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Submitted by MasonicGamer 869d ago | opinion piece

EA Sports WTF Have You Done To FIFA 14 On PS3?

MasonicGamer: This should be my review for FIFA 14 on the PS3 but instead this is an open letter to EA Sports so they can explain WTF is going on with the bug ridden FIFA 14 on the PS3.

I have been a FIFA player for years and always look forward to the latest yearly update. The subtle changes over the years have always been a welcome addition. So with FIFA 14 having a massive overhaul I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a review copy.

Now this is where I ‘m torn. Yes EA sent me a review copy and therefore my head says I should try and do justice to EA Sports and try and stay in their good books but, my heart says stick my head above the parapet and do what I always try and do; tell the truth to our readers.

So what is wrong with FIFA 14 on the PS3? (FIFA 14, PS3)

drsfinest72  +   869d ago
Weren't they ranked #1 as worst company or something like that.. or was it Activision
thereapersson  +   869d ago
It was EA
3-4-5  +   868d ago
Fifa was one of the only things they had that was working well year after year. How can you ruin that?
atr91  +   869d ago
EA. Twice. The Golden Turd award and I guess they're looking for another one.
KAEM7  +   869d ago
EA really is messing things up. I like a lot of their IP's but hate how they handle it and being turd of the year twice is deserved.

Kind of hard to tell what is truth out there anymore. FIFA 13 scoring great by critics while I wouldn't dare give a buggy mess like that above a 7.

I am really on the fence this year.


Agree = Release PES6 HD
Disagree = I'd prefer my buginfested FIFA from the rotting human corpse of robot moneyprinting EA
aiBreeze  +   869d ago
LEAVE EA ALONE! This is clearly a fine example of terrible journalism aimed at soiling the flawless name of EA. The real culprits to Fifa's problems are not EA but the homophobes and disgruntled Madden fans who aren't happy with EA's choice of cover athletes.

Anon1974  +   869d ago
EA's worst company ranking was a joke by rabid internet trolls. While company actions all of the US lead to environmental destruction, deaths, sweat shops, employees screwed out of benefits, jobs, pensions, etc..etc... somehow EA is voted worst company by geeks pissed about Mass Effect's ending or whatever the hell they're up in arms about this week.

Other company's decisions actually kill people or throw global economic markets into turmoil. EA pisses people off with micro-transactions. The "worst company" online poll is a complete farce.

What's interesting is even a quick glance at reviews from other reputable review sources reveal not a single issue as described in this review. Not one. If these problems were as widespread throughout the game, how is it not one other review has so far made a note of these issues? Most seem to believe the game is fantastic.

It almost sounds like there's something wrong with this guy's PS3 because how could it be that no one has noticed these problems? Can anyone confirm what this guy says is true, or is it just another case of low balling popular game reviews for hits?
hellzsupernova  +   868d ago
i have to agree. EA is no where near the worst company. Its a joke that they are even nominated. People need to start being passionate about stuff that really matters, who cares about the ending of Mass Effect, which is why they won it last time i believe its ridiculous
DOMination-  +   868d ago
I agree too. People still hate them for the ME ending despite it being two years ago.

