PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Screenshots Showing… A Modern Apartment

You’re used to see screenshots of the PS4 exclusive Deep Down showing dragons, knights and moldy dungeons, but today you get to see something entirely different in the form of... a modern apartment.

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NatureOfLogic1698d ago

I can't wait to play this. I'm hyped for this game.

Infamous2981698d ago

Somehow, this game is hated by alot of the xbots who think ryse is better than Deep Down.

SoulSercher6201698d ago

If Ryse isn't winning in graphics they'll find illogical reasons to hate on it I'm sure.

redknight801698d ago

That is pretty hilarious to think of people comparing a full retail game to a free-to-play game. By my own logic, I would assume Ryse would dominate all categories of comparison, to think that there are some grey areas and that Deep Down might even be better in some areas is amusing to me and makes me more confident in my decision to get only one console (PS4) for next-gen instead of owning both like I do now.

inveni01698d ago

Yeah. With Deep Down being Free-to-Play, it gets a few passes, though the development team doesn't seem to be needing them at this point. The only thing that worries me right now is the tight corridors and strange javelin mechanics.

redknight801698d ago

@inveni0 yeah I have the same concerns. With screenshots of the modern world like this, it is clear the game is more than just walking dungeon to dungeon so I would assume there are some non-claustrophobic maps and areas and I would reckon they will improve the game mechanics further. Either way, I am definitely intrigued by this title and I hope it turns out well.

UnHoly_One1698d ago

I have hated on the game a little, but it has nothing to do with Ryse.

I just HATE the whole Free-to-Play model of gaming. I was excited about this game until they announced that. Now I won't know for sure until I get to try it myself, but I have yet to encounter a F2P game that wasn't designed poorly, in that it almost forces you to buy stuff to have a chance. (Or at least to have a chance without grinding for HUNDREDS of hours.)

I would much rather buy a game for 60 dollars and have it designed to be played without buying any add-ons, than get the game for "free" but then have to nickel and dime my way to victory. It just annoys me.

So that's my 2 cents. I think the game looks fantastic, I WANT to like it, but I hate F2P so much that I just can't imagine it's going to be good.

Eonjay1698d ago

This game looks great.

Beastforlifenoob1697d ago

Wanna know why its hated, even though I will be purchasing a PS4 yes a PS4 so dont call me an XBOT simply because I dislike a game coming to this console and hating it is not hating PS4 because its not even developed by SONY.

Its freemium ok and the only word you hear there is "free" but I hear alot more. Its capcom who are greedy pigs, and almost all (i said almost) freemium games are ridicolous rip offs, how many times do you see A kid spend $1,000 dollars on one game on an mobile device and their parents get upset. To buy everything in almost all freemium games will cost you hundreds of dollars. And usually is the case where the amount of money hitting the screen determines your ingame skill.

Imagine playing and you approach and EPIC ASS CASTLE and as you get closer to the entrance a message pops in your face "Would you like to pay $3.99 to continue?"

Im not saying Rhyse is better but in this game they will constantly ask for your wallet (and dont say look look he pretends to know the future, this is what ends up effecting 99% of freemium games)

The graphics are nice but the fundamental business practice capcom will most likely be applying will be questionable to many including my self.

Simply because you hate a specific game on a console doesnt meaning "Your trolling the console" or your an "xbot".

Then you can call all the people hating on Rhyse (alot of them byt he way) PS4 fanboys, when they actually have viable reasons.

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NukaCola1698d ago

Two different games, no need for the hate.

The X1 got DR3, PS4 got Deep Down.

Move on haters.

HiddenMission1698d ago


Your logic fails hard and here's why DCUO is free to play and is doing smash numbers and constantly growing in accounts yet other MMO's are losing accounts.

Don't write free to play off as being inferior because I've played many a AAA title that should have been free to play and many a free to play that should have charged full price.

Do you see what I'm saying.

redknight801698d ago

@Hidden Mission, sorry for not making it clear but I don't feel they are automatically inferior but just that I have the mindset in my head that a full retail game should be leaps and bounds above a F2P game in terms of graphics and other aspects. I don't really play many F2P games but will surely be doing so with the PS4 and games like this. It is really more of a bias that I feel a retail game "should" be better since I am investing so much more into it. I am just now starting to see how F2P games can indeed be quality and, for example, I am also so excited for Warthunder so as I start playing more F2P games, I am sure my bias will no longer be :)

Goku7811698d ago

It's like Playstation Home with dragons and better graphics.

bicfitness1698d ago

It's actually more like Assassin's Creed + Soul Sacrifice + Dark Souls. The "reality" in the game takes place in a modern era, and you "relive" past experiences via a currently unknown mechanic (something to do with technology). But like Soul Sacrifice, your character retains the loot + levels they acquire while past-diving.

In any event, it looks amazing. One of my most anticipated next-gen titles. I love MMORPGs, but their mechanics and systems always degrade into a tedious endgame, so a MP/ endless dungeon adventure - with co-op - is exactly what I'm after.

MazzingerZ1698d ago

Would it cover different eras in the same game? That's pretty awesome in that case, it reminds me the scene from predator where it had several "trophies" from beating heroes/warriors from different historical eras

Hope CAPCOM support this game and delivers a great online

Dreamer13021698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

The theme of this game always makes me think of .hack.

Which is awesome!

FamilyGuy1698d ago

Ever heard of Sword Art Online?
It's an anime that relatively new but follows a similar theme.

Dreamer13021698d ago

I have heard of it but never watched, will check it out, thanks!

madpuppy1697d ago

Sword art online is a great anime, I sure hope they make a third season arc.

gaelic_laoch1698d ago

I can't wait to get Deep Down inside this game!

Infamous2981698d ago

That sounded so wrong! Me and my dirty mind LOL.

Wizziokid1698d ago

I can't wait to go... Deep Down!

weirdo1698d ago

in glasgow we call it deep doon! gonna get this game, looks great.

CEOSteveBallmer1698d ago

LOL that made me laugh, I really love Scottish accent. its so difficult to imitate unlike british accent.

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