The Last of Us: Future DLC Plans

Eric Monacelli Community Strategist at Naughty Dog: We’ve been hard at work making the DLC content for The Last of Us – and I know that all our Season Pass holders are eagerly waiting for any updates or news. Today, we’re revealing the first of three Season Pass DLC drops

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Abash1668d ago

Can't wait to see the new character in the story DLC, they may just be the protagonist of The Last of Us 2

Ezz20131668d ago

" The single-player DLC is currently planned for release around the December-January timeframe."

well, even though i wanted to play that dlc much sooner than that
my copy will never leave me
and will keep play it SP until they drop the story dlc

gaelic_laoch1668d ago

I want to play as Bill in his story from Bill's Town section!

Marcello1667d ago

You just wanna see more of Bill`s dirty mags

-Foxtrot1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I doubt they would the main characters in the sequel. To be honest I'd rather see Joel and Ellie again


The way he lied to her at the end is something you would see in a TV series where later on down the line it would come out and threaten their relationship. Like Breaking Bad where Brock poisoned Walt and Jessie eventually found out...even about Jane later on.

I don't know what would the sequel be about but I would like to think the first level would be an attack on the place they are heading to at the end of the game, where Joel brother lives and they have to leave. Maybe the Fireflies revenge...whats left of them.

sprinterboy1667d ago

Thx for ruining breaking bad for me

FullmetalRoyale1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Now I'm all caught up on Breaking Bad. *meaning you didn't spoil anything for me personally*

That being said, your post was some serious BS.

You can't say "Spoiler" and then expect the person reading your post to have read/watched/played everything in existence.

"Spoiler" ONLY includes the topic at hand.

If you have spoilers for OTHER things, you must include "spoilers for breaking bad".

That crap really pissed me off. THINK. THEN type.

-Foxtrot1667d ago

Realy just because I forgot one spoiler tag....guys it was a mistake....besides its one of the hottest tv shows at the minute nearing its finale if you were that bothered about the show you would of watched it when it was on or shortly after

Thatguy-3101668d ago

I want a 5 v 5 v infected :.( the different maps should freshen up the multiplayer I guess.

Plyzz1668d ago

Gotta love having bought the season pass :D Can't wait for the single player DLC!

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The story is too old to be commented.