New God Eater 2 Info, Artwork and Screenshots Introduce Character, Aragami, Link Support System

Namco Bandai just released a new batch of information, artwork and screenshots of God Eater 2, that is going to hit the shelves in Japan on November the 14th.

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nope1111537d ago

Please come to the west.

Rikuson11537d ago

There is a likely chance it will. I'm anticipating this game. Just was playing God Eater Burst free from Ps+ a couple months back.

TomahawkX1537d ago

I have the first game free thanks to PSN+ but I gotta finish Soul Sacrifice before I dive in. Anyways, this looks great and Namco Bandai has been on a role when it comes to localizing.

paul-p19881537d ago

God Eater Burst is amazing, it's pretty much Monster Hunter with an actual storyline and faster paced action. Which, imo, were the 2 things Monster Hunter needed to make it an even better game (especially as i was a Hammer user in that, so damn slow to use them lol)

drizzom1537d ago

Man... this needs to be localized man. It has to make it over somehow some way.