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Submitted by NatureOfLogic 868d ago | news

Microsoft confirms Xbox One only has 5 minutes of recording

Although this previously seemed nailed down, comments by Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison yesterday during his Eurogamer Expo talk re-opened speculation about how long Xbox One’s DVR capabilities would allow you to record game footage. While showcasing Xbox One’s Upload Studio, Harrison said users could record ”as much or as little as they wanted.” Microsoft now says that these comments were taken out of context, and that the previously known figure of 5 minutes recording time is still correct. (Xbox One)

JimmyLmao  +   868d ago
hmm i guess 5minutes is okay if you just want to save a quick/funny moment

but it is not enough for the entire gameplay of a match of TDM or something

I think 15minutes is the right amount

but hey, they both have external capture card support, so i guess it really doesn't matter, unless you dont want to buy a capture card.
Septic  +   868d ago
Can you not keep recording the last 5 minutes over and over? We really need to see how this works.
majiebeast  +   868d ago
Why is it every time Phil Harrison is on stage it leads to confusion. We are all joking he is a spy from Sony but at some points i actually think he is.
black0o  +   868d ago
wasn't this an old news
NukaCola  +   868d ago
I thought Jokesonyou and his peeps said that this was 5 mins on top of the auto 15 minute record feature. I guess that was all a lie. Can MS do anything ethical or right the first time? So many lies and 180s and excuses. Why would anyone support MS and not care enough to encourage them to actually change for the better? It's disgusting really.
Mystogan  +   868d ago
There has been this misinformation circling around.

It saves 5 minutes AUTOMATICALLY.

And as much as you want MANUALLY. You have to say "Xbox Record".
UltimateMaster  +   867d ago
Old news.

Phil Harrison goes on stage, says the Xbox Cloud will improve graphics and streams Halo 4 on a smartphone.

And I'm like; Isn't that Exactly what Sony Plans to do with the Gaikai technology on Smartphones, PC, Tablets, Vita Remote Play with PS4 and so on.

Yeah, perfect promotion for PlayStation.
"Not Halo 4 obviously, but a ton of PS3 games will be playable on Smartphones with Gaikai."

Then again, Phil Harrison was hired by Gaikai, so I'm assuming he knows a thing or two about Cloud Technology.
gaelic_laoch  +   868d ago
You would like to thinking having to pay for Gold to use this service would get you more time!!!!

Edit: to those that thumb down ye must just love throwing money at XB Gold and getting nothing in return!
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Nabbic  +   868d ago
Exactly. If I was in charge of the Xbox, I would have looked at it this way:
"Okay, so the PS4 offers 15 minutes for free. We'll offer 20 minutes for free, AND an additional 20 minutes to Gold members. Giving a total of 40 minutes - 25 more than the PS4".
"Okay, so the PS4 offers 15 minutes for free. Err... 5 minutes. For Gold members only. Gentlemen, I have a good feeling about this gen".
MajorMayhem70  +   868d ago
We pay for Gold cause XBL has the better online experience. I have Playstation Plus as well and aside from the free games it isn't on par with XBL. Of course that's my opinion but if you don't have both then your opinion will automatically be lopsided. As far as the next generation of gaming is concerned, I'll be paying for Gold because there will be 300,000 servers to enhance my online experience even further. I'll still have PS Plus as well and look forward to see what up grades the PS4 will do to their online service.
boing1  +   868d ago
5 minutes is probably a hardware limitation. I've got a hunch this feature was added after PS4 reveal.
abusador  +   868d ago
Major mayhem....

I call bs on your online talk. This gen most games were p2p across all consoles reliant on host ISP there was no difference between online play on ps3 or level if anything ps3 had more games with dedicated servers, take that crap myth somewhere else. I played great online on ps3 with minimal issues. Definitely not worth the extra u put out with live and all the plastered adds
sobotz  +   868d ago
I thought they already announce this a few months ago.
KwietStorm  +   868d ago
Read the article. Or just read the excerpt at the top of this page.
r1sh12  +   868d ago
having a built in PVR in this case is completely pointless.
MS have missed the point entirely, they could have sold an add on accessory for a decent price and made money on it, but MS decided they want to make us buy kinect.
Thank goodness I am not buying the Xbone
OrangePowerz  +   868d ago
They might have just added it after Sony announced it.
DOMination-  +   867d ago
I think that seems quite likely ^

