Edge- Dragon’s Crown Review

Edge:The breasts get in the way. Dragon’s Crown’s 30GG bosoms have made any discussion of the game impossible without first acknowledging that, yes, those things are preposterous. While art director George Kamitani’s assertion that he exaggerates male characters’ masculine characteristics to the same extent holds water, the saucy fairy and spread-legged female monk don’t help combat the suggestion that Dragon’s Crown is wantonly objectifying women.

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NukaCola1517d ago

The boobs don't effect the quality of the game play. I get reviews are opinions but big boobs should not hurt a review.

TongkatAli1517d ago

The opening of the review tells me how much of a joke this whole review is going to be. Look at the scores under.


Yeah, stfu Edge.

XtraTrstrL1517d ago

Yup, just looking at all the credible review sites near perfect scores for this game, it just makes Edge less credible as a reviewer.

I've discussed the exaggerated boobs issue with a friend of mine, and it is kinda corny, but shouldn't be anything that adds to such a drop in score to such a quality game.

This just makes Edge look like a bunch of idiots.

One_Eyed_Wizard1517d ago

Seriously, yeah. The gameplay was awesome. It's a grindfest in endgame but fun nonetheless.

Thehyph1517d ago

They're supposed to rate the game, not the controversy.

Relative to your name: If games are rated with controversy in mind, then Fallout 1 and 2 would be awful games as you can kill children.
That's, definitly, not the case.

strigoi8141517d ago

If your a guy and the breast bothers you negatively while reviewing this game...there is something wrong with the manhood

fsfsxii1517d ago

Its that mostly women reviewed the game, or guys who haven't hit their BAZONGAS!

Sketchy_Galore1517d ago

I think it's a very nice thing that the enormously boobed woman is finally represented in a game. Most women in videogames are either athletically built or slightly voluptuous. The gamer who spends all day bouncing on a small trampoline in front of a video camera for her DIY monster boob fetish site deserves a game protagonist she can relate to and enjoy a game through after a hard day's work just as much as anybody else.

I think it's disgusting that the ginormously boobed are mocked and called 'ridiculous' when featured in a game, just because they happen to be a minority. If you can't get past the physical attributes of a videogame character just because they happen to be 'weird' or 'different' then I pity you sir but I will stand up for equal representation for the humongous boobed women in games until my last breath.

Thehyph1516d ago

When the reviewer talks about boobs as part of a video game review, aren't they being just as vain as the developers that they're accusing of being?

ruefrak1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

I've been obsessed with this game ever since I got it. The funny thing is that I don't see any boobs in the game. I'm playing through as the Fighter in a solo game so I very rarely seem anything breast related. And when they do come in, I'm not sure they effect the game at all. Great game, definitely worth playing.

And for a game with such depth and lengthy game play, that was the shortest review I've ever seen. It's like when a 5th grader is trying to rush through a book report.

jmac531517d ago

I am now convinced that Edge is run by a bunch of old geezers that hate videogames.

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