a penguin,frog, and racoon suit is fine but a cat suit isn't?

miyamoto1699d ago

Mario vs SONIC?

I thought this was settled a long time ago...

The real question is who handles their mascots better Ninty or Sega?

Sonic is way cooler than Mario but Sega is a disaster when taking care of their most famous franchise compared to nintendo. Firing Yuji Naka just after releasing Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Genesis is the worst move Sega has ever made ,the beginning of the end. while nintendo keeps Miyamoto even up to this day.

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