Watch Dogs is 30FPS on PS4 & Xbox One

Watch Dogs will run at 30FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, creative director Jonathan Morin has told

"Right now the frame rate we're focussing on [is] a steady 30[FPS]," said Morin speaking to us at Eurogamer Expo this afternoon. "There's always a balance, especially for open world, between the simulation and the rest.

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gaelic_laoch1425d ago

It would be an awful shame if it turns out the PS4 got a gimped version!

solar1425d ago

This is your "Next Gen". Still years behind. It's laughable and totally infuriating at the same time. We are being sold a bill of goods.

Nekroo911425d ago

its their choice to make the game realistic, or your forgetting that when gta sa was launched it was locked at 25 fps unless you went to options....

georgeenoob1425d ago

Not surprised. A 60fps open world game with graphics like that isn't supposed to happen at the beginning of a new gen.

JP13691425d ago

What part of cross-gen launch title are you not able to understand?

DragonKnight1425d ago

I love how many people are b*tching about 30 FPS for games that DON'T NEED 60 FPS. Seriously. You people are whining about frames per second in a game where your response time isn't affected by frames per second. This isn't a shooter or a game that requires immediate response time. It's an open world game where you're supposed to take your time. I also find it laughable how many of you just ignore the development vision of some of these games and how developers may want to put the resources that would be used to make a game 60FPS into something that matters more to the game world in some way.

Get over the 60FPS. The human eye sees at variable FPS dependant on many factors so most people won't notice the difference unless they've been experiencing it on a normal basis. And for those of you that have been, suck it up nancy or stop playing on consoles and go back to your precious PCs and leave the rest of us alone.

solar1425d ago

Keep accepting a lower standard from these "Next Gen" consoles. All we have been told is about how powerful they are.

DragonKnight1425d ago

Low standard to who? You? I don't care about what your standard is. What if my standard places story or gameplay above petty non-concerns like frame rate? Is the frame rate going to help me understand why the antagonist is a an a$$hole? Is the framerate going to affect my opinion on how beautiful the art design of the game is? No. It won't. Standards are subjective. Where you throw a hissy fit over framerates, another won't care. Besides, you don't have any idea as to why these games are not at 60FPS but you automatically jump on "THE CONSOLES ARE UNDERPOWERED!!" Absolute lunacy.

thechosenone1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

And yet when you look at a game like The Division which is next gen only, it runs at 1080p/60fps and is open world.

MGSV which is a cross gen game will run at 1080p/ I can't understand why WD can't run at 60fps.

DragonKnight1425d ago

@thechosenone: Based on those two examples, it's not that WD CAN'T run at 60FPS, it's that Ubisoft has decided it's not necessary to run at 60FPS. They've decided that those resources are better used for something else.

Jaqen_Hghar1425d ago

"I am a 3d animator and have worked in the movie and video game industry for over 10 years and you fanboys are the worst wannbe tech people on planet earth. You have taken this 60fps bull crap and mutated it into your little calling card to validate the power of a system and for that you are stupid, ignorant, and totally lame.

When you go to a movie and watch legendary films like Star Wars, Full Metal Jacket, or The Avengers what the hell frame rate are you looking at you clowns???!!!!

When you watch Monday Night Football or an NBA baseketball game or the morning news what frame rate are you looking at you fools???!!!

Do you notice the difference between the look of a movie such a Star Wars to that of an NFL football game you idiots???!!!

Of course you do and it's all because of the mutherFn' frame rate. For movies the frame rate is 24 frames per second you stupid goons! And for an NFL football game or the morning news the frames per second is 30 frames per second you freaks!!!!

Frames per second is an artistic choice, it determines the LOOK of a game i.e. do you want your game to look and feel like a cinematic movie or do you want your game to look like a broadcast which is 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second for video games!!!!

Sure, it says a lot when you can turn on every graphical feature and your game can purr along at 60 frames per second but that's not the POINT of 60fps!!!! Again, it's a determination of how you want your game to look!!!

I personally prefer my game to MIMIC a movie. I want my Star Wars game or Lord of the Rings game to look EXACTLY like their movie counter parts which means they CAN"T operate at 60fps because that IS NOT a cinematic frame rate, that a video or broadcast frame rate!!!

