GTA 5 Fans Claim In-Game Police Are Racist Towards Black Main Character

According to a number of people who have published their findings across a number of social media websites as well as forums, it seems Grand Theft Auto 5′s police squad, the Los Santos PD, might be discriminating towards one of the game’s main characters, Franklin, who happens to black. A number of stories have claimed Los Santos PD have acted aggressively towards Franklin, such as by pulling up next to a cop car and honking or even playing a game of fetch with Chop.

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xHeavYx1668d ago

In related news, the level of stupidity of some people keeps rising

raWfodog1668d ago

I have not played the game yet but can those who have let me know if this sentence made any sense to you:

"A number of stories have claimed Los Santos PD have acted aggressively towards Franklin, such as by pulling up next to a cop car and honking or even playing a game of fetch with Chop."

The cops are acting agressively towards Franklin by pulling up next to cop cars and honking? Huh?

cleft51668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

That doesn't happen in my experience. I primarily play as Franklin and Trevor. From what I can tell people are actively aggressive towards Trevor, but I haven't had those experiences as Franklin. I have walked around with guns out and pull less aggro with Franklin then just normally walking around as Trevor and approaching people.

I am not saying it doesn't happen, but it hasn't happened for me and I spend a lot of time playing as Franklin and Trevor.

infamous-butcher1668d ago

I was Michael and stood in front of a cop, no guns out and got a wanted star. Literately just standing there was considered a crime.

minimur121668d ago

To be honest though, I don't see why it's such a problem.

GTA confronts:
Making fun of disabled people
Gang warfare

What's the matter with a bit of racism?

minimur121668d ago

I don't get it, the police play fetch?

And regarding acting aggressively, the person may've just bumped into someone and not realised. that gets the police on you if there's one nearby.
I still don't understand this bit:
such as by pulling up next to a cop car and honking
The police pull up next to a cop car and honking?

To be honest, it's pretty unclear what the discriminatory act is.

In GTA IV I remember punching someone so they went after me, running towards a policeman and getting them arrested :D

"one of the game’s main characters, Franklin, who happens to black."

"who happens to black."

Pintheshadows1668d ago

I tend to find that they react badly to me emptying the combat shotgun into one of their cars.

Bloody racists.

KazHiraiFTW1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

This shit is on like swerve 500. Franklin is all flossed up and he just be hittin it.

GT671668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

@ Xheavyx

best response ever!!

how could a video game image (character) be racist unless developers intention was to add it to the game.

no sense at all.

dont play games like GRAND THEFT AUTO to much racism in REAL LIFE surely dont want to play video game about it.

GT671668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

On a serious note:

what was the purpose of creating Gand theft auto?? so ill-minded people can practice shooting,killing, dis-respecting women is that the way to do it cuz you do it in a virtual world and find it fun??. is it how we men suppose to treat women?? even in a game?? cops harassing minorities?? some poor sap actions when High or drugged or drunk feel like they in Grand theft auto game might perform these action in real life. we all hear from time to time in the news young teenagers arrested for manslaughter of parents or girlfriend from playing such games. recently a teen was arrested and JAILED for hitting mom after she unplugged his ps3 in the middle of call of duty. (yahoo news) tuesday 24th sept.

bsquwhere1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

99% of people that play games like this don't act out. If that kid hit his mom its a combo of mental illness and bad parenting. Stop blaming objects for the action of others. Its called responsibility. I didn't watch Superman and then try to fly. I have common sense. Parents get your kids right in the head and don't let them play M rated Games. Idiots.

AngelicIceDiamond1668d ago

"Video Games Fry Your Brain." Applies to a good massive handful of people these days.

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Maddens Raiders1668d ago

Not sure about this, I haven't experienced it. If it turns out to be true then R* is just trying to "keep it real" lol.

LOGICWINS1668d ago

I like how nearly everyone refers to Franklin as "homie" when they first meet him because he's black lol. I like Michael and Trevor, but Franklin's my fave character of the three. I think he's the easiest to root for of the bunch since he's the underdog.

Never experienced any "extra" aggression from cops, but I'd be okay with it if true. Thats how it is in real life.

Pintheshadows1668d ago

I'm so glad someone else likes Franklin the best. I didn't expect to but I do. There is something inherently likable about him. I loved the intial conversation when he first meets Beverley. Made him seem real.

I see him and the centre for Michael and Trevor. He always brings them down to reality when they are at each others throats and I love the way he isn't afraid to stand up to them.

Thatguy-3101668d ago

GTA is a satire of today's society. People need to stop over thinking things and just enjoy the game.

abusador1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Indeed a satire, but being a so called minority living in NYC they hit on so many things truthfully, with and without exaggeration. Even though it takes place in what is suppose to be L.A.

Me and my ppls are constantly playing and laughing on how some of the depiction of certain types of ppl in regards to hipsters, minority, yuppies, etc,.. Is so close to truth.

And playing we didn't notice any difference between playing with franklin and the game reacting diff. As if I was trailer trash Trevor lol

Lighter91668d ago

",who happens to black." Really? How do you black something?

dmeador1668d ago

I think its a form of fixing/rigging something in a temporary way.

Tetsujin1668d ago

I'm black and I didn't notice any difference with Franklin and the police; if anything Trevor is a bigger target than Franklin.

I swear sometimes people will do ANYTHING for that 5 minutes of fame against something successful.

cleft51668d ago

Same here. I am black too and I have noticed that same thing happen in regards to people being more aggressive to Trevor. If anything, the cops are fairly neutral to Franklin.

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