Get over it people and move on!
Killzoned   868d ago | Bad language | show
Anon1974  +   868d ago
I've read a few reviews from the bigger sites and no one else mentioned menu lag being a problem. I'm not doubting what you're saying, but is it 10 seconds swapping between players or is this an exaggeration? What other reviewers noticed this that you've seen? Most sites are saying this is a must have game for any football fan.
Ol_G  +   869d ago
EA just being EA
TheGrimOfDeath  +   869d ago
EA: "We have introduced the Update as DLC! We are just looking out for you guys! It's a small price to pay to fix your game! Why not do it for 4.99$?"
1nsomniac  +   869d ago
How can it possibly be that bad when compared to the demo, which was fine.... So your saying from the release of the demo the development has actually gone backwards???
stubbed_out  +   869d ago
I'm thinking the same, general reviews so far have said menus are a little faster etc etc but this guy's copy seems awful. Currently at work, expecting FIFA in the post today...maybe I'll just go out and get smashed rather than play this tonight. Either way, I'm definitely getting PES 14 for the PC...providing there aren't framerate drops like the PS3 demo.
sourav93  +   869d ago
I have PES 14 on PC, and you don't have to worry about frame drops, that is, if you have the appropriate GPU.
antbolton89  +   869d ago
Something tells me this has something to do with the Microsoft partnership,well done EA just shit all over the fans that made this franchise what it is
jeffgoldwin  +   869d ago
Prolly thank that wonderful cell cpu more than anything else. Not like this is a new issue, happens with most all multiplatform games.
sourav93  +   869d ago
Is that why most multiplatform games coming out nowadays are better on PS3?
GraveLord  +   869d ago
Cell hasn't been an issue for years.
Just overworked devs working on 5+ platforms.
Skate-AK  +   869d ago
I hope you don't really believe that.
Blackdeath_663  +   869d ago
nope mostly to do with the ignite engine which works badly on PS3 either on purpose (they don't plan to support the ps3 for long after next gen) or just poor optimisation having prioritised next gen consoles and the 360. considering they made a fifa 13 for ps2 i don't imagine EA not making a fifa game on ps3 for many years to come. personally i would recommend not buying fifa on ps3 for at least another year or 2 unless it can be fixed via patches
soniqstylz  +   869d ago
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Skate-AK  +   868d ago
The Ignite Engine is for PS4 and Xbone only. I say it is just poor optimization.
first1NFANTRY  +   869d ago
well i always skip a Fifa every second release so i won't be getting 14. but seriously people shouldn't be surprised by this. Fifa on the ps3 has been a bug ridden mess since the first release. why they can never have a completed game is beyond me. anyway getting PES14 when it hit's next gen consoles.
Blackdeath_663  +   869d ago
apparently PES14 is promising i havent seen any gameplay of a pes game since i stopped using my PS2 latest PES i played was 2008 i think i played every PES game before that. fifa 12 is the only football game i bought or will buy this gen
LordDhampire  +   869d ago
Microsofts partnership, wanting to get people dissapointed with sony fifa so they go with the xbox one
jeffgoldwin  +   868d ago
Conspiracy theory with zero proof and common sense saying fifa wouldn't intentionally abandon a whole consumer base.

Guess that's why its a conspiracy for the schizophrenic paranoid dellusionals to have a hobby.
Baka-akaB  +   869d ago
"Everything you need is right there in front of you. However the first problems soon become apparent when you try flipping between menus and you are introduced to your first lot of menu lag."

Er not really having issues there . Besides are you kidding me ? Where were you to complain about the fifa 13 menu ? Last year was an auto save and autolog constant lagfest and with massive freezings .

It's obvious both new football games are at their limits on ps3 and 360 ... and need to move over to PS4 and XB1 .
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MasonicGamer  +   869d ago
Last year I had PC and Xbox 360 versions and honestly had no problems, this year I got PS3 and it is a mess.

The new menu is 100% better, its the lag that sucks
Baka-akaB  +   869d ago
The previous menu was slower for everyone and had more loading and saving involved . Anyway you need need to do random searches on official forums , any seach engine or even youtube to see how awful 13 was bug wise . It even had something "funny" called "The Messi Screen of Death"

And not just with the menu or on ps3 .
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listenkids  +   869d ago
So, I'm the only person without problems?
Baka-akaB  +   869d ago
Nope you're not , stuff like freezing issues for some are acknowledged . But by any account , there were far more issues in '13 .
gedden7  +   869d ago
Yup Shigeru Miyamoto would have made this game worse....
CaptainCamper  +   869d ago
"Yes EA sent me a review copy and therefore my head says I should try and do justice to EA Sports and try and stay in their good books"

Personally my head would say I need to be honest with my
medman  +   869d ago
I haven't bought an EA published game since ME3. That's not to say I was disappointed in ME3, because I wasn't. But I have refused to buy their products because I don't like their practices. That will not change until the next Mass Effect rolls around. That is the one game I will make an exception for.
quenomamen  +   869d ago
FIFA and Madden are the Call It Doodie of sports games what where u expecting ?
ssj27  +   869d ago
I been playing PES14 for fee days already I thibk I have lost moat of my games against the AI and I'm 50/50 against brother .. the first day I was like it has a good idea but is whatever. Then I did the training and I had fun at it I understood the game controls gameplay and how to play the game.

