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Submitted by jtorry 863d ago | news

GAME to offer new PS4 bundles to phase 1 pre-order customers only

GAME will be stocking PS4 bundles for Phase 1 pre-order customers only, the retailer has revealed.

Full bundle details will be announced later today.

Customers will not need to do anything to their pre-order, with GAME promising to contact them soon in order to explain how they can change their order to take advantage of the deals. (PS4)

jay2  +   863d ago
Got my Email, they'll contact me next week! Erm, No, I'm going into store.
Thehyph  +   863d ago
That's sweet, dude!

Man, I would love for this to happen with ebgames in Canada. I would go for it immediately. I was going to buy everything in the bundle, anyway.
jay2  +   863d ago
You'll get bundles.
Thehyph  +   863d ago
Oh, for sure.

I just hope that I can get one day one like this.

I won't complain if I can't. I mean, you guys deserve that little something extra for the extra wait time.

I don't get upset at your superior instant game collection, either. I do, however, get upset that you guys find out the next month's free games weeks before us. -_- annoying trend on this side.
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grumpc  +   863d ago
Nice one! Anyone heard any news on UK Amazon releasing any bundles?
3-4-5  +   863d ago
makes sense, the first ones in should get first choice.
Dark_Overlord  +   863d ago
I got the email about an hour ago, mine mentions nothing about 'phases' though

"Thanks for preordering your PlayStation 4 from GAME. Your preorder is totally secure and your place in the queue for one of the biggest ever gaming launches is reserved!

We are happy to confirm that your console preorder is guaranteed for launch so will be ready to collect on 29th November 2013. We are currently working closely with Sony to confirm what bundles will be available and will be in touch next week with any additional options that are available to you. A member of staff from your local GAME store will give you a call to discuss your options as long
as we have a phone number for you. There is nothing you need to do at this stage, we will let you know next week if we need you to do anything."

Damn right I'm getting a launch console, I did pre order on 21st Feb XD
AGoodLittleEgg  +   863d ago
I got this email, and have already told them which bundle I want :D

We are happy to confirm that your console preorder is guaranteed for launch on 29th November 2013. We have been working closely with Sony and can now confirm that we have some PlayStation 4 bundles available to you, we just need you to let us know which one you would like:

1.PlayStation 4 console pack including GAME Exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall - £399.99
2.PlayStation 4 console pack including Watch Dogs - £399.99
3.PlayStation 4 console pack including Killzone Shadow Fall (Standard Edition), an additional Dualshock 4 controller and a PlayStation Eye Camera - £449.99
4.PlayStation 4 Console with GAME Exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall and DriveClub - £439.99
5.PlayStation 4 Console with FIFA 14 - £399.99
6.PlayStation 4 Console with Call of Duty: Ghosts GAME Exclusive Limited Preorder Edition - £404.99
SniperControl  +   863d ago
I just got the email as well, but it did not state any bundles, where did you get those from?
AGoodLittleEgg  +   863d ago
From GAME, from the same email they used to update me on info like when they announced the release date. It then links to a page on the game website with more information and how to upgrade your order. I'll take a screenshot.
AGoodLittleEgg  +   863d ago
Here it is:

I had to black out some of the url as it contained some of my details.
dalehitchy  +   863d ago
i got the same email as grandia guy... showing all the bundles

I'm wondering if it is really worth it changing, that means its £50 for a game if the console is £349. No doubt it will be cheaper to go to asda or something on launch day, i bet other shops will have offers.
AGoodLittleEgg  +   863d ago
Yeah the only one which you actually save money on is the bundle with the camera and extra controller with killzone. I've moved to that one.
SniperControl  +   863d ago
hmmm, i was one of the first to order at my GAME store, 22nd of Feb, day after announce.

Did you guys list your phone number for them to call?
bub16  +   863d ago
Its not worth it, amazon keep changing the price of their PS4 games. i got killzone and Cod ghosts for £80
monkey602  +   863d ago
Thanks for sharing dude. Appreciate it
sourav93  +   863d ago
I'm actually disappointed with prices of the bundles. I expected them to cost less than to buy the console and games separately. I've had my PS4 and 2 games (KZ:SF and Watch_Dogs) preorder on Amazon since May, and it would cost me £430 (£349 for PS4 and £91 for the 2 games). If I were to get the KZ bundle and buy Watch_Dogs separately, it would cost me £450, and vice versa. The only good bundle I can see is the one with KZ SF, the 2 controllers and the camera. I hope the prices on Amazon are different.
CRASHBASHUK  +   863d ago
I been seeing people having different emails I think its to do with where you pre-ordered like in store or online
SniperControl  +   863d ago
yeah, you are right, just confirmed by somebody who works for Game.
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   863d ago
3.PlayStation 4 console pack including Killzone Shadow Fall (Standard Edition), an additional Dualshock 4 controller and a PlayStation Eye Camera - £449.99

Damn I was expecting it to be £429.
The bundle is 499 euro which converts to £429 but unfortunately not this time.
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   863d ago
My shop is only selling a few ps4´s and thats the pre ordered ones unless theres one or two left that has not been pre ordered and that only lucky ppl who get there first can buy them meanwhile mine is reserved :)
tigertron  +   863d ago
Sainsbury's had better get in touch. I pre-ordered in store...
Wizziokid  +   863d ago
Any news on what Amazon are going to do?
Visualift  +   863d ago
Still waiting on this... wouldn't mind grabbing this bundle.
RWilki84  +   863d ago
I've been in touch with Amazon and after enquiring this was the response i got.

"Sony has announced that there will be a number of PlayStation 4 console options available at launch, offering some fantastic titles and great money-saving bundles. If you’ve already pre-ordered solus Sony PlayStation 4 with, we will contact you shortly with further information."

Hope this helps
My_Outer_Heaven  +   862d ago
Still no email... and I pre-ordered from game in June :(

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