So please, you idiots who preach this nonsense, just shut the F up!!! You don't have a clue on what you're talking about.

Everyone else- PLEASE copy and paste this message to educate the idiots!!!!


eman3d out!"

360ICE1425d ago

Well, your "current-gen" started out with blurry mess Need For Speed Carbon at 20fps around the bend, and it still managed to give us Most Wanted. Everything is gonna be alright.

Animal Mutha 761425d ago



I hate fanboys almost as much as I hate Pikeys and door to door salesmen but I'm not sure if I should congratulate you and say well said ( you are right in essence ), or express shock that somebody of your profession/education/expertise would get so wound up and resort to a tirade of abuse like that (just not the way you said it).

I've given up trying to have rational discussion with most people on this site which i have previously descibed as the 'Sunday sport of gaming news' and ' a Sony gang bang'.Perhaps you too should look for a more enlightened audience elsewhere - maybe gamers over 30 like ourselves.

If you find such an place where reason and common sense prevail please let me know so I can come with you :)

Vegrad4151425d ago


The problem with that thinking is that 30 fps 'might' be smooth enough, but only if stays at 30.

60 fps dipping under occasionally is much more bearable than 30 dipping down to 20. All these devs saying they are 'targeting' a set fps should make sure the game never gets BELOW the target, not that it runs at target but dips under 50% of the time.

patterson1425d ago


I'd much rather have a game with eye candy at 30 FPS, then bland textures at 60 FPS.

To each their own.


I'm starting to lose!

DragonKnight1425d ago

@Vegrad415: Well yeah, dips aren't fun but that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about people losing their minds because a multiplat cross-gen game is at 30FPS. The game is playable at 30FPS but look at the fanboy hate tirade as if to say it's not playable at all, like they can't enjoy it at 30FPS. That's pathetic.

Vegrad4151425d ago

I mostly agree with you. I play pc games quite a bit but I put up with 30 fps console games.

I feel like the fps dips are relevant though, because devs this gen seem to be okay with adding more post-processing at the cost of fps. If they say their target is 30 fps, I know that means less when there's a lot on screen. Even as a pc gamer, I would be okay with 30 fps IF they truly kept it no LOWER than 30.

Ps4Console1425d ago

Go to YouTube check the difference out between that amazing E3 footage & the game now you will literally be amazed at the difference .

blackmagic1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )


Most HD sports channels are 720p60 with some premium ones being 1080p60, HD news networks are 1080i30, HD movie networks can be 720p60, 1080i30 or 1080p30 and they all use a 3:2 pulldown because film is 24fps. Most HD broadcast tv today is shot 1080p24 and also uses 3:2 pulldown and broadcasts at 1080i30 or 1080p30.

Film is shot at 24fps because of very old standards based completely on the physical film media. Rolls of film were/are expensive so the less needed the better. Also, a higher framerate would mean that distribution would become more difficult due to the physical size of a roll of film that would need to be sent to theaters. Also, shooting at 24fps comes with a very rigid set of rules. For example, when panning the camera, there are very specific rates that need to be avoided because stutter is very evident at those pan rates. 24fps film is also flashed at 48fps in theaters (twice each frame) to help limit the eye's perception of stutter.

All of that is changing now though. The Hobbit was shot at 48fps and Cameron, that crazy canuck, is shooting the next Avatar movies at 60 fps. HDMI 2.0 was just announced and it supports all the way up to 4k resolutions at 60fps (possibly 120, still unclear) and LG has been showing 120fps 4k content on their UHD displays behind closed doors all this week at CEDIA.

I would expect someone who works in the animation industry would understand that the reason that film is still at 24fps actually has more to do with industry standards than anything else. You want your content to fully penetrate the market, to wring every last dollar out of every single possible viewer that you can and you can't do that if you create content that can't be played in every single venue so until higher standards are more universal we are stuck with 24fps in film but that is changing.

lilbrat231425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Amen to DragonKnigh. The game looks awesome at 30-FPS (Which my eyes could probably not tell the difference anyways). What I am pissed off about is that ALL the other consoles get on Nov. 22 and PS4 gets it on the 29th. WTF? I love that you can go into another players game and hack, Sweet.