I play against my brother that night he won me 3-1 I was like wtf.. he keep getting mad at the details of the games, mistakes he did and that I did not do anymore since I took the training and understand the game.. I got mad focus and I won him 8-0 then he went back to real madrid he was like well arsenal sucks.. in the first half I was wining him 5-0 already and he was so mad and I was having fun! He give up and I told him well this year you should take the training to understand the gameplay it's very different!

Now you have to use the two sticks to play focus on ewch play movement and momentum and do it right %100 of the time and focus to play the game.

It's the best soccer game and even more than PES6 even by losing 6-4 against the AI I know is my fault and when I play good and focus I can win without a problem.

If you did not like PES14 is because you don't understand the game and gameplay but once you do you will be amaze and have fun! Like never..

Ps. EA are the worse corp for a reason.
iceman06  +   869d ago
I agree with the overall point that you are making about PES 2014. It takes several games, and some trial and error, to come to grips with the new engine. You really have to pay attention to momentum and the shift of weight, as well as foot positioning. When you start to understand these minute details...the game opens up quite nicely.
monkey nuts  +   868d ago
Ssj27, thanks for sharing bro. XD
Pes has always been about great interlink play between players, and the ability to shift your teams priorities to all push forward or hold back, plus when used with the free flow of passing and dribbling makes for a more satisfying game IMO. I was a big FIFA fan until I borrowed pes 3 (or) 4 for my ps2, the only gripe I had at the time was changing the names of players to their real ones. Other than that I was hooked and have favoured pes over FIFA since.
ssj27  +   868d ago
Well the option file is made by the community now! Today they release the one for north and south America .. it fix most of the stuff like name jersey shirt etc etc, it add the German league and konami will fix over 1.000 faces in a month and the rest will be fix by the community I guess. But it only takes about a hr to have the game updated and all you have to do is copy and paste files!

The game overal is frustrating but 95% of the time its is you the one to blame not the game itself.. it's really satisfactory to win and play well and so far I suck at defending is really demanding and you can't lose focus a sec or the AI will score in that sec. You blink it's very intense!

It's very clear that fifa and pes are having a hard time by releasing early this year.. obviously fifa has more cash to keep up and konami is having a harder time but patchs are there to make the game look like a finished game and the gameplay is amazing in PES14
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Soc5  +   869d ago
Hang in there masonic gamer. Dont let em keep you down and above all
Don't forget to keep your "head above the parapet" :)
badboy776  +   869d ago
EA is in Microsoft' s Pocket Now!
2pacalypsenow  +   869d ago
I agree the career menus are slow almost unplayable , also the computer moves a lot faster than me , idk if i just stink but whenever i try to build a pay the cpu just rushes and blocks my passes or goal attempts,
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   869d ago
Remember EA had cheater at madden 25 because this is not fix it screw the EA!.need ban EA. EA evils!.
Tzuno  +   869d ago
They changed the title, oh!!! look it's fifa 14. different turd same smell.
2pacalypsenow  +   868d ago
its a completely different game than fifa 13 so stop
wordthrower  +   868d ago
if for even a nanosecond you're concerned about staying in the "good books" of the company whose product you're reviewing, take everything you own that's related to journalism and burn it.
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RWRAW  +   867d ago
practice fifa 14 for 4 days and still it does not what i want. Stupid players behave like pinokio so slow even my turtel goes faster than this I played fifa for years up to 1 st division in online season but this version is so bad i go back to fifa 13

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