Hideo Kojima Visits his “Hero Friends” at Sony, Feels that the Future he imagined is Becoming Real

While he recently built a solid relationship with Microsoft, Hideo Kojima’s true raise to fame started on PlayStation, so it’s not surprising that he’d be fond of quite a few people at Sony.

Today he visited them, and expressed that the future he imagined five years ago is becoming real, even if he's already thinking ahead.

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HelpfulGamer1819d ago

Sony did made Robot Dog Aibo & Humanoid Robot Qrio.

Based on that, does Kojima mean that mass-produce Metal Gear is now possible?

miyamoto1819d ago

Are those Hero Friends just happens to be my heroes too,?
Fox Hound and Naughty Dog, wow?

Cryptcuzz1819d ago

Fox Hound and Naughty Dog.
They are truly the top dogs.

Godlovesgamers1819d ago

I think the "hero friends" he's referring to are the ones that write the checks.

TBONEJF1819d ago

But didn't his career started on NINTENDO WITH METAL GEAR?

LordNikon1819d ago

I think it did. But he became popular because of MGS, which was made on PS platforms.


Not at all.

Kojima became famous with his first game, Metal Gear, which released in August 1987, on MSX2 (an open format early home computer standardized by ASCII and Microsoft). A NES version (which Kojima openly criticized many times for some changes he never intended) would only appear in Japan some months later (and almost an year later everywhere else for that platform) but Kojima was not involved with the ports as he was already working on Snatcher.

And if you think that later or not it was NES who brough him fame, well, think again... NES was so irrelevant for Metal Gear that Metal Gear 2 was exclusive to MSX2 (and japan only, remained like that 'till 2004, when it released as a mobile game).

MSX2 may look like some obscure console for someone in North America, but as hot as 8-bit consoles were back in the day, early home computers like that were just as relevent in Japan (and many other areas in Asia, Europe, South America and Middle East), so it was that version that got the japanese gaming media all jumpy over the game.

You're not the first person I see believing Kojima started on NES, it just happens that NES version of Metal Gear was the first Americans could have heard of Kojima, but fact is Metal Gear was never successful on NES... In fact, many if not most western people only learn of Kojima and Metal Gear franchise with the release of Metal Gear Solid on PS1, by 1998 (11 years after his breakthrough).

It would only be by 2000 that Kojima would, by the first time, work on a game for a Nintendo platform, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, for Game Boy Color... Which is actually funny, because when he started on Konami, in the early 80's, and was assigned to MSX division, he complained he wanted to work with NES because of the better color pallete (yup, Kojima had been that guy who complains about wanting better hardware from day one, even when we was an inexperienced programmer who gets picked by everyone else).

So we can discuss if the platform that gave Kojima his fame was MSX2 (as MG made him famous, but mostly over Japan) or PS1 (MGS brought in the western audiance), but sure it was not NES... Despite even Kojima himself desiring for it early on his career! LOL

ShinMaster1818d ago

I can't believe some people actually think that Metal Gear started with Nintendo.

The NES version was a highly butchered and downgraded port of the game on the MSX.

And the franchise didn't get huge until the Solid series began on the PS1.

drsfinest721819d ago

I love Xbox. But honestly mgs should of stayed exclusive to Sony along with kingdom hearts.

SirBradders1819d ago

Money my friend money, the root of all evil.

KING851819d ago

It's the "love of money" and not money alone that is the root of all evil.

claudionmc1819d ago

Money is neutral. Love of money is the issue

Omegasyde1819d ago

Money doesn't kill people.
People kill people.

Oh wait..wrong topic.

KwietStorm1819d ago

@KING85 @claudionmc

That's exactly why money is the ROOT of evil. It has to have a start. It doesn't mean money is only the root of evil.

Salooh1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people

Sorry , i just wanted to say this for a long time xD . That's from GTAIV

TedCruzsTaint1819d ago

Bringing games to a wider audience is now "evil"?

ThanatosDMC1819d ago


Sadly, we all need it.