MS really seemed to be off guard with the ps4 reveal and xb1 is rushed because of it. Surely MS knew it was time for next gen. Everyone else did.
BallsEye  +   868d ago
5 minutes is more than enough. Don't want the servers to be flooded with videos of 5 hours of useless gameplay or whatever because people got nothing else to do so they just record and upload just about anything.
SoulSercher620  +   868d ago
I seriously hope that's a joke.
bryam1982  +   868d ago
Lol xbone keeps getting better and better huh? Ps4 the master machine
Mystogan  +   868d ago
5 minutes automatically. Unlimited manually. This is a non-issue.
NatureOfLogic  +   868d ago
More MS clarification. They need to get everyone on the same page.
HolyDuck  +   868d ago
Isn't clarification better than letting people speculate when they're wrong, and them ultimately being let down because it wasn't as nice as they expected?
Blackdeath_663  +   868d ago
yes it is but when you have two stories going on it leads to even more speculation. MS seem so disconnected everytime they try and convey a message. disconnected not only from the gamers but also from themselves. easy solution is for phil spencer (the only one who seems to be at the forefront not making an major slip ups) to flat out deny or confirm any rumours or speculation much like shuhei yoshida is doing provided he doesn't use all the PR bullshit that he always does and just gives a straight yes or no answer
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Kayant  +   868d ago
In this case I have to disagree the media is to blame here. They decided to spin it even though it's been already established that it was 5 mins before the media decided to take what Phil Harrison said out of context well it least it don't take about 2 weeks like the fifa incident or 3 days like Ryse.
Freedomland  +   868d ago
PS4 not only records but also shares any moment that has already passed but you still want to share with your friend, you can go fifteen minutes back, choose, edit and upload. XB1 can only record five minutes.
I think XB1 needs Live Gold to record, without internet it won't record.

PS4 can do with just touch of a button.

Decide yourself.
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DOMination-  +   867d ago
Good luck sharing your content when not connected to the internet.
Freedomland  +   867d ago

But atleast you can record, keep it, share it later.

Good luck even thinking about recording with XB1 when not connected.
gaelic_laoch  +   868d ago
5 mins is about as long my patience is for M$ at the moment!
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falviousuk  +   868d ago
yet you spend far more time trolling xbox related articles for something you are not interested in.
gaelic_laoch  +   868d ago
Gaming interests me in general and believe it or not I honestly hand on heart do not want to see XBOX fans getting screwed over! :)

But that does not mean I will ease up on my harsh attitude towards M$!

I fully intend on picking up their console in the future once I am happy I am getting what I expect and paid for!
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Intentions  +   868d ago
I'm not much of a gameplay recording type, well tbh I don't care for the feature at all, but for the people who do, does it mean [even though it is really inconvenient] I can record 5 mins, then continue recording until I stop, eg a entire mp match? Or is it ONLY 5 mins at a given time?

This applies for PS4, even though it's 15 mins but still.

Confused :S
JimmyLmao  +   868d ago
hmm, well they say the Game-DVR buffer is only 5minutes... so that means you can only save the last 5minutes of gameplay, so not the entire match... but i believe you can livestream an entire match.

same situation with PS4, but 15minutes.
forcefullpower  +   868d ago
On the PS4 I think you can edit the last 15 mins on the system but it can continuously keep recording and there is no time limit on that but probably will due to space.

So not sure if the Xbox can do continuous recording.
Skate-AK  +   868d ago
Judging by the context I would say only 5 at any given time. Would have to break a BF4 match into 3-4 videos.
Same goes for PS4 but would only have to split it into 2 videos.
Mike134nl  +   868d ago
So there will be a recording buffer of 5 min, so if you say to your xbox save recording it will save the last 5 min.
Correct me if I am wrong, while if you at the beginning of your playing session say begin recording it will record until you say 'stop'.
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meatysausage  +   868d ago
at least it saves to the cloud and not the hdd
FlyingFoxy  +   868d ago
people say the cloud as if its some type of magical thing, its just online storage..
drsfinest72  +   868d ago
Uh that's exactly what he implied.
PickAShoe  +   868d ago
No shit.
TheFamous1  +   868d ago
It's not magic? ........seriously?
meatysausage  +   868d ago
exactly what I said......
Not sure why people are diagreeing with that. Its true
forcefullpower  +   868d ago
Xbox will also save to the HDD and its up to you to upload it to XBox live. It will not continuously upload video footage via your internet connection.
MasterCornholio  +   868d ago
It stores the footage in the HDD first to allow you to edit the video with out any delays then you can upload to the cloud.

Nexus 7 2013
thejoker1000  +   868d ago
cloud?????? LMFAO do you guys believe this shit?!!
meatysausage  +   868d ago
What? stop being an idiot.
I said xbox saves the footage with online storage. The cloud works for that. Even the ps3 does that.
shouldnt even be wasting my time with you
MrZkaar  +   868d ago
5 minutes? Even my sex sessions last longer than that!
Swiggins  +   868d ago
Pics or it didn't happen!

