Hiding games - Did Sony give us too much power?

Roughdawg4 writes: "A few months ago, we received one of the most interesting updates yet. Sony has now given you the option to hide all or certain games from people seeing. If you frequent any major forum, one of the most common requests was the ability to delete 0% games from your profile. Did we get what we wanted or was this a little too much power?"

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thereapersson1541d ago

Too much power? The end user from a major corporation? What blasphemy are you trying to convey?

Thehyph1541d ago

Haha, agreed.

Does this mean that Google has given me all the power in the world because I use incognito mode?

xKugo1540d ago

Using it for those late night sessions with Jergens's lotion, huh?

Thehyph1540d ago

Always, bother; always.

Ezz20131541d ago

so this is bad because ?!

Lykon1541d ago

someone told me to get eye pet because it was the best game ever. I um , I got it . put the disk in , realised it was for 3 year olds. took the disk out . too late .. it's recorded for ever . Or maybe not!

pompombrum1541d ago

I think someone is trying to get a job at the NSA or something.

Max-Zorin1541d ago

-_- Why it is not legal to hit stupid journalists with a sledgehammer in the knee Trevor style is beyond me.

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