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Check Out this Killzone: Shadow Fall new footage from Eurogamer Expo

Some new multiplayer footage of a rainy, night map straight from Eurogamer Expo. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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THC CELL  +   489d ago
Looks amazing
Insomnia_84  +   489d ago
Day one! KZ MP is awesome! I have KZ and BF4 reserved on release day.

Gameplay starts at 1:30 btw
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Alexious  +   489d ago
I hope my GTX 680 can handle BF4 just fine.
I_am_Batman  +   489d ago
I really love the idea of the highly customizable Warzones. It should bring a lot of new, fun modes to the game.

@Alexious: You shouldn't get any problems I think.
SniperControl  +   489d ago

I to will be getting BF4 on PC to, just hope my overclocked GTX670 SLI can handle it?

Would you know if BF4 uses Phys X, as i have a dedicated GTX570 in there as well to handle it.

Saying that, am still looking forward to KZ:SF and my PS4!
Ezz2013  +   489d ago
this game just keep looking better and better every time i see it
WarThunder  +   489d ago
The particle effects are fantastic! The best on any game!
mdluffy  +   489d ago
Looks fucking awesome, can't wait!
this in 1080p and 60 fps :D
Ohlmay  +   489d ago
Looks gorgeous, definitely shows off next-gen, although I'm not really into arcadey-style CoD shooters, looks promising if you're into that style of FPS
SniperControl  +   489d ago
Looks fantastic, by far exceeds anything i have so far on next gen consoles.

Really looking forward to this.
Sarobi  +   489d ago
Just 49 days left.
SniperControl  +   489d ago
63 for us UK peeps :(

i am so jealous of you right now.
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HolyDuck  +   489d ago
Looks nice, but it'll always be a generic FPS. Same with Titanfall, but it has robots in it, not looking forward to any of these generic games we have plenty of this generation.
Ohlmay  +   489d ago
I dunno man, parkour, mechs and campaign integrated with MP, Titanfall could reboot the FPS genre. It's not winning this many awards for nothing.
abusador  +   489d ago
Starhawk had all of the above recently and did it well but scored lower because it was mainly mp focused and had a semi campaign tutorial, the bias in media is insane bcus titan fall is basically all mp but I bet it won't lose points in tht,. And oh Starhawk has had dedicated servers since day one,
LiQuiZoN  +   489d ago
Hey Ohlmay,

"Campaign intergrated into MP".
Listen man, This is just another marketing way of saying...This is a Multiplayer ONLY game, so do not expect an extensive single-player campaign and YES you'll still pay 60$.

It should not be one of your bullet points. Its a NEGATIVE for us customers not a positive. ugh.

I wish people would start reading in between the lines.
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DialgaMarine  +   488d ago
@Abusador Glad to know someone else out there appreciates Starhawk. That game was truly fantastic, but it got shat on because of the underpar campaign. Funny thing is that 90% of games these days put empasis on MP, feature shitty campaign as a result, but still get highly rated because of hype. A gem like Starhawk comes around, and suddenly not having a brilliant campaign is a sin. F*ck game reviewers.
gaelic_laoch  +   489d ago

Football is just Football, it's been played for over 100 years but still has a massive following! Is Football Generic?

It's time people need to change the way they think about games as the days of groundbreaking totally new methods of gameplay are dwindling! Gotta work with what we have now!
nikrel  +   488d ago
You troll everything, how do you even have 3 bubbles?
PowerPlayaaa  +   489d ago
You cant compare COD gameplay to killzone. Killzone has more of that weighty realistic feel. Killzone has its own style and its famous for just that. While COD Has more of that arcadish type of feel. I dont know if your being honist and reallyyyy dont know nothing about killzone. Or you just trolling. But eather way. Killzone will always be killzone and will always have that realistic feel while COD will always have that arcade feel to it..

But daaaaamn. Killzone looks more Beautiful everytime i see it. This is the title that screams NEXT GEN. and the amazing thing is, its a launch title :-o

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DEEBO  +   489d ago
killzone is great franchise.most try to dismiss as a bland shooter only because it's a sony game.
Aussie_Spectre  +   489d ago
I love how we keep on getting PS4 related news every day and it's still under 2 months away from launch.
thejoker1000  +   489d ago
this is true next gen people
first1NFANTRY  +   489d ago
silky smooth gameplay. can't wait to experience this gem. i really like GG they always make great games.
Alexious  +   489d ago
I can't wait to hear about their new IP.
kwiksilver99  +   489d ago
it looks real smooth..awesome
sandman224  +   489d ago
This game is the reason to buy a ps4 on day one. I love the series.
drsfinest72  +   489d ago
Looking goood. Hope people at Sony camp enjoy this game. It looks solid.

Maybe in the future I'll buy a ps4 with my income tax :D
abusador  +   489d ago
Confirmed best looking next gen launch game but infamous will take the cake when its released.
pandehz  +   489d ago
There is something about the fov or level design that makes it look cramped. Using eyepiece its even worse, kinda hard to gauge distance and enemies are like icons. Not happy with this. They should drop it to 30fps and give better fov and larger range.
pabadamus1  +   488d ago
Gorgeous. Can't wait
Sadist3  +   488d ago
Uh! you guys that think this game looks good obviously never heard of battlefield. Hell, even crappy call of duty looks better than this. This multiplayer gameplay looks generic. What's so amazing about it? Run and shoot guys in a cramped map?
PowerPlayaaa  +   488d ago

I smell envy in you.
To say that both COD and BF4 looks better then this on consoles is just pure hatred to the ps4 console you obviously have,
Weather you dont like it, KZSF blows every other title to the bottom of the lake when we are talking about the games in technical terms.
KZSF is THE best looking launchtitle for the next gen consoles. If you cant even see and admit that, well. Then I smell alot of jealousy and hate in you.
And BTW. Have you even played the killzone games and the warzone mode that they have in the killzone games? Thats not a run and shot type of game. Its all about teamwork and skill. Go on and play your noob friendly arcade type of games, I for one is going to have a BLAST with KZSF, its all about skills ;-)
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sigfredod  +   488d ago
oh man i can´t wait
Xsilver  +   488d ago
i love the maps.

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