Check Out this Killzone: Shadow Fall new footage from Eurogamer Expo

Some new multiplayer footage of a rainy, night map straight from Eurogamer Expo.

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Insomnia_841098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Day one! KZ MP is awesome! I have KZ and BF4 reserved on release day.

Gameplay starts at 1:30 btw

Alexious1098d ago

I hope my GTX 680 can handle BF4 just fine.

I_am_Batman1098d ago

I really love the idea of the highly customizable Warzones. It should bring a lot of new, fun modes to the game.

@Alexious: You shouldn't get any problems I think.

SniperControl1098d ago


I to will be getting BF4 on PC to, just hope my overclocked GTX670 SLI can handle it?

Would you know if BF4 uses Phys X, as i have a dedicated GTX570 in there as well to handle it.

Saying that, am still looking forward to KZ:SF and my PS4!

Ezz20131098d ago

this game just keep looking better and better every time i see it

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WarThunder1098d ago

The particle effects are fantastic! The best on any game!

mdluffy1098d ago

Looks fucking awesome, can't wait!
this in 1080p and 60 fps :D

Ohlmay1098d ago

Looks gorgeous, definitely shows off next-gen, although I'm not really into arcadey-style CoD shooters, looks promising if you're into that style of FPS

SniperControl1098d ago

Looks fantastic, by far exceeds anything i have so far on next gen consoles.

Really looking forward to this.

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The story is too old to be commented.