UltimateMaster1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

You do realize that if a game is gimped for the PS4, chance are it's going to be the same port for PC, like it has for years for many games. Not all games, but a port nonetheless.

We want developers to start using more potential, not only of the PS4, but PC as well.

Maybe even that so-called-cloud that Microsoft's been gloating about that boost graphics, that could be used.

If the games are just identical ports then what's the point to all this higher technology? It's just being wasted away.

We want the best experience regardless of the platform.
Don't limit our experience.

solar1425d ago

oh DragonKnight. you are a funny chap. keep it up i like to laugh at you :)

AdamBombastic1425d ago

Oh my this is just sad. Maybe the guys comparing 24hz in movies to 24 fps in games should read a book or something instead of posting here.

24 fps is almost unplayable in most games. 24 fps is an "artistic expression"? xD

ShinMaster1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

It all depends on the type of game.

Watch_Dogs isn't a fast paced twitch competitive shooter.

Movies are 24fps. To me, a game with solid 30fps feels more cinematic.
Have you watched any TVs using motion interpolation features? Movies feel like cheap soap operas.

AdamBombastic1425d ago

@ above:

What does the soap opera effect have to do with gaming? Oh uh...absolutely nothing! That is caused from motion smoothing of 24hz content (film) to cable broadcast (30 or 60hz). Well you should get yourself a cheap PC, cap your framerate at 24 fps and see if the feels "cinematic". Its not apples to apples chief.

Cernunnos1425d ago

Indeed. Will be playing this on PC with 60fps+ and 1440p.

Dynasty20211425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Yeah, it's almost like the PC users were right all along about the hardware capabilities.

"Next gen" my ass.

NOW we will see the flood of "it's all about gameplay, not graphics" excuses like the Xbox fans are saying about RYSE's downgrade as the Xbox isn't powerful enough.

Yet yesterday everyone was arguing that the next-gen consoles were more powerful than PCs.

Smacks of pride-keeping to me.

Yesterday: "Hah, stupid PC elitists. The PS4 and Xbox One will be just as powerful! lol PC nerd losers!"

Companies announce graphical downgrades due to hardware limitations, 720p instead of 1080p, and 30fps instead of 60fps.

Today: "Yeah..well..who cares about graphics. It's all about the gameplay."

You console fans are like a bunch of kids.

BOLO1425d ago

No this is your "Law of Diminishing Returns". Next gen starts when that Law says so.

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Maddens Raiders1425d ago

@gaelic_loach - it's an awful shame /already/.

Beastforlifenoob1425d ago

Ive had enough people are saying "Remeber when ps3 was out so and so game was running at 30fps" Well PS3 at a extremely hard tech called cell tech and now the PS4 runs on x86 architecture which has been in use for years so what you get it what you will always get even 7 years in the future there will only be slight improvements and also learn about depreciating returns

Dynasty20211425d ago

Well I'VE had enough of console fanboys spitting in the faces of PC fans, when it turns out that the PC fans were right all along.

The "next-gen" hardware in the consoles is too old, already.

irepbtown1424d ago

I think people should go back to the article and read it again.

"Right now the frame rate we're focussing on [is] a steady 30[FPS]," said Morin

They are focusing on 30fps, nothing in the article says that 30fps is definitive like the articles title suggests. What I've understood from the article is that they will make sure the that the fps doesn't drop below 30.

And no Dynasty2021, look at how drastically the PS3 games evolved; Compare Resistance FoM to say The Last of Us, or the First Uncharted (Drakes fortune? I forgot) to Uncharted 3. Heck, look at Multiplats, GTA V, how R* did it with 8-9yr old hardware is unbelievable.
Don't ever write off consoles, I will say PC will always be one step ahead (technologically), but Consoles will always have the devs who will create games like Uncharted/TLoU, GTA and so on (same can't be said for PC).

Enough with my rambling, I expect 60fps to be the norm next gen but not necessarily at release or even 2014.