The Crew's New York is Bigger Than GTA 4's Liberty City And it's only one of 16 cities.

Ubisoft's upcoming MMO-racer The Crew will feature a version of New York City that's slightly bigger than Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City.
That's according to the game's lead designer Serkan Hassan, who made the claim when asked whether the game would be supported with additional location DLC in an interview with IGN. He also revealed that New York is just one of around 16 cities that will appear in the finished expect to lose a significant chunk of time if you want to see everything.

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gameseveryday1636d ago

Jaw officially dropped. But if it is running at 720P at 30 FPS on next gen consoles, I will be disappointed.

GrizzliS19871636d ago

dropped? why? we all know the details within these cities will be on par, or worse, with todays MMOs. bunch of empty dull space, especially if its designed to be raced in. Cars will go by so fast, you wont even notice the emptiness.

its got nothing on GTA5 and its lively city

Wizziokid1636d ago

The Crew is going to be massive and I can't wait!

Iltapalanyymi1636d ago

god dammit when i first heard about this gaem i was stunned and i knew i was going to get it!

wishingW3L1636d ago

a huge but empty map with nothing to do but drive around in a car. That's hardly impressive.

HeavenlySnipes1636d ago

This is probably the least exciting Ubi game they announced for next gen

Mr-SellJack1636d ago

aghhh..that's just plain wrong their's the fighter within and rocksmith...

HeavenlySnipes1636d ago

Lol that is true

I was talking in terms of the ones that would be worth actually playing

The Division, Watchdogs both look way more exciting then this

ion6661636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Yeah but i think its just scenery. can you actually get out of the car. at least that i know of you cant. but it is impressive non the least. reason being is that you can drive from the west coast to east coast like the cannon ball run.That should be fun.

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