Watch Dogs boss compares its Chicago map to GTA5's scale

Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has compared the game's fictional version of Chicago to Rockstar's chart-storming epic Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Psychotica1536d ago

Other modes remain "under wraps" Morin hinted. A fully free roam offering, perhaps? "We'll see about that," he smiles.

Wait, I thought we already knew it was free roaming\open world. Isn't this a free roaming game??

Conzul1536d ago what is it??? Wide Linear like the old Bioshock games?!?

CyrusLemont1536d ago

I'm pretty sure he was talking within the context of multiplayer gameplay. Single player mode is definitely free roaming/open world.

irepbtown1535d ago

But I'm sure it's free roam, remember the first gameplay video that was shown; At the end it had someone on roof top and we see the names of others who were (possibly) online.

I think Morin is just scaring us lol.

StraightPath1536d ago

going to be fun watching this game getting slapped by GTA 5 :)

TripC501536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Your life is boring if you find that fun...

MidnytRain1536d ago


That was hilarious for some odd reason.

Abdou0231536d ago

For someone with only 1 bubble, you need to think really hard before making any comments in the future.

LackTrue4K1536d ago

now that GTA5 has become a great success, every other game must be compared....
.....will see how Watch-Dogs compare @ release.

showtimefolks1536d ago

just please deliver a Vibrant world with interesting back ground and main story

i don't if its its just me, but UBI has shown this way too much. Yes i am still excited but we don't need to know the whole game and some of its surprises before release

RS do it best, announce the game quite for a long time than show few trailers than reviews

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5h4h4b1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Gta 5 is better than this game IMO.

Lol so many disagrees. All right man, I am taking back my statement :) happy now

KING851536d ago

I think you would need to play both games in order to make that statement. No? Unless you already have.

5h4h4b1536d ago

Well you are right my friend but I was only stating that because you can do so many things in gta 5. There are so many activities. I doubt there will be that much content in this game. But yeah, let's wait as you say.

isa_scout1536d ago

Why? I could tell by the trailers and videos that Duke Nukem Forever was gonna suck.... Or am I wrong maybe it's amazing. Should I play it to find out??? Why is everyone being douchebags just because the guy has an opinion.

kupomogli1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )


There's only three comments to him, so not everybody. But he hasn't played the game yet, which is true. Watch Dogs doesn't look like a bad game, and the game itself could possibly be better.

As for GTA5, after finishing the game all available missions and side missions, and most activities, the game is kind of boring to me. Online is going to remedy this I'm sure, but the game just feels dead unless you want to wander aimlessly or use a guide to search for collectibles, helicopter to the top of a mountain and sky dive, drive a vehicle off the top of a mountain, kill cops and max out your wanted level, etc. That stuff just gets boring really quickly, atleast to me, and I'm probably not the only one.

Additionally, being 35 hours to complete the game and all side missions, GTA5 also could still be worse even if Watch Dogs is a 20 hour game. What about controls? Character movement, shooting and melee mechanics, vehicle control, etc? If all of those elements of the game, and maybe more, are far and away better than what is on GTA5, 20 hours of gameplay could be better than 35 hours. Not necessarily, but just saying.

So when the person said he hasn't played it. He's correct. The person hasn't played it. How does he know if it's better or worse. I'll agree. In my opinion, the only reason people are praising GTA5 as much as they are is because they've yet to finish the game, they still haven't reached the point when the game just doesn't become enjoyable anymore.

Ps4Console1536d ago

Go take a look on YouTube at the finished game prepared to be shocked is it better that GTA I will leave that up to you all .

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5h4h4b1536d ago

I know bro. But so far from the videos I have seen I doubt it will be better than gta 5.

Visualift1536d ago

So jealous that you're already playing Watchdogs... /s

5h4h4b1536d ago

I already took back my statement bro :(

isa_scout1536d ago

Damn people are going crazy over a frakin opinion, right? I plan on buying Watchdogs on launch day with my PS4, but I 100% agree with you. From all the videos they've shown it kinda looks like a futuristic Assassins Creed(which I'm ok with) but GTA V is crazy good. Just wait til the Online for GTA V comes out on the 1st...Mind Blowing!!! There's a reason Ubi keeps comparing it to GTA...They're trying to ride the hype train all the way to the bank.

kupomogli1536d ago

I also think online is going to be good on GTA5, but not going to be overhyped about it so I'm not disappointed. After all the hype that surrounded Red Dead Redemptions online, and then it turned out to be pretty generic. Open world Red Dead Redemption with its own hunting and kill challenges, the forts could be played co op, and you could do a few different versus modes. I will say that the Undead Nightmare DLC does make it a bit more enjoyable for online, but still not as good as they made it out to be originally.

GentlemenRUs1536d ago

Any game with a proper wildlife outdoor countryside is a win in my books...

But nether-the-less I am getting this on the ps4 :)

Thomaticus1536d ago

I do believe that GTA V will be better; but I'm not going to commit to that until I've played Watch Dogs. I'm going to give it a chance to prove itself better. GTA V is at the top of its game... so I rather see what a Watch Dogs 2 does.

Cuders1536d ago

you got so many disagrees because on N4G if you dont tell people what they like to hear they lash out.

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KAEM71536d ago

Higher density could make all the difference between GTAV and WD. I am hoping this turns out great (not getting too much of my hopes up) and then it will surely get a lot of hours in my ps4 =)

steve30x1536d ago

Looking at what he says in the interview the map isnt as big as GTA V's map

Pintheshadows1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I don't think anyone expected it to be in fairness.

My main worry is that Watchdogs will feel as sterile as the first Assassin's Creed game.

cactusjack1536d ago

the city of Los santos was only a quarter of the map, now will watchdogs commit totaly to the chicago city and suburbs or are they going t make up various locations to bundle in with.

sigfredod1536d ago

Actually i´m more hyped for the watchdos concept than GTAV

Etseix1536d ago

it seems that some people know you are wrong about your own opinion. hahah GTA is an amazing game, but i agree with you. im also more interested on that concept than on GTA's.

Grave1536d ago

I agree too. Even though I absolutely love GTA V, I feel like I have done it all before. Watch Dogs looks like it might offer something more fresh.

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