MrZkaar  +   868d ago
windblowsagain  +   868d ago
Stop boasting.
byeGollum  +   868d ago
false advertisement.
SyrusRiddick  +   868d ago
Who really gives a piss 5 mins or 50 I thought it was always about playing games and having fun. 90% of people playing will be doing the exact same fucking thing this pissing contest between fanboys is just plain dumb. Damn people with no lives bitching about shit that doesn't matter you don't like x1 buy a ps4 you don't like ps4 buy a x1 you don't like either buy a PC or a steam box or what ever. People sit around complaining about every little thing with all of this amazing fun and interesting technology that no matter what side you choose will bring hours of fun. If you have a better idea make it and shut up Microsoft and Sony otherwise shut your damn trap and enjoy.
#7 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
KwietStorm  +   868d ago
Somethin on your mind, champ?
Fishy Fingers  +   868d ago
Continuity. They need some.
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coolasj  +   868d ago
I wonder what the technical limitations are as to why they can't do more than 5 minutes are?
Half-Mafia  +   867d ago
The PS4 has a 2nd chip to handle tasks like this. While the X1 uses its CPU. Thats my guess.
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cyhm3112  +   868d ago
Xbone, stupid people's console.
MasterCornholio  +   868d ago
Microsoft should increase this in the future since people are paying 100$ more than the PS4 the Xbox One should be 100$ better.

Nexus 7 2013
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BLAKHOODe  +   868d ago
5 minutes is fine. If you do something cool in a game, unless you got a seriously badass kill streak going on, a few minutes is plenty of time to show off what you did. Who wants to sit through 15 minutes of watching somebody else play a game to get to the point?
Gore-Content  +   868d ago
5 minutes are enough to impress the easy to impress xboxers. And then they're gonna say, "Noooooo, we don't need 15 mins!"
jackdaddy  +   868d ago
Haha next gen my arse!
Microsoft sheep - enjoy lol.
sprinterboy  +   868d ago
Was hoping PS4 would do 25 mins so I could record a whole lap of Nuremberg on gt7 :-D, 5 mins is poor from MS
LetoAtreides82  +   868d ago
PS4 has a continuous recording feature, you can record for as long as you want as long as you have enough space, but you got to remember to start the recording, otherwise it will only save your last 15 minutes. It seems the Xbone doesn't have continuous recording and only saves the last 5 minutes.
sprinterboy  +   863d ago
Cheers dude didn't know that
CEOSteveBallmer  +   868d ago
Defend away Dear MS fans. just like the banning of free stuff from other regions and the CLoud improving graphics. You believe what you want to believe. And you believe in MS.
abusador  +   868d ago
Ps4 trumps again with better and more robust features. Not to mention the best feature is playing any ps4 game on the go via vita but it seems the ms fanboy arguments that xbone has better features is contrary to what we've been seeing with even PS eye doing facial recognition, voice commands, sign ins via voice and camera etc CCC

Did you guys here about the other Ryse downgrade! Ouchhhhh less polys
AxeCain  +   868d ago
Does this mean that I can tell the Xbox to record and it will start from the previous 5 minutes and continue to record? or is it limited to the 5 minutes only?
Adolph Fitler  +   868d ago
Who cares...What loser wants to record 5 minutes of gameplay to waste time doing whatever with, when that time could be spent, like, you know, playing more f^cking games. F^cking gaming is becoming retaarded & secondary to irrelevant shit....What happend to just playing games....I mean, watching a dvd, or blu-ray on a machine is a great plus, but all this other crap is turning the industry into crap, & it's players into wankers that want to gloat with 5 minute vids on boobtube, showing how they pwned all the noobs in COD. Get the f&ck over it..... Play more games & support some different good ones, instead of watching yourself play a videogame well & sending it to your supposed mates....Many great developers are now making I-Phone crap, because NOBODY in the console gaming world, supported there AAA releases....Jokers... MS can suck my fat one...My 360 will be my last MS console I have bought, or ever will buy. There scum.
SoulSercher620  +   868d ago
Alrite just calm down man lol. But I agree with what you said.
SoulSercher620  +   868d ago
5 minutes is only good for some awesome moment that happened out of nowhere. Not a lot of people want just that. 15 minutes is the right amount.
medman  +   868d ago
That's Microsoft for you. Everything about the Xbone is confusing, starting with how they are offering inferior tech to PS4 at a premium price. They really know many of their fans are mindless and will buy whatever garbage they put on the shelves, no matter how many times their previous brokebox red ringed. Good luck with that bone, folks. You are going to need it.
#21 (Edited 868d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
strigoi814  +   868d ago
My shower time is more than that lolz
ghoh1  +   867d ago
i expect M$ to announce a new video capture accessory to stack cash even more.
GraveLord  +   867d ago
Still with the mixed messages and 180s. Fix your shit MS.
Master of Unlocking  +   866d ago
Wow, 3 times less than the PS4...
That right there is proof the xbox one can't compete with the PS4 even when it comes to games, if the processors and ram can't keep track of the last 15 mins of your gameplay.

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