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thereapersson1819d ago

It's so identifiable; most people couldn't call out a system association with the Metal Gear series until PlayStation thanks to Metal Gear Solid. Now you ask most gamers and they automatically think of PlayStation.

PeaSFor1819d ago


but... isnt MGSV a XBONE exclusive like Major"Douche"Nelson said?

MWong1819d ago

LOL @ PeaSFor
I see what you did there.

While I like the fact that it will broden the experience for gamers I agree some titles should just stay on 1 platform.

0pie1819d ago

You know... when you do a game and you look at sony and you say well... if we stay exclusive to sony we would make 10 000$ with this game and if we go multiplatform we could do 20 000$ with this game.

I think its just logic that such games goes multiplatform in a business standpoint. But as a fan, yeah, it sucks.

Magicite1819d ago

look at FF13/-2 sales on PS3 and then on X360, make a conclusion.

DOMination-1819d ago

Ff13 sold like 2m on 360. Whilst thats way below the ps3 version, are you suggesting that SE would have made more money without those 2m extra sales?

Omegasyde1819d ago


But remember-When games goes multiplatform they make the games equal.

If the lowest common denominator is Console A is weaker than Console B, that the the Game on Console B will look the same as Console A.

Ratty1819d ago


It's possible the cost of porting the game was close to or more than what it sold for on 360.

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Magicite1819d ago

Totally! And don't forget Final Fantasy XV!

Unlimax1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Remember Sony Conference ?

That's their last words at Sony Conference ಠ_ಠ
And then its turns out to be something nobody expects ..
The exclusivity abruption announcement with KH3 was literally a stab in the back :(

redwin1819d ago

I think he was talking about what MS is doing with dome games, making tv shows tied to the games so the gamers dictate the outcome if the episode. Maybe he wants Sony to do that so he can comeback to be exclusive.

hqgamez1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

(a good comment someone wrote, I would totally agree)

"Sorry Kojima but after all that paid talk you said about how wonderful the xbone is and then the xbone fiasco since E3 and how bad it has turned out to be I have lost respect for you.

I know this is business but if it was me I would have paid some respect to the platform that catapulted my career and in your case that was PlayStation."

The same should go for Square Enix

noctis_lumia1819d ago

well said

kojima would be a nobody if it wasnt for psone-ps2

he is what he is today thx to sony

Imalwaysright1819d ago

As a MGS fanboy I think that the more people that get to play it, the better. Every gamer should be able to experience masterpieces like MGS. Be a fan of gaming, not systems or multi-billion $ companies.

Bundi1819d ago

For what reason? So now people should have to keep buying Sony consoles to play 3rd party games? No that's bull, I'm glad more people are being afforded the opportunity to play Metal Gear games.

nooneknows1819d ago

No man, I think everyone should have the chance to play those games.

fullmetal2971819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I disagree why not share the love? Kingdom Heart and MGS are amazing franchises and there are a demographic of people who doesn't know about it or it's not on their console of choice. Making it multiplatform is a great way to spread it the masses.

NateCole1819d ago

Well as a PS fan i love mgs so much that i really dont mind others playing it as well. Kojima has proven himself time and again and MGS5 will be the best yet so all is good.

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pyramidshead1819d ago

Still can't believe this dude is like 50. Do they age backwards in Asia?

first1NFANTRY1819d ago

must be all that home made herbal tea regimens

pyramidshead1819d ago

@at all above

lol well played.
Probably a clone made out of nanomachines that runs on herbal tea regimens

Inception1819d ago

We like to eat tofu, lots of tofu. Oh and drink ginger tea too. But most likely we asians love to cloning ourself ^^

Magicite1819d ago

Fish and green tea is very healthy and good for body.

thisismyaccount1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Nah, just look how women look at that age over there..

oh wait!

62 year old asian woman

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DEEBO1819d ago

no he just took care of himself.i see people take care of everything accept their body' now that's backwards.look at my new whatever it might be but you're body looks and feels like you know what.but back on topic.he might be finally getting his MGS movie going.